Wales One World film festival opens in Cardiff

Turksib leads the charge

by Jennie Kermode

With a live soundtrack performed by Bronnt Industries Kapital, Turksib provided a spectacular start to this year's Wales One World film festival at its launch in Cardiff last night. The 1928 classic, directed by Viktor Turin, follows the building of a railway between Turkestan and Siberia and provides beautifully photographed images of traditional rural life.

This year's event is packed with strong, new independent films, such as Tales Of The Night and Where Do We Go Now?, as well as little-seen older works like When A Woman Ascends The Stairs. There's also a series of panel discussions and opportunities to meet the talent, and even a miniature Czech beer festival to celebrate the screening of Jan Švankmajer's Surviving Life.

The Wales One World film festival runs until April 11.

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