Tribeca Festival 2023

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The Night Doctrine The Night Doctrine
The Night Doctrine and Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Matt Campanella, Stephanie Chloé Hepner; Writer: Matt Campanella; Stars: Matt Campanella, David Kelsey, Milan Anderson, Maria Carrozza)
A young professional dominant gets a surprise just when he's trying to impress the boss in a new job.
In Passing (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Hillia Aho; Writer: Hillia Aho; Stars: Kaileela Hobby, Fedra Ramírez Olivares)
A burnt-out chef struggles to navigate her growing resentment towards her romantic partner, a fledgling painter.
Let Liv (Country: US; Year: 2023; Director: Erica Rose; Writer: Olivia Levine; Stars: Olivia Levine, Rosaline Elbay, Jordan Carlos, Monica Wyche, Sarah Herrman, Abdu Garmazi)
A young alcoholic woman agrees to attend an AA meeting with her partner. When she unexpectedly runs into her estranged mother, she's forced to confront demons from her past.
My Eyes Are Up Here (Country: UK; Year: 2022; Director: Nathan Morris; Writer: Arthur Meek, Aminder Virdee; Stars: Jillian Mercado, Ben Cura, Pooky Quesnel, Colin Hoult)
Sonya is a super-busy, sought-after model and dating doesn't really fit her lifestyle. A one-night stand with a clumsy but considerate man might just change her perspective.
The Night Doctrine (Country: Afghanistan, United States; Year: 2023; Director: Mauricio Rodriguez-Pons, Almudena Toral; Stars: Lynzy Billing)
An Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of civilians killed in a secretive American-backed program.

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