A very Scottish celebration

We kick up our heels at the Seachd premiere ceilidh.

by Amber Wilkinson

As the piper played the crowd into the hall at Edinburgh Academy for the Seachd ceilidh last night it was more as though we were attending the wedding of a distant relative than the usual, much more clinical premiere parties, such was the warmth of the atmosphere.

The mixed crowd added to the 'family gathering' feel, with the young stars of the film and their pals mixing with folk from the islands - mainly Uist where many of the cast live - and chatting away in Gaelic and English.

Haggis, neeps and tatties were taken, along with a wee dram - as we listened to musicians featured on the soundtrack put their incredible talents to good use. Shortly after, the ceilidh band took to the stage and it was time to dance off dinner.

Many of those in attendance knew each dance immediately, so there was no need for callers - and there was a chance for all to join in. Often attending a film 'premiere' event on your own can become a lesson in solitude. I reflected as the strip the willow the group who had 'adopted' me were dancing descended into good-humoured anarchy that if you were to transport it to any other festival on the planet from Sundance to Rome, we would be viewed as alien life-forms, yet in Scotland it was close to perfect.

Later there was music from the film's young stars Pàdruig Moireasdan and Crisdean Dòmhnallach - playing accordion and pipes with skill that belied their ages - before it was time once again to kick up our heels to the sound of the band.

Proving that Scots can show the world a thing or two about celebrating as well as film-making the team behind Seachd created a night to remember.

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