Berlin announces shooting stars

Irish actress Clare Dunne among emerging talent

by Amber Wilkinson

Clare Dunne in Herself
Clare Dunne in Herself
Irish actress Clare Dunne - who made a big impact in and co-wrote Herself - has been named among the 10 European Shooting Stars for this year's Berlin Film Festival.

The jury noted that her performance in Herself “communicates a deep sense of self-awareness and well-founded confidence”.

The programme, which aims to promote acting talent from across the continent, is celebrating its 25th year, with previous British and Irish recipients of the accolade including Aisling Franciosi, Carey Mulligan, Riz Ahmed and Kate Dickie.

The full list of shooting stars this year is below, along with the jury comment:

Gracija Filipovic (Croatia)

Selected films:
Murina by Antoneta Alamat
Into the Blue by Antoneta Alamat
The Little Racoon by Barbara Vekarić

Jury's comment: “In her first featurelength film, Gracija Filipovi gives an intuitive and original performance, with a level of maturity which belies her years. Evoking the image of a mermaid, she seamlessly alternates between wildness and gentleness, girliness and sensuality and fearlessly pulls off all the complexities of her role next to a very strong and experienced cast. Her magnetic presence draws the audience into the inner activities of her character and keeps them enthralled throughout.”

Marie Reuther (Denmark)

Selected films:
Kamikaze by Kaspar Munk
Badehotellet by Fabian Wullenweber
The Kingdom – Exodus by Lars von Trier

Jury's comment: “Marie Reuther simply shines on screen. She is highly convincing in her embodiment of a character who goes through a remarkable trajectory of transformation, from desperation to rebirth, without sacrificing her singular elegance and dignity. Her face can express a multitude of feelings in a layered and versatile way and portray an angel and a tough cookie interchangeably. She makes everything fun to watch – a shooting star by all means.”

Anamaria Vartolomei (France)

Selected films:
Happening by Audrey Diwan
My Little Princess by Eva Ionesco
The Royal Exchange by Mark Dugain

Jury's comment: “Her eyes tell stories in a way that no words can. In her tour-deforce performance, she dances with the camera in a playful way, all while mesmerizing the audience with her fierce earnestness. She has a formidable set of artistry to master the ambience of many historical eras and carry the weight of the entire film on her shoulder. With a readiness to push herself to the limits, she can embody even the most impenetrable roles.”

Emilio Sakraya (Germany)

Selected films:
Tribes of Europa by Philip Koch
The Salvation of the World as We Know It by Til Schweiger
Warrior Nun by Simon Barry

Jury's comment: “With fantastic physicality, precise body control and extraordinary photogeneity, Emilio Sakraya creates a strong character with charisma, openness, and sincerity. A delight to watch on screen and a perfect blend between boyishness and maturity, he delivers a memorable performance that emphasizes his star quality and an immense potential as a lead actor in the future.”

Clare Dunne (Ireland)

Selected films:
Herself by Phyllida Lloyd
Kin by Diarmuid Goggins
The Last Duel by Ridley Scott

Jury's comment: “Clare Dunne creates complex and highly relatable characters through her profound understanding of the intricacies of the human mind. At once sophisticated, firm, and moldable, she succeeds in nuancing the female psyche. Her delivery of lines is very precise and her control of voice meticulous. In a very clever and well reflected manner, her performance communicates a lot of self-awareness and well-founded confidence.”

Hanna van Vliet (Netherlands)

Selected films:
ANNE+ by Valerie Bisscheroux
Quicksand by Margot Schaap
Lost Transport by Saskia Diesing

Jury's comment: “Hanna van Vliet’s screen presence is full of life and outstandingly sympathetic, imbued with a strong sense of precision, sensitivity, and authenticity. Projecting a lot of warmth and charm, she is able to connect with the audience in a down-to-earth and everyday manner. Her eyes, a window to the soul of her characters, can express a flicker of suppressed grimness and a hint of hope simultaneously. She is a refreshing presence on screen, with a huge star potential.”

João Nunes Monteiro (Portugal)

Selected films:
Tsugua Diaries by Maureen Fazendeiro Miguel Gomes
Mosquito by João Nuno Pinto
Technoboss by João Nicolau

Jury's comment: “Almost like a fairy or a mythical creature, he is a chameleon whose performance is always perfectly fitting regardless of each project’s idiosyncrasies. His quiet intensity and respectful authenticity draw us to his soulsearching characters in a way that approximates to documentaries. With a very good ear, he listens to his characters attentively and embodies these characters at the most insightful level possible. We see his great potential and a bright career all over Europe ahead.”

Timon Sturbej (Slovenia)

Selected films:
Riders/Spring Dreaming by Dominik Mencej
Consequences by Darko Štante
Wake Me by Marko Šantić

Jury's comment: “With a wide range of emotions and appearances, Timon Sturbej is able to amalgamate himself with each role in a creative and genuine way. His acting is transformative. With sublime artistry and a raw vigor, his presence is so powerful and compelling that the audience’s eyes are locked on him wherever he is. Through subtle expressions and evocative presence, his performance is disarming, multifaceted and addictive – the epitome of acting.”

Evin Ahmad (Sweden)

Selected films:
Snabba Cash by Jesper Ganslandt
Call Mom! by Lisa Aschan
Beyond Dreams by Rojda Sekersöz

Jury's comment: “Evin Ahmad radiates unique energy which is both enigmatic and approachable. Smoothly integrating many sides of the same coin, she exudes strength, resilience, vulnerability, as well as a self-aware sense of humor. Her charm is natural and unpretentious, while her glamor and playfulness contribute to her potentially dangerous beauty. We see a very bright future ahead and foresee a lot of international opportunities.”

Souheila Yacoub (Switzerland)

Selected films:
The Braves by Anaïs Volpé
A Brighter Tomorrow by Yassine Qnia
Climax by Gaspar Noé

Jury's comment: “With an emotionally captivating performance, Souheila Yacoub displays a tremendous ability to empathize with her characters in a way that evokes a strong resonance. Her explosive energy is balanced with forthright candidness and pensiveness. Embracing passion and vulnerability at the same time, she is a revelation and a shooting star in the truest sense.”

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