7 Boxes
A teenager finds himself with the custody of seven boxes... but everyone wants the contents.
7 Days In Havana
Seven short films show unseen sides to Havana through the eyes of locals and visitors.
After Lucía
The story of a bullied teenager.
An elderly couple deal with the ravages of old age.
A hedge-fund magnate is in over his head, desperately trying to complete the sale of his trading empire before the depths of his fraud are revealed. An unexpected, bloody error forces him to turn to the most unlikely corner for help.
American Pie
High-schoolers enter a pact to lose their virginity.
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
TV news channel farce, with bike shed humour and sexist innuendo.
The Angels' Share
A group of young offenders doing community service find inspiration in whisky.
A CIA agent attempts to rescue six trapped Americans during the 1979 Iranian revolution.
The Artist And The Model
An elderly sculptor, tired of life and mankind’s folly, rediscovers the desire to work again, thanks to the arrival of a young Spanish woman who has escaped from a refugee camp.
The Bay
Chaos breaks out in a small town in the wake of an ecological disaster.
Babette's Feast
In an isolated village in Denmark, dominated by puritanism, two spinsters nostalgically recall their distant youth and the rigid upbringing that forced them to pass up their chance at Earthly happiness.
Beasts Of The Southern Wild
Waters gonna rise up, wild animals gonna return from the grave, and everything south of the levee is goin’ under, in this tale of a six-year-old named Hushpuppy, who lives with her daddy at the edge of the world.
1920s re-imagining of Snow White.
The Blues Brothers
Two sometime blues musicians and petty crooks aim to put on the biggest show of their lives to raise the money to save the orphanage where they grew up.
Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
A fake documentary about a Kazakhstani TV reporter on a cultural mission to America.
Despite her best attempts to be a model member of the bridal party, an unlucky-in-love singleton finds herself rapidly becoming the ’maid of dishonour’.


The Day Of The Crows
Animated story of a boy who leads a wild existence deep in the forest until the day he discovers civilised life in a neighbouring village and meets a girl who lives there.
Dazed And Confused
It's the last day of school and the kids are ready to party.
The Dead Man And Being Happy
An ageing hitman goes on a darkly comic journey to nowhere.
Dude, Where's My Car?
Teenage wasters... and a car.
El Baño Del Papa
A man tries to build a public loo to cash in on a Papal visit.
El Violin
An old violinist tries to help his son's guerrilla faction.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Trying to get over his girlfried, a depressed young man goes on holiday only to discover that she's booked into the same resort with her new love.
Funny People
A popular comedian has to re-evaluate his life when he discovers he has cancer, but things don't go the way he expects.
The Hangover
After a drunken stag night in Vegas, nobody can remember what happened - and the groom is missing.
Here And There
After years in the US, Pedro returns home to his family in Mexico, but the lure of the north remains as strong as ever.
The Hypnotist
A detective pairs up with a hypnotist to try to solve a brutal murder.


A soldier who took part in a hibernation programme reawakens to discover he is the most intelligent person left alive.
The Imposter
In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappears from his home in San Antonio, Texas, but three and a half years later he is found alive thousands of miles away in Spain with a shocking story of kidnap and torture... but all is not what it seems in this tale that is truly stranger than fiction.
In The House
Fiction and reality become blurred between a teacher and student.
The Impossible
A family's quiet Thailand holiday turns into a nightmare when a huge tsunami engulfs the grounds of their hotel.
The Love Songs Of Tiedan
The film recounts a romantic obsession that spans several decades. In a poor Shanxi Province village, six-year old Tiedan falls in love with May, the beautiful neighbor who practices a traditional form of singing, Er-ren-tai, and this love will never die.


The Maid
A servant goes to extreme lengths to stay with the family she's obsessed with - and to get rid of the competition.
Me And You
An introverted teenager forges a bond with his step-sister as he hides out in his family's basement.
Napoleon Dynamite
In praise of small town high school losers who discover their skills.
A Night at the Roxbury
Two losers dream of opening the coolest night club in town.
National Lampoon's Animal House
Grandaddy of teen gross-out comedies takes a chainsaw to college frat house conformity.
Gael Garcia Bernal stars as a Chilean adman trying to organize a campaign to unseat Pinochet in Pablo Larraín’s smart, engrossing political thriller.
A man trying to cross into the US finds himself 'trapped' in Tijuana.
Pineapple Express
Stoner comedy about a dude and his dealer on the run.
La Playa DC
Tomás is trying to make his way in Bogota. Looking for his young brother Jairo, he sets out on a journey that will test his ability to deal with the fear and wounds of the past.
Post Tenebras Lux
Juan and his family live in a country house, where they enjoy and suffer a world apart. No one knows if these two worlds are complementary or if they strive to eliminate one another.
Punch-Drunk Love
Adam Sandler is a disturbed loner in a blue suit who is full of fear and suppressed rage


Comic look at life in a private school.
A pair of pot growers clash with a drug cartel after their girlfriend is kidnapped.
The Search For Emak Bakia
In 1926, Man Ray filmed a cinepoem in the southeast of France, and called it Emak Bakia, which is a Basque expression meaning 'Leave me alone' - now Filmmaker Oskar Alegria embarks upon an exploration of the film and its title.
An intense story of two people who struggle to keep their longings for freedom under control, set against a beautiful and remote landscape that reflects their isolation back at them.
Six Acts
A deep dive into the grey area of sexual abuse told through the story of Gili, a teenager who in order to improve her lame social status hooks up with several different boys, all from her new school.
Something In The Air
An 18-year-old man reacts to the social changes of late 1960s Europe.
The Sessions
A man in an iron lung hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity.
Step Up To The Plate
The story of Michelin starred chef Michel and his son Sébastien, as father prepares to hand over the running of the restaurant to his son after a 15-year apprenticeship.
An ode to friendship in the final night of high-school leads to a party never to be forgotten.


Very Bad Things
Things get nasty for a group of friends after a prostitute is killed on a stag night.
White Elephant
The story of the friendship between two priests who settle in a Buenos Aires slum area to carry out their ministry and social work.
Whip It
A bored suburban girl discovers a new way to live when she attends a roller derby and meets a tough team of competitive skaters.
Ben Stiller spoofs the fashion world and adds on a political assassination subplot.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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