A dynamic, star-studded study of love in the 21st century.
An original story of friendship, love and survival - and finding humour in the most unlikely places.
A truck driver agrees to transport a woman and her baby, not anticipating the change it may bring to his quiet life.
A star-studded British cast graces Roland Emmerich's exploration of the contested authorship of Shakespeare's works.
The Artist
A silent film star fears the advent of the 'talkies' will end his career.
A young, Bengali, wannabe rapper slides into drugs and porn to escape reality and discover his dream.
The Awakening
A woman devoted to exposing psychic hoaxes is invited to investigate ghostly sightings at a remote boarding school.
Winner of the Queer Palm at Cannes 2011, a disturbing and provocative examination of one man's damaging self-hatred.
Bernadette: Notes On A Political Journey
The remarkable political life of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey.
Based on a true story. Jack Black stars in Richard Linklater's playful treatment of the strange story of a Texan funeral director.
Better This World
A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, and betrayal that reveals a great deal about the culture of protest and the paranoia of post-9/11 America.
A troubled young man on day release from prison takes a job in a morgue and is inspired to go looking for the mother who abandoned him as a baby.
The Brooklyn bourgeoisie under the microscope in Roman Polanksi's adaptation of The God of Carnage.
A Cat In Paris
A cat with a double life becomes embroiled in a tale of animated adventure on the rooftops of Paris.
Contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's play of political power and intrigue.
Corpo Celeste
A young girl struggles to cope with a family move, while preparing for her confirmation ceremony.
Correspondence: Jonas Mekas - JL Guerín
Two filmmakers exchange ‘letters’ in the form of filmed reflections on their personal experiences and the nature of cinema.


Evocative documentary about a ghost town in Death Valley, California, with a scant population of just 35.
A Dangerous Method
Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley star in David Cronenberg's look at the early days of psychoanalysis.
Dark Horse
Todd Solondz draws dark comedy from the story of two dysfunctional thirtysomethings planning to marry.
The Deep Blue Sea
A married woman faces emotional turmoil after she falls for another man.
A sequel to The Ballad of Narayama by Imamura's son Daisuke Tengan: the old women sent up the mountain to die instead plan a revenge attack on the village below.
The Descendants
A father is forced to re-examine his past and embrace his future.
Documentary following a year in the life of skateboarder Josh ‘Skreech’ Sandoval.
Dreams Of A Life
The intriguing story of a woman discovered in a London flat three years after her death.
Dreileben 1: Beats Being Dead
A young couple's passionate relationship plays out against the backdrop of a manhunt.
Dreileben 2: Don't Follow Me Around
A police psychologist renews old acquaintances when she is drafted in to help small town police find an escaped convict.
Dreileben 3: One Minute of Darkness
A suspenseful cat-and-mouse search between police and an escaped convict.
Les Enfants du Paradis
Four men compete for the affections of Garance, a free spirited courtesan.
The Fairy
Anarchic comedy involving a fairy and a receptionist at a seaside hotel.
Tale of father-son rivalries within the Israeli academic establishment.
The Forgiveness Of Blood
An Albanian family are caught in a blood feud.
The Future
The offbeat and funny story of a couple whose modern romance starts to change as they wonder about their future.
The Giants
Coming-of-age yarn which takes a cue from Mark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Adaptation of Jo Nesbo's bestselling Norwegian thriller about a headhunter who moonlilghts as a thief.
Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai
Takashi Miike follows 13 Assassins with a neo-classical remake of the Yasuhiko Takiguchi story about desperate, impoverished ronin and implacably cruel feudal lords.
How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire
A documentary maker exploring his family history uncovers a story that prompts him to take a on a life-changing business venture.
Hunky Dory
Marc Evans' latest feature is a sweet and sincere paean to the pre-punk 1970s.
Hut In The Woods
A young man befriends an orphaned boy, and they try to escape the world by building a cabin in the woods.


Into The Abyss: A Tale Of Death, A Tale Of Life
Werner Herzog's powerful exploration of violence and its consequences, told through Death Row inmates and others close to their crimes.
I Wish
Two brothers hatch a plot to make their reunion wish come true.
The Jewel
A gripping conspiracy thriller story about the rise and fall of a major Italian food company, due to mismanagement, dodgy financial deals, shady politics and embezzlement.
An unlikely group of people are drawn together by shared loneliness.
The Kid With A Bike
A young boy searches for his father and his bike.
Let The Bullets Fly
Jiang Wen's rumbustious comedy-adventure, set in the 1920s, is an Eastern Western. Chow Yun-Fat, Ge You and Jiang himself star as the three unscrupulous men vying for control of Goose Town: fun performances, and lots of flying bullets.
Last Screening
The projectionist of a small-town French cinema leads a murderous double life.
Like Crazy
A British student and an American find their love tested by a long-distance relationship.
The Loneliest Planet
A young couple are taken by surprise on a trek deep into the Caucasus Mountains.


Martha Marcy May Marlene
A woman is traumatised after fleeing a cult.
A look at the day to day life of an unremarkable man who is keeping a ten year old boy prisoner in his basement.
Miss Bala
An aspiring beauty queen finds herself mixed up with a drug lord.
Mitsuko Delivers
Mitsuko is in her ninth month of pregnancy, but that doesn't stop her taking the lead when all around her are floundering. Yuya Ishii's breathless comic drama has satire, brio and originality to burn.
The Monk
The tragedy of a devoted servant of God whose very righteousness leads him on the path to damnation.
On The Ice
After a fight in which their friend is killed, two Alaskan teenagers try to cover up what happened and keep their mutual secret.
Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
A group of men set out to investigate murder in the steppe.
Oslo, August 31st
A day in the life of a young man at the end of a drug rehab programme.
Otelo Burning
Three friends discover surfing as an escape from the violence of late-apartheid South Africa.
Outside Satan
Enigmatic drama about the relationship between a woman and a mysterious outsider on Northern France's Opal Coast.
A teenager juggles conflicting identities and endures heartbreak in a desperate search for sexual expression.


A dirty cop in LA struggles to keep his job.
She Monkeys
An intense relationship of power-play develops between two girls on an equestrian acrobatics team.
Sing Your Song
Documentary charting the career of Harry Belafonte - singer, actor and political activist.
A thirtysomething finds his life spiral out of control after his sister moves into his apartment.
A Simple Life
An existential drama about how two people’s relationship survives after one of them has a stroke.
Sleeping Sickness
Absorbing and boldly original drama revolving around a German doctor in present-day Cameroon.
The Snows Of Kilimanjaro
Director Robert Guediguian returns to his old Marseilles stamping ground for an entertaining, politically passionate drama starring the director's ensemble regulars.
A vulnerable boy is drawn into the crimes of a charismatic serial killer. Based on a true story.
The Somnambulists
Richard Jobson's committed, imaginative response to our collective apathy to the war in Iraq.
Stopped On Track
A raw, compelling study what happens to a ordinary family when a husband and father becomes terminally ill.
Ordinary folk by day, caped crusaders by night; a look into the lives of real life superheroes.
Take Shelter
After experiencing visions of impending catastrophe, an ordinary man takes extraordinary measures - but can he trust the evidence of his own senses?
Tales Of The Night
Enchanting, magical tales told using silhouette animation and screened in 3D.
An unhappy, overweight boy with a difficult home life finds inspiration in a deputy headteacher who loves to break the rules.
This Is Not A Film
Jafar Panahi's postcard from Iran.
This Must Be The Place
An oddball retired rock star takes a roadtrip across America inspired by his dead father.
A young woman falls prey to a fatal attraction in this reworking of Tess Of The D'Urbervilles, transposed to modern day India.
Two Years At Sea
A portrait of Jake, an outsider who lives in the wilderness of his own creation.


We Can't Go Home Again
A companion piece to Don't Expect Too Much, We Can't Go Home Again is an experimental vision of disillusioned American youth in the Seventies.
A one-night stand turns into something altogether more unexpected in Andrew Haigh's heartfelt love story.
We Have a Pope
Tragi-comic depiction of events surrounding the election of a new Pope in Nanni Moretti's searching, satirical sideswipe at the Catholic Church in Italy.
We Need To Talk About Kevin
The much-anticipated film based on Lionel Shriver's Orange Prize-winning novel about a mother at odds with her dangerous son.
Where Do We Go Now?
A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village.
Wild Bill
A fresh-out-of-jail ex-con, finds himself landed with taking care of his kids... whether they like it or not.
Wuthering Heights
An adaptation of Emily Brontë's famous tale about an isolated family, a trouble outsider, and their destructive passions.

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