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The festival will hold its 22nd edition from June 7 to 18. This year's line-up includes several titles from directors who are stepping behind the camera, including John Slattery's Maggie Moore(s) and Michael Shannon's Eric LaRue.

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Your Fat Friend
Your Fat Friend
Popular anonymous blogger Aubrey Gordon spent five years writing about the realities of living as a self-described “very fat person.” Now, she is about to face the public for the very first time.
The Lesson
The Lesson
A young novelist eager to make a name for himself begins tutoring the son of one of the most influential writers in the world. Good intentions soon give way to suspicion as darker motivations surface and the lines of master and protégé are blurred.
On her 18th birthday, tough-girl Jonny eats a cake baked by her aunt according to a magical family recipe and undergoes a radical metamorphosis.
Bad Things
Bad Things
A weekend getaway for four friends at a snowy resort turns into a psychological tailspin and bloody nightmare.
Tensions and desire bloom among five people at a holiday home by the Baltic Sea.
Between The Rains
Between The Rains
A coming-of-age documentary following a young member of a formerly nomadic northern Kenyan community as they deal with the environmental and psychological effects of climate change.
Lost Soulz
Lost Soulz
A young rapper leaves behind his surrogate family and sets out on an expedition across Texas, contemplating new and old friendships.
Let Liv
Let Liv
A young alcoholic woman agrees to attend an AA meeting with her partner. When she unexpectedly runs into her estranged mother, she's forced to confront demons from her past.
Enter The Dragon
Enter The Dragon
A Shaolin martial artist travels to an island fortress to spy on an opium lord - who is also a former monk from his temple - under the guise of attending a fighting tournament.
The Future
The Future
Nurit, a criminal profiler, is recruited by Israel’s secret service to interrogate a young Palestinian woman who assassinated a government minister. Over the course of their meetings, Nurit realises some uncomfortable truths.
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Tribeca Festival Features

Reclaiming roots
Katja Gauriloff on making the first ever film in Skolt Sámi, Je’vida
Girl reimagined
Jennifer Reeder on the power of femininity and the agency of blood in Perpetrator
A smouldering story
Thomas Schubert on imposter syndrome and tonal ambiguity in Afire
Off the map
Barnaby Clay on capturing intensity and eternity in The Seeding
Targets of desire
Christian Petzold on An Affair To Remember, summers and Afire
In his mind
Christian Petzold on summer movies and Afire
The language of dreams
Guto Parente on the language of dreams, Kafka and A Strange Path
So rich and touching
Andrea Di Stefano on Pierfrancesco Favino and The Last Night Of Amore
Miracle and mystery
Maria Fredriksson on her roller coaster of a ride documentary The Gullspång Miracle
Ghost town tale
Anna Roller on Alice Rohrwacher, Sofia Coppola, Christian Petzold and Dead Girls Dancing
Noam Kaplan on women, technology, Israeli hubris and The Future
Regaining control
David Gutnik on Lyana Mytsko, Olha Beskhmelnytsina, Liev Schreiber, Ukraine and Rule Of Two Walls
After the eclipse
Scott Haze on the wilderness, stunts and The Seeding
A tapestry of peoples
Eric Burton on Bono, Nenad Cicin-Sain, Sarajevo and editing Kiss The Future
The eyes of an interpreter
Pier-Philippe Chevigny on Richelieu
Back to Frédéric Boyer
Tribeca Artistic Director reveals more about the 2023 selections
Looking ahead to Tribeca
Artistic Director Frédéric Boyer on the 2023 selections
Bejo’s caring skills lead to zombie role
Actress turned up the pressure on director during Covid

Tribeca Festival News

Guto Parente triumphant at Tribeca
A Strange Path sweeps the International Narrative Competition Awards
Tribeca announces De Niro Con
Three-day city event will celebrate actor's 80th birthday
Tribeca announces line-up
World premieres from actors including Slattery, Duchovny and Shannon

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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