Murderball won the Audience Documentary Award Murderball won the Audience Documentary Award

Celebrating its 21st year. The Dramatic Grand Jury Prize went to Forty Shades Of Blue - "the story of Laura, a Russian woman living in Memphis with Alan, a legendary music producer twice her age...When Alan's estranged adult son comes for a visit a bond develops between them that destabilises her ordered world." - while Why We Fight - examining how the American arms industry has become an economic necessity - was named best documentary. In the World Cinema competitions, Shape Of The Moon - about three generations of a Christian family living in Muslim-dominated Indonesia - won the Documentary Award, while and drama about post-civil war Angola - The Hero - won the Dramatic plaudit.

Audience Documentary awards went to Murderball and Shake Hands With The Devil, and their Dramatic votes went to Hustle & Flow and Brothers.

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Sundance Latest Reviews

Layer Cake
Layer Cake
Cockney drug dealer become enmeshed in gang war over stolen happy pills.
On A Clear Day
On A Clear Day
A redundant shipworker from Glasgow dreams of swimming the English Channel.
The silent love affair between a battered wife and a respectful intruder.
Shake Hands With The Devil
Shake Hands With The Devil
Story of Canadian Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire's UN role in Rwanda, tracing his return to the country 10 years after the genocide.
The Dying Gaul
The Dying Gaul
A recently bereaved screenwriter struggles to get his film produced without too many compromises, but personal compromises can be much more dangerous.
The Upside Of Anger
The Upside Of Anger
Deflecting the fury of a woman scorned with frequent showers, Bloody Marys and a little light humour.
Tony Takitani
Tony Takitani
A lonely man's search for happiness.
Pretty Persuasion
Pretty Persuasion
A clever girl in a Beverly Hills private school has no inhibitions about causing emotional havoc.
A revenge drama from South Korea creates a mystery for the long term prisoner who is released. Now out to own as part of the box set.
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
True story of poacher hunters in the mountains of Tibet.
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Sundance Film Festival Features

Sundown at Sundance 2005
Topical doc Why We Fight and Forty Shades of Blue win Grand Jury Prizes; Sundance Awards Party and winners.
Sundance Film Festival - Day 8
Mardi Gras beads of sweat and pain; gay thriller The Dying Gaul; class drama Junebug; Utah's odd booze laws.
Sundance Film Festival - Day Seven
Herzog's grizzly doc; Rwanda revisited; On A Clear Day gets U.S. distrib.; special needs shocker What Is It?.
Sundance Film Festival - Day Six
Amazing amnesia documentary; hot shorts; poetry and song at Sundance.
Sundance Film Festival - Day Five
Missing a deer and a dead elk, Elf lands poolside with brill trio from Brit fantasy MirrorMask; US Lackawanna Blues one to watch.
Sundance Film Festival - Day Four
Sundance and stars? Go directly ahead, past the dead skunk...
Sundance Film Festival - Day Three
Picking up penguins; search for Mullan ends; doc asks Why We Fight.
Sundance Film Festival - Day Two
The day things almost Peter-ed out...
Sundance Film Festival Opening Night and Day One
Happy Endings opens, Scots cast out in force for "On A Clear Day".
Sundance Film Festival 2005 Preview
We look forward to a fortnight of top indie films in snow-covered Park City, Utah.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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