The popular Manchester festival is back with a focus on premiering new horror and genre cinema from around the world. Alongside the films there will be Q&As, talks and exclusive events.

The festival runs from 6 to 9 October.

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Moon Garden
Moon Garden
A comatose five-year-old girl journeys through a dark industrial dreamscape, following her mother’s voice on a transistor radio to find her way back to consciousness.
Candy Land
Candy Land
A seemingly naïve and devout young woman finds her way in the underground world of truck stop sex workers a.k.a. 'lot lizards'.
At some point in the future the Earth’s ecosystem collapses. A tough 13-year-old called Vesper, whose father is paralysed, tries to get food for them wherever she can. When she finds a mysterious woman in the forest one day she starts to hope that things will change.
Sara deals with constant teasing from girls in her small town. But it comes to an end when a stranger kidnaps her tormentors. Sara knows more than she's saying and must decide between speaking up and saving the girls or saying nothing to protect the strange man who spared her.
Cult Hero
Cult Hero
Manager-summoning control freak Kallie Jones attempts to rescue her husband from a 'wellness center' with the help of a washed-up expert cult buster.
Dark Nature
Dark Nature
Members of a therapy group are forced to confront the monsters of their past when an isolated weekend retreat tests their emotional resilience and ability to survive.
A film about the weight of patriarchy and the illusion of Manichaeism.
The Harbinger
The Harbinger
A woman leaves her family quarantine to help a friend who's suffering from terrible nightmares - but she learns too late that the bad dreams are contagious, along with the demon behind them.
Final Cut
Final Cut
Things go badly for a small film crew shooting a low-budget zombie movie when they are attacked by real zombies.

Grimmfest Features

Bringing the lot lizards to life
John Swab and Sam Quartin on making magic in Candy Land
A flame of hope
Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper on looking beyond collapse, and Vesper
The violence we don't see
Carlota Pereda on bullying, normalised violence and Piggy
The stuff that dreams are made of
Andy Mitton on Covid, nightmares, infectious ideas and The Harbinger
Red in tooth and claw
Berkley Brady on venturing into the wild with Dark Nature
Bejo’s caring skills lead to zombie role
Actress turned up the pressure on director during Covid

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