Halloween happenings

Spooky goings-on in UK cinemas

by Jennie Kermode

The original Nosferatu. returning to some of his old stalking grounds this Halloween
The original Nosferatu. returning to some of his old stalking grounds this Halloween

There's something in the air: the turning of the seasons, the first chill of winter, the scent of burning leaves. Of maybe it's chloroform. You'll certainly find something to shiver about if you venture into UK cinemas this Halloween. We look at some of the scary screenings you won't want to miss.




  • 28th - Bristol Cathedral: Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (1920 version) with live organ score



  • 27th - Dundead at the DCA: The Crazies (Romero original)
  • 28th - Dundead at the DCA: Room 213; Doctor Jekyll And Sister Hyde; To The Devil A Daughter
  • 29th - Dundead at the DCA: Young Frankenstein
  • 31st - Cineworld: The Shining


  • 27th - St Mark's Unitarian Church: John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness plus DJ set and spooky footage of Edinburgh
  • 27th - Brewhamia: The Rocky Horror Picture Show plus live music, fancy dress welcome
  • 31st - Edinburgh Filmhouse: Nosferatu The Vampyre


  • 26th - Royal Concert Hall: Psycho with live score
  • 27th & 28th - Scream Movie Experience at The Shed (Govan): 'scare experience' with maze; cocktails; Scream
  • 28th - Kelvingrove Art Gallery: Ghostbusters, Halloween and DJ set; fancy dress welcome
  • 28th - Panopticon: The Lodger with live soundtrack
  • 29th - GFT: We Are The Weirdos female-made short horror film collection by The Final Girls
  • 29th - A Nightmare On Renfield Street at the Flying Duck: A Nightmare On Elm Street; The Lost Boys; Halloween; The Shining
  • 29th - Drive-in at the Riverside Museum: Ghostbusters; Scream
  • 31st - Glasgow Planetarium: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • 31st - Epilepsy Scotland event at Blackfriars: The Addams Family and Scream





  • 26th - LSO St Luke's: Nosferatu with live score
  • 26th - Rivoli Ballroom: A Nightmare On Elm Street
  • 28th - Frightfest Halloween Special at the Empire Haymarket: Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare (a documentary about making Red Christmas); Hostile; The Black Gloves (see our interview with Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly); It Came From The Desert; Housewife; Beyond Skyline; Terrifier
  • 28th - Cigarette Burns - Initiation at the Regent Street Cinema: The Killing Of Satan; The Boogey Man; The Brotherhood Of Satan; Re-Animator; Suspiria
  • 31st - Bloc Party Cinema: Get Out and DJ set


  • 27th - Victoria Baths: Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice
  • 27th - Cat Cafe: Saw
  • 28th - Victoria Baths: Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family
  • 28th - Cate Cafe: Scream
  • 29th - Cat Cafe: Halloween
  • 31st - Flick at Soup Kitchen: Night Of The Living Dead with live zombie siege
  • 31st - The Plaza: The Wolf Man and Bride Of Frankenstein
  • 31st - Ginema at Wood: Psycho, with gin



  • 26th - Regather at the Odeon: Vampire's Kiss plus Cage Rage (Nicolas Cage quiz) and clips from Halloween-themed B-movies
  • 28th - Sheffield General Cemetery: Ghostbusters and The Others
  • 29th - Sheffield General Cemetery: The Addams Family and The Sixth Sense


  • 26th - Yorkshire Museum: Scream

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