The 17th Tribeca Film Festival will open with Love Gilda on April 18 and will close with The Fourth Estate on April 29. The festival will feature 74 premieres and its Centrepiece Gala will be Zoe, directed by Jake Doremus. The In addition to the feature film programme below, there is a full shorts programme and interactive segment. Read about the winners here.

In addition to the feature film strands below, there was a full short film programme. The award for Best Documentary short was won by Notes From Dunblane: Lessons From A School Shooting.

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Tribeca Latest Reviews

When Lambs Become Lions
When Lambs Become Lions
In the Kenyan bush, a crackdown on ivory poaching forces a silver-tongued second-generation poacher to seek out an unlikely ally in this fly-on-the-wall look at both sides of the conservation divide.
Little Woods
Little Woods
Two estranged sisters are driven to extremes when their mother dies, leaving them with one week to pay back her mortgage.
Serengeti Rules
Serengeti Rules
A band of young scientists discover a radical new theory of the natural world — one that could help confront some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.
The Captor
The Captor
In 1973, an unhinged American outlaw walked into a bank in Sweden demanding millions in cash in exchange for his hostages. The events that followed would capture the attention of the world and ultimately give a name to a new psychological phenomenon: Stockholm syndrome.
The Proposal
The Proposal
When artist-turned-filmmaker Jill Magid learns that the archives of Mexico's most famous architect are being held in a private collection, she devises a radical plan to return his legacy to the public.
Blowin' Up
Blowin' Up
In a courtroom in Queens, women facing prostitution charges may earn a chance at redemption thanks to an experimental programme. Documentary.
Two couples and a surrogate lay bare the complications, contradictions, heartbreak, and absurdities implicit in how we think about motherhood.
Diane is a devoted friend and caretaker, particularly to her drug-addicted son. But as those around her begin to drift away in the last quarter of her life, she is left to reckon with past choices.
The Elephant And The Butterfly
The Elephant And The Butterfly
When her babysitter doesn’t show, a single mother is forced to leave her precocious five-year-old daughter with the girl’s estranged father for a long weekend.
The Feeling Of Being Watched
The Feeling Of Being Watched
Journalist Assia Boundaoui sets out to investigate long-brewing rumors that her quiet, predominantly Arab-American neighborhood was being monitored by the FBI — and in the process, she exposes a surveillance program on a scale no one could have imagined.
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Tribeca Film Festival Features

My hometown
Kent Jones on the casting and soundtrack in Diane
Body and soul
To Dust post-screening discussion with Géza Röhrig, Shawn Snyder, and Jason Begue
Shared humanity
Shawn Snyder on Matthew Broderick, Géza Röhrig and To Dust
Year of the Pig
Géza Röhrig on scripts, dybbuks and working with a porcine professional in Shawn Snyder's To Dust
Inspired by science
Eliza McNitt on Jessica Chastain, Darren Aronofsky and her VR experience Spheres
Inner chaos
Trine Dyrholm on the costumes for Nico, 1988, Ruth Berlau and Bertolt Brecht, and Astrid Lindgren
States of mind
Trine Dyrholm on getting know Nico and Susanna Nicchiarelli's vision for Nico, 1988
Out of the past
Susanna Nicchiarelli on Trine Dyrholm and the costume design in Nico, 1988
The power of ellipsis
Kent Jones on Mary Kay Place and the objects in Diane
A sensory experience
Kate Novack and Andrew Rossi on kaleidoscope eyes and The Gospel According To André
Portrait of a lady and a city
Fabien Constant on Sarah Jessica Parker and the team behind Blue Night
Reconstructed heroine
Susanna Nicchiarelli on exploring character in Nico, 1988
On the road again
Kent Jones on Tribeca award winner Diane
A devastating chain of events
Danfung Dennis and Eric Strauss on This Is Climate Change segment Feast
Putting island in doc
Gabrielle Brady on the challenges of shooting Island Of The Hungry Ghosts
True colours
Pietra Brettkelly and Carmen Dell’Orefice on Yellow Is Forbidden
Good grief
Alessandro Nivola on Matthew Broderick, Géza Röhrig and To Dust
Feeling the character
Alessandro Nivola on The Art Of Self-Defense and The Red Sea Diving Resort
Breaking the rules
Alessandro Nivola on Disobedience and the rise of films about women
Tribeca Film Festival early bird highlights
Diane, Disobedience, The Gospel According To André, and Nico, 1988

Tribeca Film Festival News

Tribeca Film Festival Audience Awards announced
Shawn Snyder, Dyana Winkler and Tina Brown are the winners
Diane is big winner at Tribeca
Shawn Snyder takes Best New Narrative Director for To Dust
This Is Climate Change set for Tribeca Film Festival
Danfung Dennis and Eric Strauss to present virtual reality event
Tribeca unveils feature line-up
Slate includes 74 world premieres
Love, Gilda to open Tribeca
Documentary on Radner to kick-off New York fest.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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