Istanbul Film Festival 2018

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My Short Words My Short Words
My Short Words and Minus One
Four Cornered Triangle (Dört Köşeli Üçgen) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2018; Director: Mehmet Güreli; Writer: Görkem Yeltan; Stars: Mustafa Dinç, Mustafa Dinç)
Does a square have three corners or it has three corners just because one sees three corners while standing by its corner?
Incubation (Kuluçka) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2017; Director: Mehmet Selçuk Bilge; Writer: Mehmet Selçuk Bilge; Stars: Nur Ertem, Dilara Tekin, Stefani Terziyan, Sercan Can, Yunus Caglar, Betigül Ceylan, Sermin Elgün, Nicolas Jakubiak, Doguhan Kasap, Karolin Sari, Zeynep Sariozkan, Nihan Tarhan, Gokhan Tercanli, Ozge Yenigun, Nesrin Yilmaz)
After she moves in with her grandmother, a mysterious passage will change recently orphaned Ruya’s life.
Lodging (Locman) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2018; Director: Sukru Alacam; Writer: Sukru Alacam, Ölce Mine; Stars: Alican Yücesoy, Yeliz Kuvanci, Sedef Akalin, Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, Coskun Cetinalp, Cem Cücenoglu, Kamil Gençtürk, Lale Gençtürk, Ilber Uygar Kaboglu, Efe Umurhan, Ecehan Çetinkaya, Volkan Çetinkaya, Nergis Çorakçi, Alican Yücesoy, Yeliz Kuvanci)
Drama about a railroad worker in the Eighties.
Minus One (Eksi Bir) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2017; Director: Orhan Oğuz; Writer: Orhan Oğuz, Eyüphan Erkul; Stars: Nilüfer Açıkalın, Metin Belgin, Ercan Kesal, Serkan Ercan)
Police officers face a life-changing night when they pick up a semi-paralysed, mentally unstable man.
My Short Words (Country: Turkey; Year: 2017; Director: Bekir Bülbül; Writer: Bekir Bülbül; Stars: Ebubekir Sait, Idare Mevlut, Idare Ahmet, Enes Yaman)
Three kids decide to go on a bike ride to swim in a lake... but the journey won't be as easy as they think.
The Shoelace (Bağcık) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2018; Director: Görkem Yeltan; Writer: Asuman Kafaoğlu Büke, Yalçın Akyıldız, Görkem Yeltan; Stars: Kaan Çakır, Pınar Tuncegil, Okan Yalabık)
When two sisters are sent to live with their uncle after the death of their parents, before moving to Canada, they find themselves forming a bond that makes them reluctant to leave.
The Smell Of Money (Paranın Kokusu) (Country: Turkey; Year: 2018; Director: Ahmet Boyacıoğlu; Writer: Ahmet Boyacıoğlu; Stars: Murat Kılıç, Şevval Sam, Emrah Kolukısa, Rıza Sönmez)
Ankara-set comedy about a cab driver, a teahouse owner and an out-of-work journalist.
Taksim Hold 'Em (Country: Turkey; Year: 2017; Director: Michael Onder; Writer: Michael Onder; Stars: Nezih Cihan Aksoy, Irmak Ecem Aydemir, Kenan Ece, Berk Hakman, Süleyman Karaahmet, Pelin Keskin, Ege Kökenli, Damla Sönmez, Tansu Tasanlar, Emre Yetim, Nezih Cihan Aksoy, Irmak Ecem Aydemir, Kenan Ece, Berk Hakman, Süleyman Karaahmet)
After a man refuses to join government protests so he can play poker, the game is threatened by squabbles over the demo.
Watchman (Country: Turkey; Year: 2017; Director: Durmus Akbulut; Writer: Durmus Akbulut; Stars: Turan Özdemir, Turan Özdemir)
A night watchman at a town cemetery becomes increasingly paranoid.

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