London Film Festival 2006
Great Expectations Great Expectations
Great Expectations and Taxidermia
12:08, East of Bucharest (A Fost Sau N-a Fost?, 12:08 Bucharest) (Country: Romania; Year: 2006; Director: Corneliu Porumboiu; Writer: Corneliu Porumboiu; Stars: Mircea Andreescu, Teodor Corban, Ion Sapdaru,)
Three men search for the truth about the Romanian Revolution - and has anything really changed?
37 Uses For A Dead Sheep (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Ben Hopkins; Stars: Arif Kutlu, Alpaslan Kutlu, Ismail Atilgan, Suleyman Atanisen, Sereban Aslan)
Documentary on the Pamir Kirghiz's search for a homeland.
Azuloscurocasinegro (Darkbluealmostblack) (Country: Spain; Year: 2006; Director: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo; Writer: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo; Stars: Quim Gutiérrez, Marta Etura, Antonio de la Torre, Raúl Arévalo, Eva Pallarés, Héctor Colomé, Manuel Morón, Ana Wagener, Roberto Enríquez), Official Site
Coming-of-age drama about a janitor striving to turn his dreams into reality.
After The Wedding (Efter Brylluppet) (Country: Denmark, Sweden; Year: 2006; Director: Susanne Bier; Writer: Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen; Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Rolf Lassgård, Stine Fischer Christensen, Christian Tafdrup, Neeral Mulchandani)
After a shocking discovery at an investor's family wedding, the supervisor of an orphanage finds himself facing a complex dilemma.
Babel (Country: US/Mexico; Year: 2006; Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu; Writer: Guillermo Arriaga; Stars: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael Garcia Bernal, Koji Yakusho, Adriana Barraza, Rinko Kikuchi, Elle Fanning, Mohamed Akhezam, Nathan Gamble, Boubker Ait El Caid, Said Tarchani)
Modern melodrama, tracing four interlocking stories across three continents.
Distant Voices, Still Lives Distant Voices, Still Lives
Distant Voices, Still Lives and Invisible Waves
Bamako (Country: Mali/US/France; Year: 2006; Director: Abderrahmane Sissako; Writer: Abderrahmane Sissako; Stars: Aissa Maïga, Tiécoura Traoré, Maimouna Hélène Diarra, Balla Habib Dembélé, Djeneba Kone, Roland Rappaport, Maadou Konaté, Aïssata Tall Sall, William Bourdon, Magma Gabriel Konaté, Danny Glover, Zegué Bamba, Aminata Traoré, Madou keita, Georges Keita, Assa Badiallo Souko, Samba Diakité)
Scathing attack on the World Bank and IMF's role in African poverty, set within a loose narrative framework.
Big Bang Love: Juvenile A (Country: Japan; Year: 2006; Director: Takashi Miike; Writer: Masa Nakamura, based on the novel by Ikki Kajiwara and Hisao Maki.; Stars: Ryuhei Matsuda, Masanobu Ando, Shunsuke Kubozuka, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Jo Kanamori, Kenichi Endo, Renji Ishibashi)
Boy meets boy in a surreal prison for convicted murderers.
Black Book (Zwartboek) (Country: Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Paul Verhoeven; Writer: Paul Verhoeven, Gerard Soeteman; Stars: Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch, Thom Hoffman, Halina Reijn, Waldemar Kobus, Peter Blok, Derek de Lint, Christian Berkel, Dolf de Vries)
Paul Verhoeven returns to Europe for an epic wartime tale.
Bobby (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Emilio Estevez; Writer: Emilio Estevez; Stars: William H Macy, Freddy Rodriguez, Sharon Stone, Helen Hunt, Martin Sheen, Demi Moore, Christian Slater, Anthony Hopkins, Lindsay Lohan, Elijah Wood, Heather Graham, Emilio Estevez, Laurence Fishburne, Ashton Kutcher, Harry Belafonte, Joshua Jackson, Joy Bryant, Jacob Vargas, Shia LaBeouf, Brian Geraghty, Svetlana Metkina, Nick Cannon)
Who was in the hotel on the night that Robert Kennedy was shot?
Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan (Borat) (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Larry Charles; Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen, Antony Hines, Peter Baynham, Dan Mazer, from a story by Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Baynham, Antony Hines, Todd Phillips; Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson, Ken Davitian)
A fake documentary about a Kazakhstani TV reporter on a cultural mission to America.
Silence Is Golden Silence Is Golden
Silence Is Golden and Little Children
The Boss Of It All (Direktøren for det hele) (Country: Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, France, Norway, Finland, Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Lars von Trier; Writer: Lars von Trier; Stars: Jens Albinus, Peter Gantzler, Benedikt Erlingsson, Iben Hjejle, Henrik Prip, Mia Lyhne, Casper Christensen, Louise Mieritz, Jean-Marc Barr, Sofie Gråbøl, Anders Hove, Lars von Trier), Trailer
An IT company trying to sell up hires an actor to pose as its president.
Beyond Hatred (Au-delà de la haine) (Country: France; Year: 2005; Director: Olivier Meyrou; Writer: Olivier Meyrou)
A documentary portrait of a family's experiences following the homophobic murder of their son.
Black Gold (Country: UK, US; Year: 2006; Director: Marc Francis, Nick Francis; Writer: Lisa Ko, Eric Martin; Stars: Terrence Howard)
A documentary examining the inequities of the coffee trade.
The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros) (Country: Philippines; Year: 2005; Director: Auraeus Solito; Writer: Michiko Yamamoto; Stars: Nathan Lopez, Soliman Cruz, Ping Medina, Bodjie Pascua, Neil Ryan Sese, Pepe Smith, Peter Anthony Tombasa, J.R. Valentin)
Low budget, endearing look at a young boy’s first crush.
Born And Bred (Nacido y Criado) (Country: Argentina, Italy, UK; Year: 2006; Director: Pablo Trapero; Writer: Mario Rulloni, Pablo Trapero; Stars: Guillermo Pfening, Federico Esquerro, Martina Gusman, Tomás Lipan, Victoria Vescio)
A man's life falls apart after a tragic accident.
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man and Das Fraulein
Breaking And Entering (Country: UK/US; Year: 2006; Director: Anthony Minghella; Writer: Anthony Minghella; Stars: Jude Law, Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright Penn, Rafi Gavron, Martin Freeman, Ray Winstone, Poppy Rogers, Vera Farmiga, Caroline Chikezie)
A stolen laptop leads to revelations of loss, love and the quality of mercy.
The Bridge (Country: UK/US; Year: 2006; Director: Eric Steel)
Documenting suicides from the Golden Gate bridge.
Buenos Aires, 1977 (Crónica De Una Fuga) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2006; Director: Adrián Caetano; Writer: Adrián Caetano, Esteban Student; Stars: Rodrigo De la Serna, Pablo Echarri, Nazareno Casero, Lautaro Delgado, Matías Marmorato, Martín Urruty)
A goalkeeper kidnapped and tortured by the Argentinian secret police becomes determined to escape.
Bug (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: William Friedkin; Writer: Tracey Letts; Stars: Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr)
A lonely woman finds romance with a stranger only for things to turn nasty when her ex-husband gets out of jail.
Candy (Country: Australia; Year: 2006; Director: Neil Armfield; Writer: Luke Davies; Stars: Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish, Geoffery Rush, Tom Budge, Noni Hazelhurst)
A junkie poet falls in love.
This Is England This Is England
This Is England and Candy
A Comedy Of Power (L'Ivresse Du Pouvoir) (Country: Germany/France; Year: 2006; Director: Claude Chabrol; Writer: Odile Barski, Claude Chabrol; Stars: Isabelle Huppert, François Berléand, Patrick Bruel, Marilyne Canto, Robin Renucci, Thomas Chabrol, Jean-François Balmer, Pierre Vernier, Jacques Boudet, Philippe Duclos, Roger Dumas)
Investigating fraud amongst France's fattest fat cats.
Cubs (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Tom Harper; Writer: Tom Harper; Stars: Ashley Walters, Harry Eden, Tara Hodge, Jared Garfield, Ria Horsford)
Teenagers take up a sinister urban sport.
Das Fraulein (Fräulein, Das Fräulein) (Country: Switzerland; Year: 2006; Director: Andrea Staka; Writer: Andrea Staka, Barbara Albert, Marie Kreutzer; Stars: Mirjana Karanovic, Marija Skaricic, Ljubica Jovic, Andrea Zogg, Pablo Aguilar, Zdenko Jelcic, Tiziana Jelmini, David Imhoof, Kenneth Huber, Sebastian Krähenbühl)
Two women from the former Yugoslavia have their perceptions and dreams altered by a young Bosnian with a lust for life.
The Dawn Chorus (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Hope Dickson Leach; Writer: Hope Dickson Leach; Stars: Valerie Shusterov, Henry Glovinsky, Adriano Baptista, Craig DiFolco, Michael DiGioia)
A boy and girl return to where their parents’ plane crashed 7 years earlier.
Days Of Glory (Indigènes) (Country: France/Morocco/Algeria/Belgium; Year: 2006; Director: Rachid Bouchareb; Writer: Rachid Bouchareb, Olivier Lorelle; Stars: Jamel Debbouze, Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila, Bernard Blancan, Mathieu Simonet)
Four North African men join the French army to fight the Nazis, but will their deeds be remembered?
The Bridge The Bridge
The Bridge and After The Wedding
Dans Paris (Inside Paris) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Christophe Honoré; Writer: Christophe Honoré; Stars: Romain Duris, Louis Garrel, Joana Preiss, Guy Marchand, Marie-France Pisier, Alice Butaud, Héléna Noguerra, Judith El Zein, Annabelle Hettmann, Mathieu Funck-Brentano, Lou Rambert-Preiss)
Love, sex, suicide and depression filmed Truffaut style.
Distant Voices, Still Lives (Country: UK; Year: 1988; Director: Terence Davies; Writer: Terence Davies; Stars: Freda Dowie, Pete Postlethwaite, Angela Walsh, Dean Williams, Lorraine Ashbourne, Sally Davies, Nathan Walsh, Susan Flanagan, Michael Starke, Vincent Maguire, Antonia Mallen, Debi Jones, Chris Darwin, Marie Jelliman, Andrew Schofield Anne Dyson, Jean Boht, Pauline Quirke, Carl Chase)
Memories of a working-class Liverpudlian family during and after the Blitz.
Fast Food Nation (Country: UK/US; Year: 2006; Director: Richard Linklater; Writer: Eric Schlosser, Richard Linklater, based on the book by Eric Schlosser; Stars: Greg Kinnear, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Bobby Cannavale, Wilmer Valderrama, Ana Claudia Talancon, Luis Guzman, Frank Ertl, Bruce Willis, Ethan Hawke, Kris Kristofferson, Patricia Arquette, Paul Dano, Armando Hernandez, Michael Conway)
Exposing the beef burger industry as bacteria friendly, with blood in the boardroom and illegals in the slaughterhouse.
Flanders (Flandres) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Bruno Dumont; Writer: Bruno Dumont; Stars: Adélaïde Leroux, Samuel Boidin, Henri Cretel, Jean-Marie Bruveart, David Poulain, Patrice Venant)
A young woman goes mad at home whilst the soldier who loves her is surrounded by madness abroad.
Ghosts (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Nick Broomfield; Writer: Nick Broomfield, Jez Lewis; Stars: Ai Qin Lin, Zhan Yu, Zhe Wei, Man Qin Wei, Wen Buo Zhai, Devi Zhu)
The life of an illegal Chinese immigrant, based on a true story.
The US vs John Lennon The US vs John Lennon
The US vs John Lennon and The Premonition
The Go Master (Wu Qingyuan) (Country: Japan/China; Year: 2006; Director: Tian Zhuangzhuang; Writer: Ah Cheng; Stars: Chen Chang, Yi Huang, Takashi Nishina, Akira Emoto, Sylvia Chang, Mansaku Fuwa)
The long and quiet life of a Chinese Go Master in Japan.
Great Expectations (Country: UK; Year: 1946; Director: David Lean; Writer: Anthony Havelock-Allan, adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens; Stars: John Mills, Alec Guinness, Anthony Wager, Valerie Hobson, Jean Simmons, Bernard Miles, Francis L Sullivan, Finlay Currie, Ivor Barnard, Martita Hunt)
Classic adaptation of Dickens' novel about a orphan who finds a mystery inheritance propels him into high society.
Half Nelson (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Ryan Fleck; Writer: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck; Stars: Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps, Anthony Mackie, Monique Curnen, Karen Chilton, Tina Holmes, Collins Pennie, Deborah Rush, Jay O. Sanders, Bryce Silver, Sebastian Sozzi)
A drug-addicted teacher is befriended by a student.
The Holy Mountain (La Montaña Sagrada) (Country: Mexico, US; Year: 1973; Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky; Writer: Alejandro Jodorowsky; Stars: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horácio Salinas, Zamira Saunders, Juan Ferrara, Adriana Page, Burt Kleiner, Valerie Jodorowsky, Nicky Nichols, Richard Rutowski, Luis Loveli, Ana de Sade, Chucho-Chucho)
The seven most powerful people on the planet undertake a pilgrimage to the holy mountain. Out now to own as part of a six-disc Jodorowsky Collection.
Hollywoodland (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Allen Coulter; Writer: Paul Bernbaum; Stars: Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Ben Affleck, Bob Hoskins, Robin Tunney, Kathleen Robertson, Lois Smith, Phillip MacKenzie, Larry Cedar, Eric Kaldor, Caroline Dhavernas)
A fictional exploration of the death of the original Superman.
Ten Canoes Ten Canoes
Ten Canoes and Il Caimano
Il Caimano (The Caiman) (Country: Italy/France; Year: 2006; Director: Nanni Moretti; Writer: Nanni Moretti, Francesco Piccolo, Federica Pontremoli, Heidrun Schleef; Stars: Silvio Orlando, Margherita Buy, Jasmine Trinca, Michele Placido, Daniele Rampello, Giacomo Passarelli, Nanni Moretti, Giuliano Montaldo, Antonio Luigi Grimaldi, Paolo Sorrentino, Elio De Capitani, Tatti Sanguinetti, Jerzy Stuhr, Toni Bertorelli)
Italian B-movie film producer attempts to save his marriage, avoid bankruptcy and pitch a movie attacking Berlusconi.
Infamous (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Douglas McGrath; Writer: Douglas McGrath, based on the book Truman Capote by George Plimpton ; Stars: Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Jeff Daniels, Lee Pace, Sigourney Weaver, Juliet Stevenson, Hope Davis, Isabella Rossellini, Peter Bogdanovich, John Benjamin Hickey, Bethlyn Gerard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lee Ritchey, Brent McCoy, Austin Chittim)
Truman Capote researches the Clutter murders for In Cold Blood.
Invisible Waves (Country: Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea; Year: 2006; Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang; Writer: Prabda Yoon; Stars: Tadanobu Asano, Gang Hye-jung, Eric Tsang, Maria Cordero, Toon Hiranyasap, Ken Mitsuishi, Hideki Jitsuyama, Tomono Kuga, Hiro Sano, Prompop Lee )
A man, dogged by guilt, goes on the run after poisoning his lover.
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone (Hei Yan Quan) (Country: France, Taiwan, Austria, China, UK, Netherlands; Year: 2006; Director: Tsai Ming-Liang; Writer: Tsai Ming-Liang; Stars: Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Siang-Chyi, Norman Bin Atun, Pearlly Chua, Liew Lee-Lin, Leonard Tee, Samantha Tuh Su-Yee, Chiew Kok-Fai, Chan Rong-Sin, Loh Kok-Choy, Shiva)
Migrants in Malaysia dream of sleep, recovery, and each other.
Kabul Express (Country: India; Year: 2006; Director: Kabir Khan; Writer: Kabir Khan; Stars: John Abraham, Linda Arsenio, Hanif Hum Ghum, Salman Shahid, Arshad Warsi)
Two reporters journey through Afghanistan trying to get a story on the Taliban.
Born And Bred Born And Bred
Born And Bred and The Tale Of How
Lights In The Dusk (Laitakaupungin Valot) (Country: Finland, Germany, France; Year: 2006; Director: Aki Kaurismäki; Writer: Aki Kaurismäki; Stars: Janne Hyytiäinen, Maria Heiskanen, Maria Järvenhelmi, Ilkka Koivula)
A lonely security guard is exploited by a group of gangsters including a beautiful femme fatale.
Little Children (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Todd Field; Writer: Todd Field and Tom Perrotta, based on the book by Tom Perrotta; Stars: Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Gregg Edelman, Sadie Goldstein, Ty Simpkins, Noah Emmerich, Jackie Earle Haley, Phyllis Somerville, Raymond J. Barry, Helen Carey)
The hopes, dreams and secrets of a group of young parents whose lives intersect in small-town America.
The Lives Of The Saints (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Chris Cottam, Rankin; Writer: Tony Grisoni; Stars: David Leon, James Cosmo, Emma Pierson, Bronson Webb, Marc Warren, Daon Broni, Gillian Kearney, James Holmes, Sam MacLintock)
A small boy grants wishes, but what should people wish for?
The Last King Of Scotland (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Kevin Macdonald; Writer: Jeremy Brock, based on the novel by Giles Foden; Stars: Forest Whitaker, James McAvoy, Kerry Washington, Gillian Anderson, Simon McBurney, David Oyelowo, Abby Mikiibi Nkaaga, Adam Kotz)
Ugandan dictator's rise to power as seen through the eyes of a young doctor.
Longing (Sehnsucht) (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Valeska Grisebach; Writer: Valeska Grisebach; Stars: Andreas Müller, Ilka Welz, Anett Dornbusch)
A volunteer firefighter who witnesses the aftermath of a car crash finds his life turned upside down by an obscure, destructive longing.
Bamako Bamako
Bamako and Wild Tigers I Have Known
Lunacy (Sileni) (Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia; Year: 2005; Director: Jan Svankmajer; Writer: Jan Svankmajer, freely adapted from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the Marquis de Sade; Stars: Pavel Liska, Jan Tríska, Anna Geislerová, Martin Huba, Jaroslav Dusek, Pavel Novy, Stano Danciak, Jirí Krytinár, Jan Svankmajer, Iva Littmanová, Katerina Ruzicková, Katerina Valachová)
Horror film addresses madness, both in and out of the asylum.
The Masseur (Masahista ) (Country: Philippines; Year: 2005; Director: Brillante Mendoza; Writer: Boots Agnayani Pastor; Stars: Coco Martin, Alan Paule, Jaclyn Jose, Katherine Luna)
A masseur in the Phillippines tries to come to terms with his father's death.
Mischief Night (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Penny Woolcock; Writer: Penny Woolcock; Stars: Kelli Hollis, Holly Kenny, Ramon Tikaram, Qaxim Akhtar, Michael Taylor, Jake Hayward, Christsopher Simpson, Gwyn Hollis, Sarah Byrne.)
Riotous comedy that isn't scared to highlight social issues.
The Namesake (Country: India, US; Year: 2006; Director: Mira Nair; Writer: Sooni Taraporevala, based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri; Stars: Irfan Khan, Tabu, Kal Penn, Zuleikha Robinson, Jacinda Barrett, Sahira Nair)
A Bengali family in America attempt to bridge the divides between cultures and generations.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Nightmare Before Xmas) (Country: US; Year: 1993; Director: Henry Selick; Writer: Caroline Thompson, based on a story by Tim Burton and Michael McDowell; Stars: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara, William Hickey, Glenn Shadix, Paul Reubens, Ken Page, Edward Ivory, (voices).)
3D version of Tim Burton's stop-animation film about Hallowe'en Jack's fascination with Christmas gets its annual trot around the cinema block.
Black Gold Black Gold
Black Gold and The Holy Mountain
Not Here To Be Loved (Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé) (Country: France; Year: 2005; Director: Stéphane Brizé; Writer: Stéphane Brizé, Juliette Sales; Stars: Patrick Chesnais, Anne Consigny, Georges Wilson, Lionel Abelanskim, Cyril Couton, Geneviève Mnich, Anne Benoît)
Joining a dance class to get some exercise, a middle aged bailiff meets a beautiful woman who inspires him to change his life.
Old Joy (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Kelly Reichardt; Writer: Jonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt; Stars: Daniel London, Will Oldham, Tanya Smith, Robin Rosenberg, Keri Moran, Autumn Campbell, Steve Doughton, Matt McCormick, Darren Prolsen, Jillian Wieseneck)
Two friends go camping in Oregon. They take the dog. They have a hot bath in the woods. They come home.
Our Daily Bread (Unser Täglich Brot) (Country: Germany, Austria; Year: 2005; Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter; Writer: Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Wolfgang Widerhofer; Stars: Claus Hansen Petz, Arkadiusz Rydellek, Barbara Hinz, Renata Wypchlo, Alina Wiktorska), Official Site
An investigation into where supermarket food comes from.
The Premonition (Le Pressentiment) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Jean-Pierre Darroussin; Writer: Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Valérie Stroh, based on the book by Emmanuel Bove.; Stars: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Valérie Stroh, Amandine Jannin, Anne Canovas, Nathalie Richard, Hippolyte Girardot, Laurence Roy, M'bembo), Trailer
A lawyer rejects his bourgeois past and moves to the inner city in an attempt to engage with ordinary life.
Princess (Country: Germany, Denmark; Year: 2006; Director: Anders Morgenthaler; Writer: Mette Heeno and Anders Morgenthaler; Stars: The voices of Thure Lindhardt, Liv Corfixen, Stine Fischer Christensen, Mira Hilli Møller Hallund)
A priest adopts his orphaned niece and grows furious upon discovering what happened to her and her mother.
Flanders Flanders
Flanders and Princess
Romanzo Criminale (Crime Novel) (Country: Italy/France/UK; Year: 2006; Director: Michele Placido; Writer: Giancarlo De Cataldo; Stars: Kim Rossi Stuart, Pierfrancesco Favino, Claudio Santamaria, Anna Mouglalis, Stefano Accorsi, Jasmine Trinca, Riccardo Scamarcio, Toni Bertorelli,Massimo Popolizio)
Gritty tale of organised crime and murky Italian politics.
Red Road (Country: UK/Denmark; Year: 2006; Director: Andrea Arnold; Writer: Andrea Arnold; Stars: Kate Dickie, Tony Curran, Martin Compston, Nathalie Press, Andrew Armour, Paul Higgins)
A psychological thriller from Glasgow's heart of darkness.
Reprise (Country: Norway; Year: 2006; Director: Joachim Trier; Writer: Eskil Vogt, Joachim Trier; Stars: Anders Danielsen Lie, Espen Klouman-Høiner, Viktoria Winge, Henrik Elvestad, Christian Rubeck, Odd Magnus Williamson, Rebekka Karijord, Henrik Mestad, Silje Hagen, Pål Stokka, Sigmund Sæverud, Tone Danielsen, voice of Eindride Eidsvold)
The literary life for two young friends in Norway.
Requiem (Country: Germany; Year: 2006; Director: Hans-Christian Schmid; Writer: Bernd Lange; Stars: Sandra Hüller, Burghart Klaußner, Imogen Kogge, Anna Blomeier, Nicholas Reinke, Jens Harzer, Walter Schmidinger, Friederike Adolph, Irene Kugler, Johann Adam Oest, Eva Loebau)
An epileptic student becomes possessed by demonic forces.
Running Stumbled (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: John Maringouin; Stars: Virgie Marie Pennoui, Johny Roe Jr., Stanley Laviolette, John Maringouin)
An intensely personal story about the filmmaker's artist father and his partner living in their decaying house in New Orleans.
Dans Paris Dans Paris
Dans Paris and Breaking And Entering
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Country: USA, UK; Year: 2006; Director: Stephen Kijak; Stars: Damon Albarn, Dot Allison, Marc Almond, David Bates, Ed Bicknell, David Bowie, Al Clark, Jarvis Cocker, Cathal Coughlan, Rob Ellis, Brian Eno)
Documentary about one of rock's most enigmatic and influential heroes.
Shortbus (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: John Cameron Mitchell; Writer: John Cameron Mitchell and cast; Stars: Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Peter Stickles, Jay Brannan, Justin Bond)
An avant-garde examination of the diverse sexual experiences of a group of New Yorkers.
Silence Is Golden (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Chris Shepherd; Writer: Chris Shepherd; Stars: Conor Morris, Kate McCloughlin, Andrew Dunford, Patsy Peters)
A boy's eye view of life with his single mum and a nutty neighbour.
The Singer (Quand j'étais Chanteur) (Country: France; Year: 2006; Director: Xavier Giannoli; Writer: Xavier Giannoli; Stars: Gérard Depardieu, Cécile De France, Mathieu Amalric, Christine Citti, Patrick Pineau, Alain Chanone, Christophe)
A nightclub singer falls in love with a much younger woman.
Sleeping Dogs (Sleeping Dogs Lie, Stay) (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Bobcat Goldthwait; Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait; Stars: Melinda Page Hamilton, Bryce Johnson, Geoffrey Pierson, Colby French, Jack Plotnick, Brian Posehn)
An offbeat indie comedy about love, lies and your pets.
Ghosts Ghosts
Ghosts and The Masseur
Small Engine Repair (Country: Ireland; Year: 2006; Director: Niall Heery; Writer: Niall Heery; Stars: Iain Glen, Steven Mackintosh, Laurence Kinlan, Stuart Graham, Tom Murphy, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Gary Lydon, Charlene McKenna, David Pearse), Official Site, Trailer
A forklift driver strives reluctantly to become a country-and-western singer on the pub circuit in Northern Ireland.
A Soap (En Soap) (Country: Sweden, Denmark; Year: 2006; Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen ; Writer: Kim Fupz Aakeson and Pernille Fischer Christensen; Stars: Trine Dyrholm, David Dencik, Frank Thiel, Elsebeth Steentoft, Christian Tafdrup)
A beauty shop owner and transsexual soap opera addict form a friendship which leads to drama of its own.
Stranger Than Fiction (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Marc Forster; Writer: Zach Helm; Stars: Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah, Linda Hunt, Tom Hulce, Larry Neumann Jr)
A fictional character fights for his life in the real world.
The Tale Of How (Country: South Africa; Year: 2006; Director: The Blackheart Gang; Writer: The Blackheart Gang)
Animated birds try to escape a belligerent octopus.
Taxidermia (Country: Hungary, Austria, France; Year: 2006; Director: György Pálfi; Writer: György Pálfi, Lajos Parti Nagy, Zsófia Ruttkay; Stars: Csaba Czene, Gergely Trócsányi, Piroska Molnár, Adél Stanczel, Marc Bischoff, Gábor Máté, Zoltán Koppány, Géza D. Hegedüs, Erwin Leder, Géza Balkay, Attila Balogh)
Three generations of grotesque goings on in Hungary.
A Comedy Of Power A Comedy Of Power
A Comedy Of Power and The Singer
Ten Canoes (10 Canoes) (Country: Australia; Year: 2006; Director: Rolf De Heer and Peter Djigirr; Writer: Rolf De Heer; Stars: David Gulpilil (narrator), Jamie Gulpilil, Crusoe Kurrdal, Richard Birrinbirrin, Peter Minygululu, Frances Djulibing)
An Aboriginal hunting party passes the time by retelling an old fable that has a particular resonance for the youngest member.
This Is England (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Shane Meadows; Writer: Shane Meadows; Stars: Thomas Turgoose, Stephen Graham, Jo Hartley, Andrew Shim, Vicky McClure, Joseph Gilgun, Perry Benson, George Newton, Frank Harper, Jack O'Connell, Kieran Hardcastle)
A young boy adopted by a group of skinheads struggles to find his own identity in a world dominated by racism and war. Now out to own on two-disc DVD.
The US vs John Lennon (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: David Leaf, John Scheinfeld; Writer: David Leaf, John Scheinfeld; Stars: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Geraldo Rivera, George McGovern, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, Ron Kovic, Walter Cronkite, G Gordon Liddy, Carl Bernstein, Abbie Hoffman, J Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Jerry Rubin, John Sinclair, Gore Vidal, Mario Cuomo, Noam Chomsky,)
The FBI's witchhunt against a former Beatle during the years of peacenik protest against the war in Vietnam.
Venus (Country: UK; Year: 2006; Director: Roger Michell; Writer: Hanif Kureishi; Stars: Peter O'Toole, Leslie Phillips, Jodie Whittaker, Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Griffiths, Bronson Webb)
Love, with catheters, for an ageing act-or who is seduced by the beauty of passion’s young promise.
Wild Tigers I Have Known (Country: US; Year: 2006; Director: Cam Archer; Writer: Cam Archer; Stars: Malcolm Stumpf, Patrick White, Fairuza Balk, Kim Dickens)
Sexual awakening of a teenager who tries to engage with the object of his affections by posing as a woman on the phone.
Longing Longing
Longing and Azuloscurocasinegro
The Yacoubian Building (Omaret Yakobean) (Country: Egypt; Year: 2006; Director: Marwan Hamed; Writer: Wahid Hamid, based on the novel by Alaa' Al-Aswany; Stars: Adel Imam, Nour El-Sherif, Youssra, Essad Youniss, Ahmed Bedir, Hend Sabri, Khaled El Sawy, Mohamed Imam, Bassem Samra, Somaya El Khashab)
Examination of Egyptian society as seen through the eyes of tenants in Cairo.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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Lynchpin eastern European film festival

French Film Festival
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London Korean Film Festival

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Archive of festival coverage.

Daily diary and reviews from 2005-2018.

Coverage of the lynchpin German festival.