25 Carat
A thug and a thief fall for each other and try to escape a life of crime in this Barcelona-set thriller.
When a rural farmer injures himself he develops an unlikely friendship with the farmhand he hires to help.
Battle For Terra
An alien girl on an idyllic planet must save her homeland from human invaders.
Seven children wander the streets at night, before we see the odyssey from their mothers' perspective.
Broken Embraces
A tale of obsessive love and contested identity within the world of filmmaking.
When a wife hires a prostitute to test her husband's fidelity, trouble isn't far behind.
City Of Life And Death
Dramatisation of the Rape of Nanjing, seen from a dual perspective.


Daniel & Ana
Dramatisation of a true-life ordeal of a brother and sister at the hands of Mexico's underground porn trade.
Five Minutes Of Heaven
Two men from the same town but from different sides of the Irish political divide discover that the past is never dead - in fact it isn't even past.
Get Low
Heatwarming tale of redemption, partially based on the true story of a hermit who threw his own funeral... while he was still alive.
A store security guard becomes obssessed with a cleaner.
Exploration of religious extremism as viewed through the eyes of a young woman.


The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
A travelling show offers visitors the chance to choose between light and joy and darkness and doom.
Inglourious Basterds
A mercenary group sets out to hunt Nazis and try to assassinate Hitler during the Second World War.
Leo's Room
A chance encounter between two school friends has unexpected implications for their lives.
The Limits Of Control
A mysterious man shares coffee and conversation with people, writing down details on matchbook flaps. But what are his motives?
London River
Two parents from very different backgrounds hunt their missing children after the London terror attacks.


A mother tries to prove her son's innocence.
Mother And Child
Tale of three women and maternal love.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
3D version of Tim Burton's stop-animation film about Hallowe'en Jack's fascination with Christmas gets its annual trot around the cinema block.
A man trying to cross into the US finds himself 'trapped' in Tijuana.
No One Knows About Persian Cats
Fiction meets documentary in this story of underground musicians in Tehran.
A five-year-old boy meets a magical fish who longs to become human.
A Prophet
An illiterate teenager struggles when he is sent to jail, but after embarking on a series of "missions" for a gang leader, he begins to hatch plans of his own.
Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire
An obese teenager tries to escape from her hellish homelife with the help of an inspirational teacher.


Le Refuge
A pregnant woman whose boyfriend dies of an overdose forms an unexpected bond with his brother.
The Scouting Book For Boys
A boy agrees to help his best friend run away from the caravan park where they live, but as their plans begin to unravel dark secrets also come to light.
The Secret In Their Eyes
A man looks back at a crime that happened a quarter of a century previously.
The Shame
A couple on the brink of adoption, find themselves in crisis.
Sin Nombre
The paths of a Honduran migrant and a gangland youth trying to escape his past cross on the top of a train.
Taking Woodstock
The story of the youngster who set the wheels in motion for the iconic music festival.
This Is Love
A man who stole a nine-year-old from human traffickers forms an unusual relationship with a police inspector... as she interrogates him about a murder.
Toy Story In 3D
A 3D version of the kids' classic about a toy cowboy facing up to his owner's acquisition of a toy spaceman.
A closeted gay fisherman finds himself trapped in an unusual love triangle.


A chef - and former killer - returns to Hong Kong to avenge the deaths of his daughter's family.
Whatever Works
An misanthropic New Yorker develops a relationship with a young woman from Mississippi.
When You're Strange
Documentary tracking the rise of The Doors, featuring rare footage of the band and Jim Morrison.
The White Ribbon
Tensions in a German town on the eve of the First World War.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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