Girl opened the 2023 festival Girl opened the 2023 festival

2023's Glasgow Film Festival opens with Adura Onashile's Girl and closes with Nida Manzoor’s Polite Society. The popular Special Events strand is back, so viewers can look forward to some unusual adventures, plus there's the Surprise Movie to keep everybody guessing. Special guests on the red carpet will include Kelly Macdonald, Emily Watson, Monica Dolan, Alistair McGowan, James Cosmo, Le’Shantey Bonsu, Mark Cousins, Carol Morley, Matt Johnson and Daniel Goldhaber.

The festival runs from 1 to 12 March.

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Glasgow Latest Reviews

Out Of Darkness
Out Of Darkness
In the Old Stone Age, a disparate gang of early humans band together in search of a new land. When they suspect a malevolent, mystical, being is hunting them down, the clan are forced to confront a danger they never envisaged.
Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman Of Souls
Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman Of Souls
Onyx joins a group of fellow occultists to attend a dark ritual at the mansion of their idol, Bartok. Suspecting Bartok's nefarious intentions, Onyx is suddenly immersed in a world of monsters, mystery, and mayhem.
Mother And Son
Mother And Son
In the late 1980s, Rose moves from the Ivory Coast to the Paris suburbs with her two young sons, Ernest and Jean. Spanning 20 years from their arrival in France to the present day, the film is the chronicle of the construction and deconstruction of a family.
War Pony
War Pony
The interlocking stories of two young Oglala Lakota men growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation. At 23, Bill just wants to make something of himself. Whether it’s delivering goods or breeding poodles, he is determined to hustle his way to the American Dream. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Matho can’t wait to become a man.
After a solitary prospector strikes gold in the wilderness of Lapland, he runs into a retreating detachment of Nazi soldiers who set their sights on claiming the bounty. Unfortunately for the stormtroopers, this is no ordinary miner.
La Syndicaliste
La Syndicaliste
The true story of of a whistleblower who shook the French nuclear industry.
The Eight Mountains
The Eight Mountains
The Eight Mountains is the story of a friendship. Of children becoming men who try to erase the footprints of their fathers, but who, through the twists and turns they take, always end up returning home.
Polite Society
Polite Society
Aspiring martial artist Ria Khan believes she must save her older sister, Lena, from her impending marriage. With the help of her friends, Ria attempts to pull off the most ambitious of all wedding heists in the name of independence and sisterhood.
Christian nobleman Eneko must fulfil the promise he made to his late father, to protect and lead his people into the new era. To do so, he must recover his father’s body, buried next to Charlemagne's treasure. However, despite his faith, he needs the help of his childhood friend, the pagan Irati.
A refugee returning to Armenia after growing up in the US is arrested and sentenced to prison for wearing a tie. When an earthquake ruptures the prison wall, he begins to spy on the couple in the adjacent apartment, gradually forging a connection with a culture he knew nothing about.
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Glasgow Film Festival Features

Stepping into character
Glenn Howerton on character creation and learning to like his work in BlackBerry
The art of unease
Matthias Hoene on shooting thrillers and Little Bone Lodge
The non-stop star
Amber Doig-Thorne on back-to-back filmmaking and Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey
Embracing complexity
Adam Bessa on digging into character for Harka
Moving from fact to fiction
Lotfy Nathan on 'shedding the skin of accuracy' for stronger storytelling in Harka
A different way of seeing
Paul Urkijo Alijo on Basque perspectives in Irati
Still human
Chie Hayakawa on age, empathy and Plan 75
A peek behind the curtain
Michael A Goorjian on capturing Armenian history in Amerikatski
That invisible haunting
Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer on God's Creatures
The man who stayed behind
Thorvaldur Kristjansson on bringing literature to life in A Letter From Helga
Director blown away by 'amazing' Adèle
Léa Mysius and Exarchopoulos talk about The Five Devils
A slice of the action
Jonas Trukanas on making Lithuania's first slasher film, Pensive
Strange bedfellows
Marie Alice Wolfszahn on hidden history and Mother Superior
The pursuit of justice
Alberto Rodriguez on Spanish history and Prison 77
Exploring identities
Jena Malone on Adopting Audrey and Consecration
Military man
David Wagner on Eismayer, the man and the movie
A spell in the country
Tereza Nvotová on superstition, misogyny and Nightsiren
Seeing the strings
Under The Skin with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra
From super-heroes to Dali
It’s a mad world according to Smoking Makes You Cough director Quentin Dupieux
Always the dream
Anthony Shim on multitasking and avoiding compromises to make Riceboy Sleeps
Out of this world
Edouard Salier on stretching the bounds of genre in Tropic
Hell to pay
Ellie Foumbi on child soldiers, second chances and Our Father, The Devil
The fruits of chaos
Matt Johnson on relinquishing control and making BlackBerry
Making Girl good looking
Adura Onashile on colour, light and costume in her debut feature
Behind Huppert’s many masks
Truth stranger than fiction in Jean-Paul Salomé’s tale of dirty tricks
From make-up.. to natural blusher
Léa Seydoux on coming over all coy with Daniel Craig and Melvil Poupaud
Moll finds menace in the mountains
Director on a new roll with awards nominated thriller The Night Of The 12th
Close focus
Adura Onashile on the genesis, casting and themes of her debut Girl
Portraits of modern life
Mia Hansen-Løve on Léa Seydoux, Pascal Greggory, Kafka, ghosts and One Fine Morning
Driving Mum's tune up
Hilmar Oddsson on how music and theatre help his road trip roll
Getting Driving Mum on the road
Hilmar Oddsson on the long road his absurdist comedy took to the big screen and how to cast a dog
'This is not the story of trans experience. It is a story of trans experience'
Director Luis De Filippis and star Carmen Madonia talk about family and being yourself in Something You Said Last Night
Looking for lost magic
Jonas Chernick on writing and starring in The End Of Sex
Flowing between genres
Elena López Riera on mixing fact and fiction in The Water
Mind and matter
Franklin Ritch on artificial intelligence, ethics and The Artifice Girl
Nashville story
Mickey Reece on imagining conversations and shooting Country Gold
Shaping myths
Elena López Riera on the shifting nature of stories and gender roles in The Water
Keitel - a man for all seasons
Youth star Harvey on Sorrentino, Campion and Scorsese.
A dirty business
Matt Johnson on making The Dirties.
Skin deep
Jonathan Glazer and Jim Wilson on insects, seal maidens, costume design and what lies Under The Skin.

Glasgow Film Festival News

GFF audiences return to pre-pandemic levels
Audience Award goes to Riceboy Sleeps
19th Glasgow Film Festival line-up announced
Co-directors discuss this year's selection
Glasgow Frightfest line-up announced
Smoking Causes Coughing to headline
Girl to open Glasgow Film Festival
Adura Onashile's film was shot in the city

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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