2001: A Space Odyssey
Kubrick and Clarke's quest to the stars.
A washed-up actor makes a bid on Broadway to reclaim his former glory.
The Boy And The World
A boy goes in search of his dad.
Catch Me Daddy
A young woman on the run from her family finds herself in danger when her brother comes looking for her.
The Creeping Garden
A real life science fiction story devoted to the world of myxomycetes, or fungus-like ‘slime moulds’.
#chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator
Documentary about one youngster's social activism as she leads Syrian protests from her US suburban bedroom.
Combat Shock
A Vietnam veteran struggles to cope with post-traumatic stress.
Concerning Violence
An examination of colonialism.
Corn Island
An old peasant and his innocent 16-year-old granddaughter sow corn on an island in the middle of the Inguri River dividing Georgia from Abkhazia.
Cría Cuervos
An eight-year old girl believes that she has poisoned the authoritarian father whom she blames for the death of her mother.
The Creator Of The Jungle
The story of a man who built his own jungle by the side of a highway, and how he rebuilt and destroyed it three times.


The Day Of The Beast
A Basque priest discovers that the Antichrist is due to be born in Madrid on Christmas Day and sets out to avert the apocalypse with the help of a heavy metal fan and a television psychic.
Death Of A Cyclist
A tale of guilt, infidelity, and blackmail unfolds after a cyclist is hit and killed by a couple driving back from an illicit rendezvous.
The Drop
A barman finds himself embroiled in mob trouble after a robbery and facing personal threat after finding a puppy in a dustbin.
The Executioner
A newly-married man must follow his father-in-law into the profession of State executioner in order to keep the family apartment, but he doesn't have the temperament for the job.
Ferpect Crime
An accidental killing leads to funny consequences of a psychotic nature.
Grave Of The Fireflies
Isao Takahata's fiercely beautiful anti-war animated classic. Out for 25th anniversary re-release.
A failed criminal is placed under house arrest with her overbearing mother - and the house may be haunted.


The Imitation Game
Alan Turing helps crack the Enigma code.
Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5sytem
Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto’s animated house odyssey.
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?
Hand drawn animation illustrating a series of interviews with philosopher Noam Chomsky.
Journey To The West
A slow-moving Buddhist monk acquires a follower on the streets of Marseille.
The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness
Documentary about famed animation Studio Ghibli.
A car mechanic tries to defend his property with tragic consequences.
The Last Circus
Two clowns become embroiled in a tug of war for the heart of an acrobat.
Love Steaks
Luxury hotel. Luxury clientele. Irritable staff. A couple who might fall in love, or they might leave their relationship in its raw state – like the titular steaks.


A documentary about the unrest in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014.
Life in a cable car that carries pilgrims and tourists to and from a mountain top temple in Nepal.
A town's charity initiative to 'sit a poor man at your table' for Christmas dinner continually thwarts one man's efforts to protect his livelihood.
Point And Shoot
How a naive American with OCD joined the Libyan revolution.


Rocks In My Pockets
An animated film exploring living with illness.
The Samurai
A young police officer is drawn into a mysterious maniac's murderous plans.
Song Of The Sea
A brother and sister find themselves on a magical adventure.
The Spirit Of The Beehive
A screening of James Whale's Frankenstein alters how an impressionable young girl sees her world in 1940s Spain.
Stations Of The Cross
The story of a teenager whose family are Catholic fundamentalists.
That Happy Couple
A young couple win a competition to 'that happy couple' for a day but find that money and gifts don't solve all of their problems.
After a herdsman accidentally kills someone, he finds himself a victim of Sharia law fundamentalists.
Tokyo Tribe
Hybrid of Yakuza gang action and hip-hop musical.


Welcome Mr Marshall!
A small Spanish village is thrown into disarray by the news that a delegation of Americans is on its way, bringing the possibility of untold riches.
What Have I Done To Deserve This?
An amphetamine-addicted housewife reaches breaking point with her ungrateful family.
What Now? Remind Me
The director muses on 20 years of life with HIV.
What We Do In The Shadows
Vampire mockumentary.
Adaptation of the best-selling memoir of Cheryl Strayed, a young woman attempts the gruelling 1,100-mile hike across the Pacific Crest Trail.
Winter Sleep
A hotel owner gradually has his delusions stripped away from him.
Witching And Bitching
When three men go on the run after a heist goes bad, they run into a coven of witches.
A lazy small town policeman becomes a lycanthropic crime fighting hero when the moon is full.
An autistic teenage prodigy travels from the English suburbs for a maths competition in Taipei, challenging his safely defined outlook.

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