Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

In 1984, the festival screened Walter Hill's Streets of Fire, with the director in attendance. this year, they will show a chronological retrospective of his films up to that point.

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The Driver The Driver
The Driver and Southern Comfort
48 Hrs (Country: US; Year: 1982; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Roger Spottiswoode, Walter Hill, Larry Gross, Steven E de Souza; Stars: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole, Frank McRae, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, Sonny Landham, Brion James, Kerry Sherman, Jonathan Banks, James Keane, Tara King, Greta Blackburn, Margot Rose, Denise Crosby)
A cop and a criminal are forced to work together in the hunt for a killer.
The Driver (Country: US; Year: 1978; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Walter Hill; Stars: Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani)
A detective hunts a getaway driver through the streets of San Fransisco.
Hard Times (Country: US; Year: 1975; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Walter Hill, Bryan Gindoff, Bruce Henstell, Bryan Gindoff, Bruce Henstell; Stars: Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Jill Ireland, Strother Martin, Margaret Blye, Michael McGuire, Felice Orlandi, Edward Walsh, Bruce Glover, Robert Tessier, Nick Dimitri, Frank McRae, Maurice Kowalewski, Naomi Stevens, Lyla Hay Owen)
A drifter discovers he has a talent for bare-knuckle fighting during the Great Depression.
The Long Riders (Country: US; Year: 1980; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Bill Bryden, Steven Smith, Stacy Keach, James Keach, Walter Hill; Stars: David Carradine, Keith Carradine, Robert Carradine, James Keach, Stacy Keach, Dennis Quaid, Randy Quaid, Kevin Brophy, Harry Carey Jr., Christopher Guest, Nicholas Guest, Shelby Leverington, Felice Orlandi, Pamela Reed, James Remar)
The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the Jesse James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge.
Southern Comfort (Country: US; Year: 1981; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Walter Hill, Michael Kane, David Giler; Stars: Keith Carradine, Peter Coyote, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward, TK Carter, Franklyn Seales)
National Guardsmen on an remote exercise run into trouble on the bayou.
The Warriors: Director's Cut The Warriors: Director's Cut
The Warriors: Director's Cut and The Long Riders
Streets Of Fire (Country: US; Year: 1984; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: Walter Hill, Larry Gross; Stars: Michael Paré, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Willem Dafoe, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Richard Lawson, Rick Rossovich, Bill Paxton, Lee Ving, Stoney Jackson, Grand L. Bush, Robert Townsend, Mykelti Williamson, Elizabeth Daily)
A man goes after a gang after they kidnap his ex-girlfriend.
The Warriors: Director's Cut (The Warriors) (Country: US; Year: 1979; Director: Walter Hill; Writer: David Shaber, Walter Hill, based on the novel by Sol Yurick; Stars: Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, David Harris, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler, Terry Michos, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Roger Hill, Lynne Thigpen, Mercedes Ruehl, Thomas Waites, Sonny Landham, Marcelino Sanchez)
Walter Hill returns 26 years later to his cult New York gang rumble and cuts it the way he always wanted.

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