Au Hasard Balthazar
The story of a maltreated donkey.
All About My Mother
Melodramatic look at love and friendship.
An Affair
Heart-rending tale of illicit love.
An American Love Story
Documentary about an inter-racial relationship.
Billy & Zorba
The friendship between a suicidal fisherman and a young boy.
The Blair Witch Project
Handheld, hyped-up horror.
Buena Vista Social Club
Documentary about the Cuban stars who went on to become an international phenomenon.
Chi Girl
Mockumentary about a guy a girl, her ex and his camera.
Cookie's Fortune
Ensemble drama centring on a death.


The Devil, Probably
The life of a nihilistic young man.
Dreaming Of Joseph Lees
Unrequited love in 1950s Somerset.
East Is East
Culture clash in a multiracial family in Seventies Britain.
Scathing high school comedy.
Felicia's Journey
The obsession of a catering manager for a young girl from Cork.
The Five Senses
Ensemble piece as characters' lives cross after the disappearance of a toddler.
A writer hooks up with a thief in a tale of cross and double-cross.
A sex-drugs-and-rave-till-you-cave flick?
Gregory's Two Girls
Gregory as schoolteacher, 20 years on from Forsyth's original, fantasises about a pupil while a fellow teacher tries to win his heart.
Herr Zwilling Und Frau Zuckermann
Documentary about two Jews living in Austria, in the shadow of the past.
Himalaya - L'Enfance D'un Chef
Older and younger generation clash as Tibetan villagers make annual trek across mountains.
Investigation into the rape and murder of a little girl in Northern France.


I Could Read The Sky
An elderly man considers his past.
Janice Beard: 45 Wpm
A small town girl goes to the big city and falls for the wrong kind of guy.
Journey to the Sun
A Kurdish emigre tries to take his friend's body home.
Judy Berlin
A celebration of urban alienation.
Anything goes at the carnival.
The Last September
The decline of the Anglo-Irish gentry of the Twenties, as seen through the eyes of one family.
A schoolteacher becomes obssessed with a woman half his age.
Light Sleeper
A drug dealer 'sleep walking' through life begins to wonder about his trade.
Ensemble drama about secrets in smalltown Alaska.
Lancelot Of The Lake
Stripped down version of the Arthurian legend.
Lola and Bilidikid
A young Turkish man in Berlin discovers his homosexuality.


Marcie's Dowry
A tale of blackmail, gangsters and a policeman's wedding.
Mifune - Dogme 3
A man who has lied about his family has to come clean when his father dies.
Life is tough for a young girl in the country.
New Eve
A chance encounter leads to obssession.
Peau Neuve
A family man struggles with love and friendship.
The Personals
A girl splits up with her boyfriend and goes on a series of blind dates after placing a personal ad.
Story of two lads taking salmon from a river.
Pushing Tin
A feud sparks up between air traffic controllers.
Boy meets girl, boy shags girl, boy loses girl.


An insight into the anguish of a young boy in the wake of a tragic accident.
Two cops hunt a child-killer.
A woman whose boyfriend refuses to have sex with her begins to embrace sadomasochism.
A Room For Romeo Brass
Young lads develop a friendship across racial boundaries.
An isolated teen hunts for a job... and friendship.
A Reasonable Man
Courtroom drama about a herdsman accused of killing a baby.
Run Lola Run
A woman has 20 minutes to find cash and save her boyfriend.
Comic look at life in a private school.
Show Me Love
A teenaged girl develops a crush on her female pal.
Siam Sunset
A man hooks up with a group of eccentrics on a roadtrip after the death of his wife.
Simon Magus
A new railroad spells trouble for a small town.
A wannabe taxi driver finds himself hooked up with a bungling cop, investigating a bank heist.
The Trench
The 48 hours in the trenches leading up to the Battle of the Somme.
Two gay men have a night of misadventures in Manhattan.
The Thomas Crown Affair
Upperclass thief tries to outwit the police in superior remake.


The War Zone
Repression and sexual abuse haunt a family.
Welcome To Hollywood
Mockumentary about an actor and director aiming to find 15 minutes of fame in La La Land.
Whispering Corridors
Ghostly murder at a South Korean girls school.
Wild Side
A banker who moonlights as a call girl gets caught up in the life of a moneylaunderer and his wife.
Ensemble drama about the lifes and loves of the working class in London.
The Winslow Boy
After his son is expelled from school for stealing, his father risks everything to restore his good name.

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