A Legacy Of Whining


Reviewed by: Tony Sullivan

A Legacy Of Whining
"This is a small niche film, not broad enough or funny enough for the mainstream, carried off on a tiny budget, but it means well."

So who joined Freindsreunited.com? Who found their old classmates 30 years on? Who thought to try to rekindle an old friendship and how did that work out? Mitch (Ross Munro) and Dunc (Robert David Duncan), two high school buddies, have decided to meet up and capture those magic moments one more time, unfortunately Dunc doesn't have a nostalgic bone in his body.

We begin the show with Mitch, the eternal aspiring actor, waiting at the airport for his pal. Writer/director/star, Munro, perfectly captures the atmosphere of a late night small city airport, peopled with a cross section of eccentrics, weirdos and in this case, porn stars.

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Eventually, Dunc appears but despite Mitch's overtures it soon becomes apparent that his old pal has but one goal - to party with the ladies. Our not-so-dynamic duo drive around their old haunts (much has changed) and attempt to engage with the female of the species (not much has changed). At Dunc's bidding they wind up at a South American styled Bordello, and, for Mitch, things get even worse.

This is the nightmare of a sharing a trip with a co-worker or a first date where you find out you have nothing in common and no rapport with someone you are obligated to spend several hours with. As Mitch tries to make banter with hoary old Hollywood stories about 'Dusty' Hoffman and riffs on Magic Mike to the apathy of his audience, this author begins see himself...so the next time I see you, we're talking about anything but movies and I wonder, are we that awful?

This is a small niche film, not broad enough or funny enough for the mainstream, carried off on a tiny budget, but it means well. The action plays out with a composition from our heroes' beloved band, The Snotty Punks, entitled Young, British and Snotty. This film is a four out of ten, but if Ross Munro is looking for another assignment, he might want to tell The Snotty Punk's story - that one might go to 11.

Reviewed on: 22 Dec 2017
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Two former friends reunite for a night out.

Director: Ross Munro

Writer: Ross Munro

Starring: Ross Munro, Robert David Duncan, Angie Descalzi, Keilani Elizabeth Rose

Year: 2016

Runtime: 73 minutes

Country: US


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