Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019

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Block (Country: UK; Year: 1994; Director: Duncan Nicoll; Writer: Duncan Nicoll)
A sculptor discovers a stone man inside a block of granite.
The Contract (Country: UK; Year: 1994; Director: Ewan Morrison)
A man obsessed with the novel Venus In Furs puts himself in the care of a female psychiatrist and begs her to abuse him in order to cure him of his fantasies.
Dirty Diamonds (Country: UK; Year: 1992; Director: David Mackenzie)
A film noir pastiche shot in black and white on the genteel streets of Edinburgh.
Relax (Country: UK; Year: 1993; Director: Hannah Robinson)
A couple engage in inappropriate behaviour on a busy train.
Sad To Say But Sammy Is Dead (Country: UK; Year: 1996; Director: Travis Reeves)
A little girl carries a shoebox to school ready for show-and-tell session at school, and has nightmares about a dead bird she finds in the garden.

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