Where's me Jumper?

News from the Jumper press conference.

by Ben Sillis

Eye For Film's Ben Sillis went behind the scenes at a recent London event to chat to the stars of new teleportation movie Jumper, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson. He began by finding out what the stars thought of their director, Doug Liman.

HC: I think he likes down and dirty great film making, he likes to operate things himself a lot of the time.

RB: The second I woke up from the 8 hour trip to Rome he was holding the camera on me and that shot is now in the film. That's Doug, he has his home camera and now that footage has made it into the picture.

Despite his impetuous approach, it's clear that Liman could pull strings. I wondered if the stars encountered any angry tourists when filming in the empty Colosseum.

HC: They shut the place down for us.

RB interrupts to say they did it before and after closing.

HC: OK, if you say so. I thought we had the place to ourselves! Doug still managed to get the camera on his shoulder and bump into things but we didn't break anything. We got up to the really top rafters where they don't let tourists go, we explored every nook and cranny of that place, it was really cool.

What was it like working with Samuel L Jackson?

RB: I was really thrown into the movie and the first scene I had with him was him throwing me into a wall. It was one of those things where you pinch yourself and say, is this really happening? Samuel L Jackson exudes cool.

HC: He is legitimately cool, it's not an act, it's the real deal.

What superpower would they choose for themselves?

HC: I might go for teleportation. Just the practicality of it really appeals to me, to not have to sit on planes and be stuck in traffic and all the things that get under my skin.

So can we expect a sequel to Jumper?

HC: I don't know too much about it. I'm very open to it, would love to do it actually. There's lot of fun you can have with the concept of teleportation. Doug said he had the next four stories planned out in his head already, so we'll see.

And finally, if there were a celebrity death match between Anakin and David Rice, who would win?

HC: I don't think the fight would ever take place because David would just jump away. David's not one for conflict, he usually avoids that sort of thing.

RB: I feel weird because both of them are sitting right next to me and I don't want to get the wrong answer!

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