Adopting Audrey
An adult woman puts herself up for adoption and forms a bond with the misanthropic patriarch of her adoptive family. Based on a true story.
A refugee returning to Armenia after growing up in the US is arrested and sentenced to prison for wearing a tie. When an earthquake ruptures the prison wall, he begins to spy on the couple in the adjacent apartment, gradually forging a connection with a culture he knew nothing about.
The Artifice Girl
When an internet vigilante develops a revolutionary new computer program to combat online predators, its rapid advancement leads to serious questions about autonomy, oppression, and what it really means to be human.
The Artist And The Wall Of Death
The unlikely story of a Glaswegian visual artist, Stephen Skrynka, and his dangerous life-long obsession with riding the 'Wall of Death', the traditional fairground motorbike attraction.
The Astronaut
An aeronautical engineer at Ariane Espace, Jim has devoted himself for years to a secret project: building his own rocket and accomplishing the first manned space flight as an amateur. But to realise his dream, he must learn to share it.
The Beasts
French couple Antoine and Olga moved to a little village in the Galician countryside some time ago. There they live a quiet life, although their relations with the locals are not as idyllic as they would like them to be. A conflict with their neighbours, the Anta brothers, will see tension rise in the village to the point of no return.
The Birds
Chaos comes to an isolated community when birds begin attacking people in this Hitchcock classic.
The story of the meteoric rise and catastrophic demise of the world's first smartphone.
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
A giant talkative frog, a lost cat, and a tsunami help a bank employee, his wife and a schizophrenic accountant to save Tokyo from an earthquake and find a meaning to their lives.
Cassius X: Becoming Ali
A documentary which looks back at the life of Cassius Clay as he underwent his spiritual transformation, as well as examining the evolution of his amazing boxing skills.
The true story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, who rises to heights in French society as a composer before an ill-fated love affair.
The Civil Dead
A misanthropic, struggling photographer just wants to watch TV and eat candy while his wife is out of town, but when a desperate old pal resurfaces, his plans are thwarted, with spooky consequences.
Summoned to the Mount Saviour convent deep in the Scottish Highlands following the mysterious death of her priest brother, a woman finds herself increasing convinced that he did not commit suicide, and starts her own investigation as the nuns prepare a consecration ceremony to purify the holy site, which may harbour a dark secret.
Country Gold
George Jones invites country music superstar Troyal Brooks out on the town in Nashville the night before George is to be cryogenically frozen in 1994.


Dance Craze
Documentary examining 2-tone bands.
Dear Memories
When world-famous photographer Thomas Hoepker was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, he and his wife decided to take a road trip across the US, his home for 40 years.
Driving Mum
The death of Jon's mum forces him to take a trip with her corpse in the backseat to fulfill her last wish, with a dog along for the ride.
The Dirties
Two best friends are filming a comedy about getting revenge on the bullies at their high school. One of them isn't joking.
The Eight Mountains
The Eight Mountains is the story of a friendship. Of children becoming men who try to erase the footprints of their fathers, but who, through the twists and turns they take, always end up returning home.
A closeted Army instructor finds his identity challenged when an openly gay man joins his unit.
The End Of Sex
A couple feeling the pressures of parenting and adulthood, send their kids to winter camp for the first time and embark on a series of sexual adventures to reinvigorate their relationship.
The Five Devils
Eight-year-old Vicky possesses a special power: a hyperacute sense of smell. She spends her days exploring this gift, and lives happily with her mother Joanne, a swimming teacher whom she adores exclusively - to the despair of her firefighter father. When her mysterious aunt Julia suddenly reappears in their lives, secrets from their past resurface both violently and magically.
Free Money
When universal basic income (UBI) comes to the Kenyan village of Kogutu, lives are forever changed.
Eleven-year-old Ama and her mother, Grace, take solace in the gentle but isolated world they obsessively create. Ama’s growing up threatens the boundaries of their tenderness and forces Grace to reckon with a past she struggles to forget.
God's Creatures
In a windswept fishing village, a mother is torn between protecting her beloved son and her own sense of right and wrong. A lie she tells for him rips their family and close-knit community apart.
Great Yarmouth: Provisional Figures
Film based on the true stories of Portuguese migrants who travel to Great Yarmouth, pre-Brexit, to work in turkey factories.
Ali earns a living illegally selling gasoline on the street. He doesn’t have any contact with his family, but when he receives news that his father has died, he is forced to become responsible for his two younger sisters.
Here For Blood
When his girlfriend is swamped with college exams, a rowdy pro-wrestler struggling to make ends meet agrees to fill in as a last-minute replacement for her well-paying babysitting job. Tom arrives at an isolated family home where he meets the precocious 10-year-old Grace. But what starts off as a quiet night of pizza and video games quickly spirals into bloody, violent, demonic chaos.
Human Desire
Blackmailed by her violent husband, a woman tries to persuade her lover to murder him.
Hunt Her, Kill Her
A desperate young mother who has just filed divorce papers on her abusive husband is forced to take a job as the night shift janitor at a large furniture factory. She is told that she will be the only one working at this time, but after seeing a strange vehicle idling in the parking lot and finding a door to the factory ajar, she gets the feeling she might not be alone after all.


Christian nobleman Eneko must fulfil the promise he made to his late father, to protect and lead his people into the new era. To do so, he must recover his father’s body, buried next to Charlemagne's treasure. However, despite his faith, he needs the help of his childhood friend, the pagan Irati.
I Am Weekender
An exploration of Wiz’s controversial and banned 1992 film about the UK acid house scene.
I Like Movies
A socially inept 17-year old cinephile gets a job at a video store where he forms a complicated friendship with his older female manager.
The Kings Of The World
Five street kids set out on a journey to the promised land.
The story of Cian, a footballer who gets attacked on a night out. He will struggle to come to terms with his career-ending injury.
A Letter From Helga
Two very different, married people fall in love in a remote Icelandic community.
Little Bone Lodge
During a stormy night in the Scottish Highlands, two criminal brothers on the run seek refuge in a desolate farmhouse. But after taking the resident family captive, they find the house holds even darker secrets of its own.
Amaia has just given birth to her first daughter. She would prefer not to give up her career as a translator, but it’s not easy to balance it with her family and looking after a young child. When her partner goes away on business for seven weeks, the young woman capitulates and goes to stay with her parents in the countryside.


La Maternal
Drama about a teenager who becomes unexpectedly pregnant and is sent to a centre to live with other expectant youngsters.
Mean Streets
Trouble brews for a smalltime hood in Little Italy.
Miss Viborg
In a small Danish town, we meet two generations of women. 61-year-old Solvej and the 17-year-old, Kate. Their meeting kickstarts an unlikely friendship, as the wounds of the past are revealed and the seeds of hope are sown.
Mister Organ
A documentary about car clamping, an antique shop, an extortion scandal and a mystery man who might be a prince.
A young woman goes on an adventure with a demi-god.
Mother And Son
In the late 1980s, Rose moves from the Ivory Coast to the Paris suburbs with her two young sons, Ernest and Jean. Spanning 20 years from their arrival in France to the present day, the film is the chronicle of the construction and deconstruction of a family.
Mother Superior
1975, Rosenkreuz Manor. Sigrun Fink, desperate for information about her biological family, starts a new position as nurse to the aging, ill and eccentric Baroness Heidenreich. For a shared longing binds them together: the old lady’s memory contains the secret to Sigrun's true identity; the nurse’s lifeforce holds the key to the future for the Baroness.
My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock
An imaginary Alfred Hitchcock rewatches his own films and makes observations on how they fit into today's world.
My Sailor, My Love
A retired sea captain and his daughter must reassess their strained relationship after he begins a new romance with a widowed housekeeper.
A young woman returns to her native mountain village, searching for answers about her troubled childhood, but as she tries to uncover the truth, ancient superstitions lead the villagers to accuse her of witchcraft and murder.
The Night Of The 12th
It is said that every investigator has a crime that haunts them, a case that hurts him more than the others, without him necessarily knowing why. For Yohan that case is the murder of Clara.
Odds Against Tomorrow
In need of quick money, a fallen former cop recruits a hard-bitten ex-con and a debt-ridden nightclub singer to pull off a bank job. But as the animosity between them boils over, the entire plan threatens to implode.
One Fine Morning
A woman who is raising her daughter alone and looking after her dad, who has a degenerative disease, embarks on a passionate affair.
Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman Of Souls
Onyx joins a group of fellow occultists to attend a dark ritual at the mansion of their idol, Bartok. Suspecting Bartok's nefarious intentions, Onyx is suddenly immersed in a world of monsters, mystery, and mayhem.
The Ordinaries
Paula is a supporting role aspiring to become a main character. Yet, just before her final exams, her emotive music generator suddenly starts playing up, which presents a major problem for her. No starring role can survive without a heartrending accompaniment from the strings.
Other People's Children
A childless woman forms a deep bond with her boyfriend's young daughter.
Our Father, The Devil
A former child soldier struggling to come to terms with her past finds her world turned upside down with the arrival of a priest whom she belives she recognises.
Out Of Darkness
In the Old Stone Age, a disparate gang of early humans band together in search of a new land. When they suspect a malevolent, mystical, being is hunting them down, the clan are forced to confront a danger they never envisaged.
Paris Memories
A woman is caught up in a Paris terror attack and three months on she tries to piece together her memory.
A graduation weekend away goes drastically wrong when a masked killer shows up.
The Piano
A mute woman in an arranged marriage makes a dangerous bargain in an attempt to retrieve her stranded piano.
Plan 75
In a near future Japan, over-75s are offered a payment to encourage them to accept an assisted death.
Polite Society
Aspiring martial artist Ria Khan believes she must save her older sister, Lena, from her impending marriage. With the help of her friends, Ria attempts to pull off the most ambitious of all wedding heists in the name of independence and sisterhood.
Prison 77
Modelo Prison. Barcelona, 1977. A young accountant awaiting trial for embezzlement, joins forces with his cellmate and a collective fighting for the rights of ordinary prisoners.
Project Wolf Hunting
The story of dangerous criminals on a cargo ship who are transported from the Philippines to South Korea, as they unleash a sinister force after an escape attempt leads to a riot.


Riceboy Sleeps
A Korean single mother raises her young son in the suburbs of Nineties Canada, determined to provide a better life for him than the one she left behind.
Rye Lane
Two twenty-somethings reeling from bad break-ups deal with their nightmare exes and connect over the course of an eventful day in south London.
Safe Place
24 hours in the life of a man who is trying to kill himself while his family members try to save him.
After a solitary prospector strikes gold in the wilderness of Lapland, he runs into a retreating detachment of Nazi soldiers who set their sights on claiming the bounty. Unfortunately for the stormtroopers, this is no ordinary miner.
Skin Deep
At first glance, Leyla and Tristan seem like a happy young couple. But when they travel to a mysterious, remote island, a game of identities begins.
Smoking Causes Coughing
Tobacco Force are superhero avengers, preparing for their clash with the mighty Lezardin. But what if the real horrors are the stories they tell to each other along the way?
Something You Said Last Night
After being fired from her job, Ren, an aspiring writer and mid-twenty-something, accompanies her Canadian-Italian family on vacation.
Stone Turtle
A time-traveling tale of a woman living in the Peninsular Malaysian east coast who gets entangled with a man in a dangerous dance of duplicity and deception.
La Syndicaliste
The true story of of a whistleblower who shook the French nuclear industry.
Thelma And Louise
Two women go on the run when a road-trip vacation goes tragically wrong...
Therapy Dogs
A chronicle of the last year of high school as two friends set out to make the ultimate senior video.
Astronaut twins go through a lot when one of them is contaminated with a mysterious residue from space.
Typist Artist Pirate King
A road movie which draws from the archives of artist Audrey Amiss.
Under The Skin
An alien in human form takes a roadtrip across Scotland.


A Ukranian immigrant faces racism as she seeks justice.
Villeneuve Pironi
Consideration of the infamous 1982 F1 season when rival teammates Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi were part of the sport's most controversial moments.
War Pony
The interlocking stories of two young Oglala Lakota men growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation. At 23, Bill just wants to make something of himself. Whether it’s delivering goods or breeding poodles, he is determined to hustle his way to the American Dream. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Matho can’t wait to become a man.
The Water
First love plays out against a backdrop of a hot summer and local myth.
When The Waves Are Gone
Lt. Hermes Papauran, one of the best investigators of the Philippines, is in a deep moral crossroad, being a witness to his institution's being a party to a murderous anti-drug campaign, which is spearheaded by no less than the president of the country, Rodrigo Duterte.
Women left in debt by their dead husbands' crimes conspire to pull off a heist.
Zip & Zap And The Marble Gang
A group of kids rebel against strict rules at their school.

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