Get Out to compete as a comedy in Golden Globe race

Studio decision baffles fans

by Jennie Kermode

Get Out won Best Director and Best Film at the Independent Spirit Awards
Get Out won Best Director and Best Film at the Independent Spirit Awards

In 2016, fans and critics alike were confused by the decision to nominate The Martian in the Best Comedy or Musical category at the Golden Globes. This year, there has been a similar reaction to the news that Get Out has been nominated in the same category.

The film, which was marketed as horror, has humorous elements but is much darker in tone. Some have suggested that treating it as a comedy undermines the seriousness of its message about racism, making it a 'safer' film for white audiences - and white awards voters.

Every awards season, concerns are raised about 'category-hopping', a term refering to the nomination of films, stars or crew members in dubious categories because the more obvious categories for them to compete in seem too crowded. Some voters refuse to support nominations where they think this has happened.

Some have argued that a new category should be created for horror, science fiction, fantasy, superhero and action films, which are traditionall underrepresented in nominations outside the technical categories even when they receive a highly positive response from critics and are much loved by audiences.

"Get Out is a documentary," tweeted director Jordan Peele.

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