Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018

In addition to the feature films below, there will also be a short film showcase featuring: Embraced, Loretta's Flowers, Memory Of The Peace, Milk, RGBebop/Antropology, Three Thousand and Voices Of A Kidnapping

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Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis and Luk'Luk'I
Fake Tattoos (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Pascal Plante; Writer: Pascal Plante, Geneviève Dulude-De Celles; Stars: Anthony Therrien, Rose-Marie Perreault, Lysandre Nadeau, Brigitte Poupart, Nicole-Sylvie Lagarde, Léona Rousseau, Rémi Goulet, Lauren Mallais-DeLuca, Anyjeanne Savaria, Maxime-Olivier Potvin, Adam Lapointe, Maïka Ferron, Marianne Lahaie, Tiffany-May Daigneault, Thomas Paquin)
A young punk couple's one-night stand develops into something more meaningful.
UK premiere
First Stripes (Premières Armes) (Country: Canada; Year: 2018; Director: Jean-François Caissy; Writer: Jean-François Caissy)
Portrait of youngsters undergoing basic training for the Canadian Armed Forces.
UK premiere
Hochelaga, Land Of Souls (Hochelaga, Terre des Âmes) (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: François Girard; Writer: François Girard; Stars: Samian, Raoul Max Trujillo, Vincent Perez, Siân Phillips, Sébastien Ricard, Emmanuel Schwartz, Linus Roache, Gilles Renaud, Caroline Dhavernas, Paul Doucet, Tony Nardi, Wahiakeron Gilbert, Tanaya Beatty, Naiade Aoun, David La Haye)
An interconnected series of encounters between Native peoples and European settlers in and around modern-day Montreal.
UK premiere
Indian Horse (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Stephen S Campanelli; Writer: Dennis Foon, based on the novel by Richard Wagamese; Stars: Sladen Peltier, Forrest Goodluck, Ajuawak Kapashesit, Michiel Huisman, Martin Donovan, Michael Murphy, Edna Manitowabi, Melanie McLaren, Johnny Issaluk, Skye Pelletier, Evan Adams, Lisa Cromarty, Michael Lawrenchuk, Will Strongheart, Tristen Marty-Pahtaykan)
A young First Nations boy becomes a star ice hockey player.
UK premiere
Kayak To Klemtu (Country: Canada; Year: 2018; Director: Zoe Leigh Hopkins; Writer: Zoe Leigh Hopkins, Michael Sparaga; Stars: Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Evan Adams, Jared Ager-Foster, Carmel Amit, Sonja Bennett, Tyler Burrows, Lorne Cardinal, Debs Howard, Chris Ippolito, Sarah Kelley, Nelson Leis, Evan Adams, Jared Ager-Foster, Carmel Amit, Sonja Bennett)
A First Nations teenager sets off on a journey, determined to kayak the Inside Passage in British Colombia.
European premiere
Hochelaga, Land Of Souls Hochelaga, Land Of Souls
Hochelaga, Land Of Souls and Kayak To Klemtu
The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond Of Matches (La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes) (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Simon Lavoie; Writer: Simon Lavoie, Gaétan Soucy; Stars: Marine Johnson, Antoine L'Écuyer, Jean-François Casabonne, Alex Godbout, Laurie Babin, Marine Johnson, Antoine L'Écuyer, Jean-François Casabonne, Alex Godbout, Laurie Babin)
Coming-of-age story about two siblings who find their lives change after their brutal father - who forbade them from contact with the outside world - dies.
UK premiere
Luk'Luk'I (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Wayne Wapeemukwa; Writer: Eric Buurman, Angela Dawson, Angel Gates, Ken Harrower, Mark McKay, Wayne Wapeemukwa; Stars: Angel Gates, Joe Buffalo, Ken Harrower, Eric Buurman, Angela Dawson, Yvette Benson, Fraser Dick, Amanda Friesen, Patrick Gaites, John Gillich, Jason William Lee, Shanae Tomasevich, Kenneth Tynan, Natasha Young, Angel Gates)
A group of marginalised Vancouverites try to tackle their troubled lives.
UK premiere
Metamorphosis (Country: Canada; Year: 2018; Director: Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper; Writer: Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper)
The impact of humanity on our planet.
UK premiere
Public Schooled (Country: Canada; Year: 2018; Director: Kyle Rideout; Stars: Judy Greer, Daniel Doheny, Siobhan Williams, Andrew McNee, Alex Barima)
A home-schooled teenager attempts to break away from his overprotective mother.
UK premiere
Wall (Country: Canada; Year: 2017; Director: Cam Christiansen; Writer: David Hare, Cam Christiansen; Stars: David Hare)
Animated film essay capturing Hare's perspective on the history of the Israeli separation barrier and Middle East conflict.
UK premiere

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