Deadpool tops BBFC complaints list for 2016

Sex, violence and strong language offend viewers.

by Jennie Kermode


It is perhaps 20th Century Fox's own fault for slyly billing it as a romantic comedy suitable for a Valentine's Day date, but Marvel superhero movie Deadpool generated more complaints in 2016 than any other UK release, the BBFC revealed today. In its annual report, the ratings organisation noted that it had received 51 complaints about the film's violent content, sexual references and strong language.

Standing by its decision to give the film a 15 certificate, the BBFC argued that although the violence was strong and bloody, much of it took place during action sequences where there was little focus on detail. It also noted that the comic tone of the violence meant it was unlikely to be confused with reality, and it did not see the sexual references as a problem because they mostly took the form of "quips or innuendo."

A total of 30 complaints were made about the fact that Suicide Squad had also been given a 15 certificate, most of them from youner cinemagoers who felt that this rating was too high. the BBFC argued that there was too much sustained threat and moderate violence for the film to be classified 12A.

Also on the complaints list were Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, which some parents thought was too scary for a 12A, and Jason Bourne, which they considered too violent for the same rating. Sausage Party was attacked for its depictions of sex and drug use as well as the strong language used. The BBFC defended its decision to give it a 15 certificate partly on the basis that it was animated and also because, as they put it, depictions of "food products smoking joints" were "unrealistic."

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