Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007

The shorts are arranged in showcases - and aimed at those who want to "discover the feature directors of the future, or simply enjoy bite-sized movies for their own sake".

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Beirut Stories ()
Showcase of shorts charting a year of upheavel in Lebannon, from the day Israel began its assault in July 2006 to spring 2007. Featuring: Breaking News (Hisham Jaber), Dailies of the War (Rania Stephan), In Between (Nadine Ghanem), Merely a Smell (Maher Abi Samara), Slippage (Ali Cherri), To the Lebanese Citizens (Ali Cherri).
European Shorts 1 ()
European short film strand, concentrating on the theme of lost childhood. Features: [film]Alva[/film] (Marius Dybwad Brandrud), [film]Milan[/film] (Michaela Kezele), [film]The Song of the Cricket[/film] (Dany Campos), [film]The Substitute[/film] (Andrea Jublin).
European Shorts 2 ()
European short film strand, examining love and fidelity. Features: [film]A Slice Of Life[/film] (Martin Turk), Coco-Nuts (Charlotte Blom), In Between (Jose E Iglesias Vigil), [film]Magic Paris[/film] (Alice Winocour), Nightfluttering (Carmen Stadler), The Lake (Maarit Lalli).
GMAC Cineworks and Digicult ()
These are showcases for emerging Scots talent. Cineworks features: Arthur Balfour & Me (Director: Charlotte Cornic); Kick About (Director: David Newbigging); [film]Then A Summer Starts[/film] (Satsuki Okawa). Digicult highlights drama writers/directors who stepping beyond their first film commission and features: Missing (Director: Graham Eatough); [film]The Ice Plant[/film] (Director: Kate Burton); [film]Bulb[/film] (Director: Arleen Cullum); [film]Flung[/film] (Director: Fiona Walton).
Namikabashi Shorts ()
Director Junji Kojima and comedy duo Kentaro Kobayashi and Jin Katagiri collaborate with Japan Culture Lab on this selection of shorts, featuring: Apologies, Ceremonial Hand Clapping, Chopsticks, Origami, Relationships, Rice ball, Room Service, Sakura Wonderful Jet.
UKFC Digital Generation ()
Work produced through the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund shorts programme from the past year. Featuring: Breathe For Me (Andy McVicar), Cherries (Tom Harper), Close at Hand (Jez Alsop), Get Off My Land (Douglas M Ray), Lady Margaret (Deborah Haywood), Messages for Maria (Chris Baugh), Romance (Sean Spencer), The Girls (Sebastian Godwin).
UKFC First Past The Post ()
The UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund in partnership with Maya Vision presents short films made through this year's Completion Fund - which aims to help up-and-coming film-makers secure the cash to complete their projects. Featuring: A Fitting Tribute (Daniel Cormack), Airlock, or How to Say Goodbye in Space (Chris Boyle), Beyond (Gavin Boyter), Church Going (Ashley and Russell Inglis), Jehovah's Witness (Alain Kramer), Juvenile (China Moo-Young), One of Us (Clint Dyer), Walking Away (Joanna Carrick), Writing Dachau (Genevieve Simms).
UK Shorts 1 ()
Double dose of the best shorts from up and down the country. Features: [film]Shell[/film] (Scott Graham), [film]Soft[/film] (Simon Ellis), [film]The Leafcatcher[/film] (Leo Sedgley), [film]The One and Only Herb McGwyer Plays Wallis Island[/film] (James Griffiths), [film]Rebecca[/film] (Nick Whitfield).
UK Shorts 2 ()
Double dose of the best shorts from up and down the country. Features: [film]Dog Altogether[/film] (Paddy Considine), [film]Hard To Swallow[/film] (Mat Kirkby), [film]Medium Rare[/film] (Stefan Stuckert), [film]She Wanted to be Burnt[/film] (Ruth Paxton), [film]True Colours[/film] (Barney Elliott), [film]Youth[/film] (Jane Linfoot).
World Shorts 1 ()
Showcase of global shorts, the first is linked by the theme of fathers, while the second explores the interdependency between people and their environment. World Shorts 1 features: [film]Death To The Tinman[/film] (Ray Tintori) and [film]The Freaking Family[/film] (Park Soo-young and Park Jae-your), [film]The Terrace[/film] (San Thuong) (Phong Ha Nguyen), [film]Menged[/film] (Daniel Taye Workou), [film]Make A Wish[/film] (Itmanna) (Cherien Dabis), [film]Paul's Dream[/film] (Ben Lawrence).
World Shorts 2 ()
Showcase of global shorts, exploring the interdependency between people and their environment. Features: Hard Man to Love (Au Suivant), (Douglas Bensadoun), [film]Metamorphosis[/film] (Doron) (Isamu Hirabayashi), [film]Safari[/film] (Catherine Chalmers), [film]The Delaware Project[/film] (Melanie Shatzky, Brian M Cassiby), [film] The Second Line[/film] (John Magary), [film]War Party[/film] (Taua) (Tearepa Kahi).

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