4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days
The story of a young woman who helps her friend to have an illegal abortion in Eighties Romania.
A grandmother goes to visit her grandson, working for the army in Chechnya.
The life story of a self-obsessed young woman determined to succeed as a romance novelist at the beginning of the 20th Century.
Back To Normandy
A film-maker returns to the place where, 30 years ago, he persuaded local farmers to become actors in his dramatisation of the Pierre Rivière murders.
The Band's Visit
The misadventures of an Egyptian police band, who get lost in Israel.
Battle For Haditha
Docudrama investigating an Iraqi massacre allegedly carried out by US soldiers.
Bee Movie
A recently graduated bee decides to sue humans for eating honey.
Before I Forget
An HIV positive man comes to terms with age, illness, and the death of his lover.
A young woman and her detective lover are blackmailed after she kills a man who tries to rape her. Out to own as part of Hitchcock: The Early Collection.
A neglected wife falls in love with an inmate on death row.
Brick Lane
A Bangladeshi woman struggles to come to terms with a new life in Britain and her own identity.
California Dreamin' (Endless)
A NATO transport train becomes detained at a rural station.
A trafficked boy is saved from his fate, but is the alternative any less bleak?
A glimpse into the lives of five women working in and around a beauty salon in Beirut.
A Clockwork Orange
Long-banned film about a future distopia.
Chaotic Ana
An artist who joins a commune tries to uncover her past lives to end a cycle of violence.
Closing The Ring
A widow's carefully constructed life unravels following the discovery of the ring worn by the man she loved 50 years before.
The head of a Tunisian immigrant clan tries to realise his dream of opening a couscous restaurant.


The Darjeeling Limited
Three brothers take a 'spiritual journey' across India by train.
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
The memoirs of a man who awoke from a coma to discover he was completely paralysed apart from his left eye.
Dog Altogether
A man has to deal with the outcome of his rage. Screening alongside Somers Town at many venues.
Don't Touch The Axe
A Paris coquette seduces and toys with a heroic general, only to fall suddenly and tragically in love with him.
Eastern Promises
An idealistic young midwife inadvertently stumbles across a crime syndicate trafficking prostitutes.
The Edge Of Heaven
A young man of Turkish descent travels to the old country to look for the missing daughter of his father's girlfriend.
Exiled to modern New York City, a fairytale princess collides with the real world.
El Baño Del Papa
A man tries to build a public loo to cash in on a Papal visit.
Far North
A stranger enters the world of two isolated, nomadic women.
The Flight Of The Red Balloon
A busy mother’s young boy attracts the attention of a large balloon.
Funny Games
English language remake of the ice-cold horror about a family held hostage by a pair of preppy youngsters. Plus read our with producer Chris Coen.
The life of a lonely petrol station attendant is changed forever when he is befriended by a bored teenager.
Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go
Documentary following the lives of children suffering severe emotional trauma.
The owner of a run-down bar, struggling to compete with the arrival of a jukebox across the road, gambles everything on a star who may not even turn up.


I'm Not There
Experimental biopic examining the shifting persona of Bob Dylan throughout his career.
In The Shadow Of The Moon
The surviving members of the 1968-72 Apollo missions tell the story of the moon landings in their own words.
La Influencia
Depression overwhelms a single mother as she struggles to cope with everyday life.
Into The Wild
A boy goes to look for America (and himself).
In Memory Of Me
A man tired of his superficial life decides to join the priesthood but finds a web of deceit in the monastery which makes him question his faith.
In Prison My Whole Life
Documentary about questions that hang over the conviction of Death Row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal.
An unconscious woman washes up on a beach, with intrigue in tow.
A teenager finds her own way of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.
Killer Of Sheep
A slaughterhouse worker in 1970s Los Angeles tries to provide for his family and stay out of trouble. Out on reissue.
The Last Mistress
Exploration of aristocratic fidelity in 18th Century France.
Lions For Lambs
Two US soldiers in Afghanistan are placed in jeopardy as politicians, journalists and academics battle it out back home.
Lust, Caution
Espionage, betrayal and athletic sex in 1940s Shanghai.


A Man's Job
An out-of-work father tries his hand at male prostitution to keep supporting his family.
Mister Lonely
Celebrity lookalikes get to know one another whilst a crazy old priest takes nuns flying.
My Brother Is An Only Child
Two brothers growing up in small town Italy in the 1960s devote themselves to opposite ends of the political spectrum. Then they both fall in love with the same girl.
My Kid Could Paint That
Documentary about a four-year-old who has sold $300,000 of paintings - but is she a genius or an exploited child?
No Country For Old Men
A man goes on the run from a psychopath in Texas after coming across a briefcase of stolen cash.
Planet Terror
Survivors take on infected zombies in the second part of the double-bill formerly known as Grindhouse.
A girl's eye view of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.


Controversial story, asking where, in the censored war in Iraq, do we find the truth? Plus read what Brian De Palma said about the film - and the redaction of it, .
Reservation Road
Two fathers cope with the consequences of tragedy.
Rescue Dawn
A US fighter pilot shot down in the Vietnamese jungle must go to extraordinary lengths to survive.
Saturn In Opposition
A group of friends in Rome discover than happiness is transient and grief a great healer.
The Savages
A brother and sister must cope with their elderly father’s increasing care needs.
Savage Grace
Accomplished telling of a real life upper class family's disturbing meltdown.
Secret Sunshine
Exploration of grief in small-town Korea.
Michael Moore investigates corruption in the American health insurance industry.
Son Of Rambow
Delightful comedy about childlike imagination and love of the movies.
Shotgun Stories
Blood ties and vengeance in rural Arkansas.
The Substitute
Comedy about the supply teacher from hell. Showing at the EIFF as part of European Shorts 1.
Terror's Advocate
Documentary about a lawyer who defended some of the 20th Century's most notorious figures.
A youth taught to steal in early childhood finds himself resorting to it almost compulsively as he searches for his mother.
Things We Lost In The Fire
Halle Berry is a widow trying to come to terms with grief with the help of her hubbie's troubled best pal.
Tuya's Marriage
A woman faces tough choices in the Mongolian Steppe.
A middle-aged woman holidays with her bourgeois friends in Tuscany. Plus read our with Joanna Hogg.


In 2077, Japan’s secretive, advanced bio-technology could pose an unimaginable threat.
The World Unseen
Romantic drama amid the social constraints of Fifties South Africa.
Water Lilies
Love and sex become urgent issues for the young members of a sychronised swimming team.
You, The Living
Surreal, dreamlike, and darkly comic sketches about life and death.
The Zone
Residents of an affluent Mexican city enclave seek vigilante justice.
Documentary triggered by a man's death by bestiality.

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