London Film Festival 2012

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Painless Painless
Painless and Room 237
Antiviral (Country: Canada, US; Year: 2012; Director: Brandon Cronenberg; Writer: Brandon Cronenberg; Stars: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell)
In a future where people pay to be infected with the same diseases as their idols, a dealer races to find a cure after a starlet whose illness he has stolen dies.
Blancanieves (Snow White) (Country: Spain, Belgium, France; Year: 2012; Director: Pablo Berger; Writer: Pablo Berger; Stars: Maribel Verdú, Ángela Molina, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Inma Cuesta, Macarena García, Josep Maria Pou, Pere Ponce, Ramón Barea, Ignacio Mateos, Emilio Gavira, Carmen Belloch, Sofía Oria, Pere Vall, Sergio Dorado)
1920s re-imagining of Snow White.
Black Rock (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Katie Aselton; Writer: Mark Duplass; Stars: Katie Aselton, Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth, Will Bouvier, Jay Paulson, Anslem Richardson )
Three women camping on a remote island find themselves under threat from three crazed soldiers.
The Body (El Cuerpo) (Country: Spain; Year: 2012; Director: Oriol Paulo; Writer: Oriol Paulo, Lara Sendim; Stars: Jose Coronado, Hugo Silva, Belén Rueda)
Detectives investigate the disappearance of a body from a morgue.
Citadel (Country: Ireland, UK; Year: 2012; Director: Ciarán Foy; Writer: Ciarán Foy; Stars: Aneurin Barnard, James Cosmo, Wunmi Mosaku, Jake Wilson, Amy Shiels)
A bereaved, agoraphobic single father is beseiged by hooded teenagers who may not be quite human.
Doomsday Book Doomsday Book
Doomsday Book and Black Rock
Doomsday Book (In-ryu-myeol-mang-bo-go-seo) (Country: South Korea; Year: 2012; Director: Kim Jee-woon, Yim Pil-sung; Writer: Kim Jee-woon, Yim Pil-sung; Stars: Ryoo Seung-bum, Kim Kang-woo, Song Sae-byeok)
A trilogy of apocalyptic science fiction tales.
For Love's Sake (Ai To Makoto) (Country: Japan; Year: 2012; Director: Takashi Miike; Writer: Takayuki Takuma; Stars: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Emi Takei, Sakura Ando)
Romeo And Juliet filtered through Japanese punk.
Girls Against Boys (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Austin Chick; Writer: Austin Chick; Stars: Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte, Liam Aiken)
A raped cocktail waitress goes on a vengeful killing spree.
The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Chris James Thompson; Writer: Chris James Thompson, Andrew Swant, Joe Riepenhoff; Stars: Andrew Swant)
A docudrama exploring events around the arrest of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
John Dies At The End (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Don Coscarelli; Writer: Don Coscarelli, based on the novel by David Wong; Stars: Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Daniel Roebuck, Fabianne Therese, Jonny Weston, Jimmy Wong, Tai Bennett, Allison Weissman, Angus Scrimm, Riley Rose Critchlow, Jerry Droz)
Two friends use a drug that enables them to warp space time in an attempt to save the world.
Blancanieves Blancanieves
Blancanieves and Citadel
Kiss Of The Damned (Country: US; Year: 2011; Director: Xan Cassavetes; Writer: Xan Cassavetes; Stars: Josephine de la Baume, Roxane Mesquida, Milo Ventimiglia)
A spiteful vampire brings chaos to the life of her mild-manered vampire sister who just wants to settle down with a still-mortal man.
A Liar's Autobiography (Country: UK; Year: 2012; Director: Bill Jones, Jeff Simpson, Ben Timlett; Writer: Graham Chapman, David Sherlock, Douglas Addams, David Yallop, Alex Martin; Stars: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Jones)
A fanciful animated biopic of Monty Python alumnus Graham Chapman.
My Amityville Horror (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Eric Walter; Stars: Daniel Lutz)
A documentary about the famous Amityville 'haunting' case focusing on Daniel, who was ten at the time and remembers something very different.
Painless (Insensibles) (Country: France, Spain, Portugal; Year: 2012; Director: Juan Carlos Medina; Writer: Juan Carlos Medina, Luiso Berdejo; Stars: Tómas Lemarquis, Alex Brendemühl, Derek De Lint)
Gothic horror entwining the story in 1930s Catalonia of a group of children who cannot feel pain, with a man searching for his biological parents in the present day.
Room 237 (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Rodney Ascher)
Wander down the corridors of the Overlook Hotel in this exploration of theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

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