The ABCs Of Death
An alphabet of short films focusing on different ways to die.
An Anthropological Television Myth
Collage of fragments culled from an independent Sicilian TV station's output in the mid-90s.
Chronicle of a temporary refugee camp in Tunisia.
Cargo 200
One fearful night at a remote farmhouse echoes the breakdown of post-Soviet Russia.


A Dream's Merchant
This true-life 'Motorcycle Diary' recounts the epic trek of genial, thirtyish photographer Mihai Barbu as he rumbles to the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator - and back.
East Hastings Pharmacy
An introduction to the various people who visit a methadone clinic over the course of a day.
Faith, Love And Whiskey
Young Neli abandons a secure future in with a wealthy, straight-laced fiancé for one last fling with her passionate but boozily self destructive ex-boyfriend.
Gone Wild
In a landscape now largely abandoned by humans, wild horses face gradual extinction.
A Hijacking
A brutal drama about a ship hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and the subsequent struggles for survival and freedom.


I Have Always Been A Dreamer
A documentary travelogue and portrait of two cities in contrasting states: Dubai and Detroit.
Kill Me
A suicidal teenager agrees to help a murderer on the run if he will kill her afterwards, but as they flee, he finds himself beginning to care for her.
The Look Of Love
Biopic of porn king Paul Raymond.
Lords Of Salem
Three radio DJ are drawn into danger after listening to a mysterious record.
The Love Songs Of Tiedan
The film recounts a romantic obsession that spans several decades. In a poor Shanxi Province village, six-year old Tiedan falls in love with May, the beautiful neighbor who practices a traditional form of singing, Er-ren-tai, and this love will never die.


Aided by two of their friends, a former couple steal their dead son's body and set off to drive it to Cornwall, but nothing goes to plan.
Me And You
An introverted teenager forges a bond with his step-sister as he hides out in his family's basement.
Me Too
After inadvertently committing an act of violence, a group of friends journeys to a legendary tower in the hope of travelling to a better world.
Much Ado About Nothing
A fresh take on Shakespeare's romantic comedy about sparring couples.
My House Without Me
A documentary looking at two women permanently displaced as a result of the Second World War.
An interior decorator who cares or his ailing father falls for a karate instructor.
La Playa DC
Tomás is trying to make his way in Bogota. Looking for his young brother Jairo, he sets out on a journey that will test his ability to deal with the fear and wounds of the past.


The Rambler
An ex-con's impulsive cross country journey leads to the unravelling of strange mysteries.
An attempted intervention at the remote woodland home of a troubled addict reveals unexpected dangers.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
A successful stockbroker finds his glittering career shattered after the Twin Towers fall, and is drawn back to the conflict in his homeland of Pakistan.
Something In The Air
An 18-year-old man reacts to the social changes of late 1960s Europe.
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Dark comedy tracks happy-go-lucky slacker Max across three decades.
The Stoker
A story of hit men and moral corruption is told through the eyes of the man who helps to burn the bodies.
Tokyo Waka
Documentary about the life and culture of Tokyo.
An isolated, nerdy man with poor social skills embarks on a romantic relationship, but can it help him connect to the wider world?

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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