Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

Celebration of the radiccal writer/director.

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Billion Dollar Brain (Country: UK; Year: 1967; Director: Ken Russell; Writer: Len Deighton, John McGrath; Stars: Michael Caine, Karl Malden, Ed Begley, Oskar Homolka, Françoise Dorléac, Guy Doleman, Vladek Sheybal, Milo Sperber, Janos Kurutz, Alexei Jawdokimov, Paul Tamarin, Iza Teller, Mark Elwes, Stanley Caine, Gregg Palmer)
Conspiracy thriller.
The Bofors Gun (Country: UK; Year: 1968; Director: Jack Gold; Writer: John McGrath, John McGrath; Stars: Nicol Williamson, Ian Holm, David Warner, Peter Vaughan, John Thaw, Barry Jackson, Richard O'Callaghan, Donald Gee, Barbara Jefford, Gareth Forwood, Geoffrey Hughes, John Herrington)
Darkly comic look inside a British army barracks in West Germany.
Border Warfare (Country: UK; Year: 1990; Director: John McGrath; Writer: John McGrath; Stars: Derek Anders, Dave Anderson, Robin Begg, John Bett, Juliet Cadzow, Martin McCardie, Maria Miller, John Purcell, Billy Riddoch)
All three episodes of series examining Scotland's tempestuous relationship with England.
John Brown's Body (Country: UK; Year: 1990; Director: John McGrath; Stars: Members of the Wildcat Theatre Company)
Second long-form trilogy by the Wildcat campny deals with the history of Scotland's industrial classes.
Radicalism On The BBC (Year: 1962; Director: John McGrath; Writer: John McGrath, Johnnie Speight)
Featuring Z Cars episode People's Property and Double Bill, which features two short plays by Johnnie Speight.
The Reckoning (Country: UK; Year: 1969; Director: Jack Gold; Writer: Patrick Hall, John McGrath; Stars: Nicol Williamson, Ann Bell, Lilita De Barros, Tom Kempinski, Kenneth Hendel, Douglas Wilmer, Barbara Ewing, Zena Walker, Paul Rogers, Gwen Nelson, Christine Hargreaves, Ernest C. Jennings, Rachel Roberts, Godfrey Quigley, Desmond Perry)
A ruthless sales executive avenges the death of his father.
Screen Two: The Long Roads (Year: 1993; Director: Tristram Powell; Writer: John McGrath; Stars: Edith MacArthur, Robert Urquhart, Jhn Buick, Paul Morrow, Paul Sykes)
After one of them is diagnosed with cancer, an elderly couple head on a trip round Britain.
There Is A Happy Land (Country: UK; Year: 1987; Director: John McGrath; Writer: John McGrath; Stars: Elizabeth MacLennan and members of the 7:84 (Scotland) Theatre Company)
Concert of songs and stories in Gaelic and English.
Two Scottish Plays (Director: John McGrath)
Featuring Shotgun (1966) and Play for Today episode Orkney (1971).

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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