Echo Park, LA won both the Dramatic and Audience Awards Echo Park, LA won both the Dramatic and Audience Awards

A good year for festival hits, one film that certainly made it big on the world stage after premiering at Sundance 2006, was Little Miss Sunshine. Of the homegrown films Quinceañera - about Latino kids coming of age in LA - took home the Grand Jury Dramatic Prize, while Sudanese documentary God Grew Tired Of Us, won the Grand Jury Documentary Prize, they also scooped both domestic Audience Awards.

Winners of the International competitions were sinister noir Tzameti (Dramatic) and Mexican documentary focussing on freeway builders In The Pit (Documentary). Audience Awards went to De Nadie - a documentary focussing on Mexican migration to the US - and No.2 - about a matriarch organising a family feast at which to announce her successor.

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Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine
A dysfunctional family's road trip to a beauty pageant.
Portrait of the drinker as an artist.
'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris
'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris
Documentary about "the greatest voice you never heard".
The Foot Fist Way
The Foot Fist Way
Comedy kicks in the life of a tae kwon do teacher.
An infernal Groundhog Day as a student seems destined to relive the day of her murder.
Wristcutters: A Love Story
Wristcutters: A Love Story
A young man kills himself and awakens in a land where everything is "just a little bit worse".
Stranger Than Paradise
Stranger Than Paradise
An unlikely trio head for Florida in search of paradise.
Wild Tigers I Have Known
Wild Tigers I Have Known
Sexual awakening of a teenager who tries to engage with the object of his affections by posing as a woman on the phone.
One Last Dance
One Last Dance
An assassin hunts a child-kidnapper.
A Little Trip To Heaven
A Little Trip To Heaven
An insurance investigator probes the suspicious death of a conman whose sister and dodgy hubby inherit $1million after his demise.
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