12 Years A Slave
A free black man is abducted and sold into slavery.
About Time
A young man who discovers he can travel in time decides to use it to try and get a girlfriend.
Abuse Of Weakness
Film about Catherine Breillat’s 2004 stroke and subsequent self-destructive relationship with star swindler Christophe Rocancourt.
All Is Lost
One man must battle to survive after his boat sinks in the ocean.
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
The hapless presenter is caught up in a hostage negotiation situation.
Fractures appear in a family during an idyllic getaway.
A vengeful man sets out to find out about the businessman who caused his family's ruin.
Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Two young women fall unexpectedly and passionately in love.
Captain Phillips
Thriller based on the true story of the seizure of the Maersk Alabama cargo ship in 2009 by four Somali pirates.
Club Sandwich
A teenage boy experiences first love while holidaying with his mother.


The Dog
Portrait of the motor-mouthed, completely uncorked John Wojtowicz, whose 1972 botched robbery of a Brooklyn bank was dramatized in Dog Day Afternoon.
Examination of the relationship between a middle-aged couple who are planning a move.
A woman finds late romance at a dance club, but will family intrude?
A lonely writer falls in love with his new all-purpose operating system, leading to romantic and existential complications.


Inside Llewyn Davis
One week in the life of a talented, failed singer/songwriter in Greenwich Village, New York, in the Sixties
The Invisible Woman
Adaptation of Claire Tomalin’s 1992 biography, which brought Charles Dickens' secret 13-year affair with a young actress to light.
Autobiographical cinema from director Philippe Garrel, in which his son Louis and Anna Mouglalis star as actors and lovers trying to reconcile their professional and personal lives.
Jimmy P: Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian
A Native American man is admitted to hospital after fighting in France and forms an unexpected friendship with the doctor who treats him.
The Last Of The Unjust
Benjamin Murmelstein addresses his unique relationship to Adolf Eichmann and his role as the last Jewish elder of Theresienstadt.
Like Father, Like Son
When he discovers his baby boy was accidentally swapped with another at birth, whom he has raised and loved, a wealthy businessman must decide which one he truly feels is his son.


Life in a cable car that carries pilgrims and tourists to and from a mountain top temple in Nepal.
My Name Is Hmmm...
An abused young girl runs away from home and forms an unlikely bond with a trucker.
An alcoholic father and his resentful son travel cross-country together to collect big sweepstake winnings.
Nobody's Daughter Haewon
With her mother about to emigrate and her affair gone stale, Haewon faces a challenging future.
Only Lovers Left Alive
A vampire couple contemplate a changing world.


The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
A sad little man who dreams of heroic derring-do goes on a real life adventure in cold countries
The Square
Examination of the revolution in Egypt, from the perspective of a group of activists.
Stranger By The Lake
After a shocking incident takes place at a cruising spot, a young man is caught in the throes of a dangerous passion.
A middle-aged woman holidays with her bourgeois friends in Tuscany. Plus read our with Joanna Hogg.


Le Week-End
A couple take a make or break trip to Paris.
What Now? Remind Me
The director muses on 20 years of life with HIV.
When Evening Falls On Bucharest, Or Metabolism
A director and his leading actress converse off set about the difficulty of capturing reality.
Who Is Dayani Cristal?
An anonymous body in the Arizona desert sparks the beginning of a real-life human drama.
The Wind Rises
Hayao Miyazaki brings together the engineer Jiro Horikoshi and the author Tatsuo Hori in a fictional epic tale of love.

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