Marcie's Dowry

Marcie's Dowry


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

David Mackenzie's tale of blackmail, gangsters and a policeman's wedding is a comic delight. Written by Bill Chamberlain, it concerns an old farmer (Edward Woodward) in the West of Scotland and his wife (Sheila Donald), who, over the years, have spent several bank loans on their daughter, Marcie (Marsali Stewart), and now that she's marrying her boy-in-blue (Kevin McKidd), there's no money left.

They decide that life insurance is the answer and Marcie's claim, after their demise, will act as a dowry. First they have to die. In the process of failing to drive off a cliff, they notice men-in-suits dumping what looks like a body in the quarry pool. Suddenly, being paid to keep their traps shut sounds like a healthier way to tackle the bank balance's short fall.

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Mackenzie has a terrific feel for comedy and the performances are beautifully understated.

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2003
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A tale of blackmail, gangsters and a policeman's wedding.

Director: David Mackenzie

Writer: Bill Chamberlain

Starring: Edward Woodward, Sheila Donald, Kevin McKidd, Marsali Stewart

Year: 1999

Runtime: 15 minutes

Country: UK


EIFF 1999

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