Dragon*Con Day Two

From Shatner to Stargate.

by Tony Sullivan

The adulation of Adrian Paul at Dragon*Con 2013
The adulation of Adrian Paul at Dragon*Con 2013 Photo: Tony Sullivan
Learning the ropes of Dragon*Con now, the whereabouts of the five main event venues and the labyrinthine walkways and hotel ballrooms on unexpected levels. One becomes adept at the Dragon*Con shuffle because of the sheer mass of humanity going from a to b. So practice your walk - think Emperor penguin, then think Emperor penguin laden with two or more eggs sashaying down the glacier and you should get the idea.

First up William Shatner. Mr Shatner has arrived in a point in life where he can talk about whatever he pleases which, on this occasion, was his forthcoming record album (which if I understood correctly, he has composed songs for rather than sings on) and his equestrian pursuits. I would have to say that Mr S does does not give good con, but he is Bill Shatner and we love him for it.

Next up, the Time After Time reunion panel. No, not Cyndi Lauper, but David Warner and Malcolm McDowell representing the 1979 sci-fi classic. Both gentlemen were hilarious riffing off each other and brutally gunning down any audience question that had the least inkling of pretension with lines including: "I don't give a crap".

Onwards to a Stargate panel with Richard Dean Anderson, Teryl Rothery, Dan Payne and Christopher Judge, who regailed the audience with the technical challenges of fart one-upmanship on set.

The day ended with ex-Highlander Adrian Paul who gives good con, sparring with very passionate fans and discussing the pros and cons of sword fighting technique and what the outcome might be should he find himself facing Inigo Montoya in single combat.

People watching is the added bonus of Dragon*Con.

"Wowee,'' said Zaphod, "Zappo."

"Incredible!'' breathed Arthur, "the people ... ! The things ... !''

"The things,'' said Ford Prefect quietly, "are also people.''

...so wrote Douglas Adams and it applies to the con. Fantastic costumes on display from many genres, and to my chagrin, many I do not recognise. Steampunk and anime are in. My favourite costumes so far: A steampunk cyberman, a heavilly armoured combat-style fighter with a pink and white kitten theme - Halo Kitty. There is something to be said for displaying lots of skin - it is cooler. I, myself, will dress as Slave Leia on the 'morrow.

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