Palme Dog Souvenir for Swinton

Tilda picks up award for co-stars Rosy, Dora, and Snowbear

by Richard Mowe

Tilda Swinton with the Palme Dog collar won by her springer spaniels
Tilda Swinton with the Palme Dog collar won by her springer spaniels Photo: Palm Dog Awards/Cannes Film Festival
After the furore surrounding the Cannes Film Festival’s official closing ceremony with jury president Spike Lee revealing all before he was supposed to, the annual upstart Palm Dog awards proceeded without a misplaced wag.

Rosy, Dora and Snowbear were the recipients, springer spaniels owned by Tilda Swinton and who appeared alongside her and her daughter Honor Swinton Byrne in Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir: Part II.

Swinton who collected the accolade in person, said: “I have to tell you honestly, this is the prize to get. We’ve been eyeing it for years.” The dogs were said to be far from the madding Riviera throng on a beach in Scotland.

The award, celebrating its 20th anniversary, was created by British journalist Toby Rose, in memory of his own French fox terrier, Mutley, who died in 2007 and celebrate the best canine performances in films across the Festival’s various sections.

The runner-up jury prize, awarded by film critics, was shared by Sophie, a Los Angeles pit bull in Sean Baker’s Red Rocket, and Panda, the sheepdog in Valdimar Jóhannsson’s Lamb. Both directors were still in Cannes and were also able to collect the prizes in person.

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