Enemies Of Happiness won the World Cinema Documentary competition Enemies Of Happiness won the World Cinema Documentary competition

Turning its attention increasingly to short film - and announcing a mobile phone project - the daddy of all independent festivals goes from strength to strength. In 2007 122 feature films were selected including 82 world premieres, 24 North American premieres and 10 US premieres, representing 25 countries with nearly 60 first or second-time feature filmmakers.

The Grand Jury Prize Dramatic went to Padre Nuestro - concerning a Mexican immigrant in New York - while the Grand Jury Prize Documentary went to Manda Bala (Send A Bullet) - a documentary equating political corruption in Brazil with street-level violence in Rio. Triumphing in the World Cinema Dramatic and Documentary sections were Sweet Mud (Adama Meshugaat) - a drama about a boy taking care of his mentally ill mum in a Kibbutz - and Enemies Of Happiness (Vores Lykkes Fjender) - about the Afghanistani women redefining a country. Audience Awards went to Grace Is Gone, In The Shadow Of The Moon, Hear And Now and Once.

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Sundance Latest Reviews

The Nines
The Nines
Alternative reality comedy thriller about a man who may or may not be a celebrity.
The Signal
The Signal
Three-part tale of horror sees a strange signal start to drive people crazy.
Zom-com sees a boy befriended by the family zombie... but trouble brews when he eats the neighbour.
Documentary triggered by a man's death by bestiality.
Spitfire 944
Spitfire 944
Filmmakers track down a Second World War pilot.
Guy meets Girl and makes beautiful - and Oscar-winning - music with her.
My Kid Could Paint That
My Kid Could Paint That
Documentary about a four-year-old who has sold $300,000 of paintings - but is she a genius or an exploited child?
Chapter 27
Chapter 27
The days leading up to the assassination of John Lennon.
How She Move
How She Move
A troubled teenager tries to prove herself through dance.
Manufactured Landscapes
Manufactured Landscapes
A documentarian follows photographer Edward Burtynsky as he captures the effects of industrialisation in Asia.
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Sundance Film Festival Features

Taking Cinderella back to her roots
David Kaplan talks about his rotoscope-animation of the fairytale, based on a Chinese version of the story, at the Sundance 2007 premiere of the film.
Sundance 2007 : Day Ten
The final day of Eye For Film's coverage leads us to black comedy - The Savages. And the Awards are dished out.
Sundance 2007 : Day Nine
Sexual deviancy explored, black comedy with Martin Freeman, and the hugely controversial Hounddog.
Sundance 2007 : Day Eight
Van Der Graff generator bedclothes, Away From Her starts the waterworks, and Donovan serenades Eye For Film. (And - IMDB user Rotary Girl, we're not worthy!!)
Sundance 2007 : Day Seven
Eye For Film joins Garth Jennings for a chat, and turns up to the Filmmaker's party. Waitress and Weapons are the movies du jour.
Sundance 2007: Day Six
Outstanding Brit flick Son of Rambow takes the breath away, Nick Broomfield discusses Ghosts, and Crossing The Line crosses the critics well.
Sundance 2007: Day Five
Cancellations and other disappointments : Anthony Hopkins slipstreams his way into a muddle, but at least Scotland's own Kate Dickie takes time to chat.
Sundance 2007: Day Four
Domesticated Zombies?! Every bit as uneventful as it sounds - at least Clubland makes up for it.
Sundance 2007: Day Three
A foolish imperial/metric conversion, and the aptly titled Snow Angels. That, and Freud's retroactive horror film.
Sundance 2007: Day Two
The latest mutterings of a mad mind... I blame the Skittles.
Sundance Film Festival 2007: Day One continued - Press conference
A comparatively calm Robert Redford introduces the latest Sundance Film Festival, the granddaddy of independent film festivals.
Sundance 2007: Day One
Day One : No shrieking children airplane insanity, but bugger us.. it's cold!
Looking forward to Sundance
The setting may be cold but 2007 promises to be another hot year for films at the world's biggest independent film festival.

Sundance Film Festival News

Dosh for docs 2
Sundance Institute announces documentary grants.
Sundance announces latest documentary grants
Record number of 25 features will receive support.
Sundance 2007 : Award Winners announced
Our previous years' luck has held, we've seen few of the award winners - take a look, and see what to look out for in the upcoming months.
Is Everything Fine with Crispin Glover?
Weirdo/wunderkind - Crispin Glover returns with "It is Fine! Everything is Fine!"
Write at the heart of Sundance
Institute announces 12 projects which will benefit from yearly screenwriters lab.
Sundance announce opening night film
World premiere of documentary Chicago 10 to kick off 2007 festival.
Sundance gets short on the phone
Redford's institute commissions five films in pilot mobile phone project

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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