Ben Sillis

I am currently a History student at the University of Cambridge. I like everything really (except musicals!) but my particular interests include animation and south-east Asian films as well as European arthouse cinema. My dirty shame is enjoying Adam Sandler films.

Favourite Directors: The old cliches (Bergman, Fellini, Kurosawa, Kubrick etc) as well as contemporary film makers such as Takeshi Kitano, Fernando Mereilles and the Coen Brothers.

Favourite films: Lost in Translation, Battle Royale, BASEketball, Castle In The Sky, Story of Ricky, Ikiru, Terminator 2.

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Kick The Moon
Former classmates who've had a change of fortune become love rivals.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice undertake a dangerous mission.
After a woman disappears her lover and best friend search for her, only to find they are falling for one another.
Flash Point
Hong Kong police thriller about a cop out to take out the Triad brothers terrorising the city.
Shotgun Stories
Blood ties and vengeance in rural Arkansas.
Año Uña
Personal photograph album becomes the basis for an unconventionally told romance.
The Conformist
An insecure man is persuaded to become an assassin, the target his former teacher.
Winter Light
A pastor finds his faith tested by a suicidal man.
Through A Glass Darkly
A recently released mental hospital patient goes back to her home on a secluded island with her family, resulting in emotional and spiritual crisis.
Same Time, Next Year
Film adaptation of a stage play about a pair who have a one-night stand, despite being married to other people, and who make a pact to meet on the same night each year.


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11 Mar 2008
Movieum showcases British film memorabilia.

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