Adam's Apples
A priest who believes in the essential goodness of everything struggles to deal with a neo-Nazi in his church.
Away From Her
A married couple come to terms with Alzheimer's. Enjoying a limited Valentine's re-release in some London cinemas.
The Boss Of It All
An IT company trying to sell up hires an actor to pose as its president.
Buenos Aires, 1977
A goalkeeper kidnapped and tortured by the Argentinian secret police becomes determined to escape.
Romance about an art student who works the nightshift in a supermarket, explores the issue of time - and what would happen if you could make it stand still.
Curse Of The Golden Flower
Love and politics lead the way to destruction in the Chinese imperial court.


Days Of Glory
Four North African men join the French army to fight the Nazis, but will their deeds be remembered?
The Dying Gaul
A recently bereaved screenwriter struggles to get his film produced without too many compromises, but personal compromises can be much more dangerous.
Fast Food Nation
Exposing the beef burger industry as bacteria friendly, with blood in the boardroom and illegals in the slaughterhouse.
Flickering Lights
A group of gangsters on the run hide out in an old country house and fall in love with it, dreaming of a different life; but their past is out to get them.
The Good Shepherd
A history of the CIA told through the life story of an increasingly paranoid agent.
The Green Butchers
Meat is murder.
Ghosts Of Cité Soleil
A look at the lives and origins of the young gangsters who control Haiti's shanty towns.
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
A man haunted by a summer from his past, returns to his old stamping ground to confront old ghosts.
Half Nelson
A drug-addicted teacher is befriended by a student.
Hidden Flaws
A bereaved elderly woman shelters a pair of kids who are on the run from an abusive family situation.


Inland Empire
A married actress falls for her leading man whilst making a film about an illicit affair.
A portrait of the artist as a middle aged man.
Letters From Iwo Jima
The Battle of Iwo Jima as seen from the viewpoint of the desperately outnumbered Japanese defenders.
The Lives Of Others
East German secret police spy on a playwright and follow the course of his life over a number of years.


The Messengers
When their family moves into an isolated farmhouse, teenager Jess and her toddler brother begin to notice creepy things no-one else can see...
The Missing Star
A man travels from Italy to China searching for an obsolete machine, but finds something else.
Motel Hell
A man famous for his smoked meats buries unwary travellers alive and fattens them up...
A Polish detective investigates the murder of a colleague.
Paradise Lost
A gang of backpackers find themselves terrorised in the Brazilian jungle.
Paris Je T'Aime
Twenty different glimpses of Paris.
Pilgrimage From Scattered Points
The story of Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra.
A couple travel to Prague to bring back the husband's deceased father, only to find their marriage in trouble.


Rescue Dawn
A US fighter pilot shot down in the Vietnamese jungle must go to extraordinary lengths to survive.
An exploration of the appeal of the horror genre.
A Soap
A beauty shop owner and transsexual soap opera addict form a friendship which leads to drama of its own.
Someone Else
A young man struggles to do the right thing after falling in love with someone other than his girlfriend.
Journalist comes back from dead to help solve murder mystery.
The Searchers
A lone man spends years obsessively searching for his kidnapped niece until it becomes unclear what he might do if he finds her.
Classic western adventure.
Summer In Berlin
Two women struggling to get by in Berlin find their friendship complicated when one of them falls for a trucker.
Tell No One
Years after the event, a man still haunted by the apparent murder of his wife starts to receive mysterious instructions.
The Tripper
A psychopath who thinks he's Ronald Reagan starts killing hippies.
True North
A young man arranges to smuggle illegal immigrants across the North Sea on his Dad's boat, but he's about to find himself way out of his depth.
This Is England
A young boy adopted by a group of skinheads struggles to find his own identity in a world dominated by racism and war. Now out to own on two-disc DVD.

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