Dragon*Con - Day Four

From Battlestar Galactica to Blade Runner and some tips for convention-goers

by Tony Sullivan

Pros at the con, clockwise from top left: Tony with John Levene, Garrett Wang, 'Scotty', 'Spock', Halo Kitty. Inset left, David Warner. All more fun than a convention full of monkeys...
Pros at the con, clockwise from top left: Tony with John Levene, Garrett Wang, 'Scotty', 'Spock', Halo Kitty. Inset left, David Warner. All more fun than a convention full of monkeys... Photo: Tony Sullivan
Fin. The End. The Dragon Con was decidedly emptier despite the holiday, queuing etiquette thrown out in some cases, meaning that I caught tail end of a Smallville panel and remained for Battlestar Galactica panel with Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Kandyse McClure (Anastasia Dualla), Tahmoh Penikett (Karl 'Helo' Agathon) and Edward James Olmos (William Adama).

BSG is a show that the actors are as passionate about as the fans. Penikett explained that his character was only meant to be in a couple of episodes, but the part was expanded by the writers for him. Olmos suggested that the audience should watch BSG from start to finish and following on from the final scene should watch the film Blade Runner, which he says lays the ground work for the cylons/replicants and one can see an ancestor of Adama, Gaff (played coincidentally by Edward James Olmos), therein.

Today's costume theme - everyone is sporting a dragon on their shoulder a la Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen, regardless of their costume, be it pirate or trekkie, steam punk'd or Stormtrooper.

A visit to the 'Walk of Fame', the autograph/photo op area, now sparsely populated, reveals Brent Spiner (Start Trek: TNG) still with a queue, Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows), the Bionic duo, Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors, fairly quiet. Got my picture taken with John Levene, Sergeant Benton from long ago Doctor Who, still hale and hearty. Sitting next to Levene, actor James Cosmo, who recollected his stint on UFO, singing the praises of director David Tomblin. I had been told autographs could cost as much as $300, but no one seemed to be asking for more than $40, in this strange supermarket for actors. I wish I had indulged more.

Some final thoughts then, if you intend to go to Dragon*Con, study the layouts of the hotels and their ballrooms and other panel locations and learn the locations of the assorted walkways that link hotels (particularly if raining). Make sure you are fit, those with disabilities are well looked after, but if you are a portly, short-breathed Klingon warrior veteran, you are going to be miserable in a queue that winds its way round several levels of hotel upstairs, downstairs, through m'lady's chamber out onto the streets and assorted slippery 30 degree sloped pavements, conceivably ending with a zip line. Sensible shoes a must (have a change with you for costume if necessary).

Be aware of your surroundings and costume clad patrons, many of whom have limited eyesight, and yes, that is a sword in their pocket regardless of whether they are pleased to see you or not.

BYOL - Bring your own lanyard for your badge, and carry bottled water (make it part of your costume!).

Great fun, wish I had gone to more conventions in the past. Finally, to the lady in the body painted Fantastic Four 'outfit' - I LOVE YOU!!!!

So say we all.

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