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Cat Daddies
A portrait of men whose lives have been changed by the love of their cats.
She's Allergic To Cats
A dog groomer who aspires to make an all-cat version of Carrie meets his dream girl.
Dogs Don't Wear Pants
A widower is struggling years after his wife drowned... meeting Mona, a dominatrix, changes everything.
Toy Story 4
The gang go on a road trip with a new toy named Forky.
A Legacy Of Whining
Two former friends reunite for a night out.
In a futuristic world, a man who is confined to the slums of earth, finds the space station retreat of the rich offers his only hope of survival.
Shrek Forever After
Ogre and Out.
Old Partner
Documentary about an elderly farmer, his wife and their loyal ox.
District 9
A government agent joins the cause of ghettoised aliens he has come to evict.
The Informers
Wealthy Angelinos are consumed by a decadent Eighties lifestyle.


Sophie Barthes interview about Cold Souls
15 Mar 2010
We talk to Sophie Barthes about her inspiration for feature debut Cold Souls.
Interview with Grace director Paul Solet
12 Feb 2009
Exclusive interview with director Paul Solet on his debut horror feature.
Sundance Diary: Day Eight
24 Jan 2009
Big Fan, An Education, The Cove, Tyson, Carmo Hit The Road, Old Partner and Adam
Sundance Diary: Day Seven
23 Jan 2009
James Gandolfini, Mimi Kennedy and Paul Solet, plus The Only Good Indian and The Immaculate Conception Of Little Dizzle.
Sundance Diary: Day Six
23 Jan 2009
Grace, World's Greatest Dad, plus the BMI Snowball and Armando Iannucci.

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News Stories

Dragon*Con - Day Four
04 Sep 2013
From Battlestar Galactica to Blade Runner and some tips for convention-goers
Dragon*Con - Day Three
02 Sep 2013
Doctor Who and a Star Trek record attempt.
Dragon*Con Day Two
01 Sep 2013
From Shatner to Stargate.
Dragon*Con - Day One
01 Sep 2013
Barrowman and Batman at the Atlanta sci-fi meet.
Is Everything Fine with Crispin Glover?
20 Nov 2007
Weirdo/wunderkind - Crispin Glover returns with "It is Fine! Everything is Fine!"

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