After The Apocalypse
A look at the suffering caused by Russia's nuclear testing programme in Kazakhstan, where villagers who knew nothing of what was happening have suffered appalling, generational effects of radiation poisoning.
The truth behind an alibi that kept a killer from justice for 20 years.
The Arbor
Avant-garde documentary exploring the life and legacy of Rita, Sue And Bob Too! playwright Andrea Dunbar.
Film borne out of artist's residency with Edinburgh Mela.
Barber's Dozen
The tales of people who frequent a barber's shop chair.
The Battle For Barking
A documentary following Margaret Hodge's campaign against the BNP in Barking at the 2010 general election.
Benda Bilili!
A group of homeless blues musicians disabled by childhood polio join forces with a street kid with a home made instrument and make plans to tour Europe.
Burma Soldier
The story of former Burmese soldier Myo Mint who, after becoming disabled in action, educated himself with banned books and became a campaigner against the civil war.
Cutting Loose
Prisoners move toward rehabilitation and struggle with their hopes and dreams in the run up to the annual Scottish Prison Service hairdressing competition.


Donor Unknown
A young woman born via donor insemination advertises in search of her biological father, meets half-siblings and subsequently explores her feelings for the surprised stranger who reads about her quest.
Exit Through The Gift Shop
A documentary about a French shopkeeper who tracked down the famous graffiti artist Banksy... or a very clever piece of performance art.
The Flaw
An investigation of how the stock market crash really happened, explaining the complex financial issues involved in easily understood terms.
A visit to a Turkish village scarred by war whose cyclical approach to time is confounded by the young people's desire to leave for the city.


Into Eternity
A documentary asking what we can do with nuclear waste that will remain dangerous for a hundred thousand years.
Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work
Honest and open portrait of the groundbreaking comedienne.
Just Do It
A first-hand look at the politics of civil disobedience in the UK.


Marathon Boy
A portrait of the competitive interests and corruption surrounding a child with an extraordinary gift for distance running.
The Mystery Of Flying Kicks
Documenting the phenomenon of trainers being left hanging from telephone poles, trees and the like.
My Perestroika
Five Muscovites talk about their lives and the changing state of Russia over the past 35 years.
Nasty Age
An exploration of the lives of three different men living in Istanbul.
Nostalgia For The Light
A documentary about astronomers in Chile's Atacama Desert who gather to consider the stars while beneath the ground lie the remnants of ancient civilisations.
The Oath
The story of two men whose fateful encounter in 1996 set them on a course of events that led them to Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, 9/11, Guantanamo, and the US Supreme Court.
On The Coast
Summer at the seaside in the Turkish village of Erikli.
Pink Saris
Low-caste women in Uttar Pradesh fight back against social injustice in this documentary.
The Playboy Murderer
The story of flashy businessman and conman Thanos Papalexis, who dazzled his friends and lovers yet harboured a dark secret.
Postcard To Daddy
A filmmaker looks back at his experiences of sexual abuse at the hands of his father, challenging his family to discuss what happened.
Two couples recount their complex sexual and romantic involvement.


The "Socalled" Movie
The story of rapper Josh Dolgin, alias Socalled, and his fusion of hip hop with traditional Jewish music.
An exploration of the fears and anxieties that haunt a gated community in Arizona.


Waste Land
Portrait of garbage pickers in Rio who participated in a project with artist Vik Muniz.

Filming sensations Mathieu Amalric on Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar and the sounds and colours of Barbara

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A different space Kelly Macdonald on working with Marc Turtletaub on Puzzle

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The iconic man Jonathan Baker on Becoming Iconic and Inconceivable

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