Sundance will run in Park City, Utah, from January 18 to 28. In addition, a selection of the films will be screened online in the second half of the festival.

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Sundance Latest Reviews

Agent Of Happiness
Agent Of Happiness
Amber is one of the many agents working for the Bhutanese government to measure people’s happiness levels among the remote Himalayan mountains. But will he find his own along the way?
In A Violent Nature
In A Violent Nature
The enigmatic resurrection, rampage, and retribution of an undead monster in a remote wilderness.
Born in response to the Kent State massacre, new wave band Devo took their concept of "de-evolution" from cult following to near–rock star status with groundbreaking 1980 hit Whip It while preaching an urgent social commentary.
Àma Gloria
Àma Gloria
Six-year-old Cléo loves her nanny Gloria more than anything. When Gloria must return to Cape Verde to care for her own children, the two must make the most of their last summer together.
My Old Ass
My Old Ass
The summer before college, bright-yet-irreverent Elliott comes face-to-face with her older self during a mushroom trip. The encounter spurs a funny and heartfelt journey of self-discovery and first love as Elliott prepares to leave her childhood home.
Stress Positions
Stress Positions
Terry Goon is keeping strict quarantine in his ex-husband’s Brooklyn brownstone while caring for his nephew - a 19-year-old model from Morocco named Bahlul - bedridden in a full leg cast after an electric scooter accident. Unfortunately for Terry, everyone in his life wants to meet the model.
In The Summers
In The Summers
On a journey that spans across the formative years of their lives, two sisters navigate their loving but volatile father during their yearly summer visits to his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Brief History Of A Family
Brief History Of A Family
A middle-class family’s fate becomes intertwined with their only son’s enigmatic new friend in post one-child policy China, putting unspoken secrets, unmet expectations, and untended emotions under the microscope.
A Different Man
A Different Man
Aspiring actor Edward undergoes a radical medical trial to drastically transform his appearance. But his new dream face quickly turns into a nightmare.
Between The Temples
Between The Temples
A cantor in a crisis of faith finds his world turned upside down when his grade school music teacher re-enters his life as his new adult bat mitzvah student.
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Sundance Film Festival Features

Measuring happiness
Arun Bhattarai and Dorottya Zurbó on their latest documentary collaboration
'I only wanted to make another film if it was really close to my heart'
Àma Gloria director Marie Amachoukeli on her child's eye view of the world
Sundance London highlights
As its parent festival considers its future plans we recommend a selection from the UK showcase
Bigfoot challenge
David and Nathan Zellner on turning a myth into a reality for Sasquatch Sunset
Tuning into grief
Composer on collaboration and framing in Handling The Undead
An extreme life
Lucy Lawless on telling the story of Margaret Moth in Never Look Away
Family ties
Klaudia Reynicke on crazy casting and bringing her own emotions to Reinas
Force of nature
Pedro Freire on bringing his mother's tempestuous relationships to the screen in Malu
Ghosts in the machine
Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck on exploring AI 'life after death' in Eternal You
Scoring Reality
Heather McIntosh on writing the upbeat score for Winner
Making a contract killing
Richard Linklater and Glen Powell on working togther on Hit Man
In The Land Of Brothers directors Raha Amirfazli and Alireza Ghasemi on exploring the long road for Afhgan refugees in Iran
Sundance 2024 preview
Titles to look out for at this year's festival
'A lot of the filming was very cathartic for me'
Tom Stuart on Good Boy, 'a love letter' to his mum

Sundance Film Festival News

Sundance reveals finalists for new location
Cities in Georgia, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky and New Mexico vie with Utah for contract
Slamdance to make LA move
'Fringe' festival to leave Utah for next edition
Sundance London announces line-up
Films include Audience Award winner Girls Will Be Girls
Sundance announces prizewinners
Top gongs go to In The Summers, Sujo, A New Wilderness and The Porcelain War
Sundance announces line-up
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Stewart and Steven Yuen head to Sundance

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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