And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Memories of living with a popular dad.
Road movie about an elderly piano tuner who forms a friendship with an unsettling puppeteer.
A day in the life of a bakery staffed by people with learning disabilities. Showing as part of Bridging The Gap and the Short Scottish Documentary Awards (which it won) at EIFF 2007.
A look at the lives of Israeli soldiers serving in Lebanon at the end of the 20th century.
Beauty In Trouble
A woman falls for an older man after her husband is locked up for stealing.
Berlin Alexanderplatz
The life of a ex-con trying to go straight in 1920s Berlin is released on DVD after a massive restoration project by the original editor.
Billy The Kid
Documentary following a boy with learning difficulties looking for romance.
Blind Mountain
Looking for work in rural northern China, a female student is kidnapped by a businessman posing as her employer, and sold into a family as the son’s bride to be.
A young, ambitious FBI agent is ordered to spy on his boss, who the organisation believe has been betraying his country for 20 years.
A neglected wife falls in love with an inmate on death row.
Bridge Over The Wadi
A cinematic attempt to bridge the cultural divide between Arabs and Israelis.
A girl talks about her Albinism.
The short, anguished life of Joy Division's lead singer.
Les Chansons D'Amour
An exceedingly French musical about a menage a trois in Paris.
Children Of Glory
The Hungarian revolution as seen from the perspective of its water polo heroes.
Comrades In Dreams
A documentary about cinema lovers in far flung corners of the world.
The Counterfeiters
Surviving the holocaust by forgery.


Day Watch
The forces of good and evil battle over a device with the power to save or destroy Moscow.
Death Proof
Quentin Tarantino's glorious grindhouse send-up.
Skip-hop extravaganza.
The End For Beginners
A day in the life of a nursing home... with added children.
Extraordinary Rendition
An insight into the life of a man who is kidnapped and subjected to extraordinary rendition.
Ex Drummer
A group of punk misfits ask a famous novelist to join their band... despite the fact he can't play, only to find their plans spiralling out of control.
Faro - Goddess Of The Waters
An engineer ties to lay old ghosts to rest when he returns to his home village.
The Fighting Cholitas
Exploration of the life and motivations of Bolivian female wrestlers. Showing as part of Document Shorts at EIFF 2007.
Flying: Confessions Of A Free Woman
A woman undertakes a quest to discover the nature of freedom.
Garbage Warrior
Maverick architect Michael Reynolds has spent years building eco-friendly ‘sustainable’ homes in New Mexico. Just as the state authorities crack down, a call for help comes from an island hit by the Asian Tsunami.
Henry V
Laurence Olivier brings his own dramatic touch to Shakespeare in a stirring tale of battle against the odds.
The Home Song Stories
Chinese children grow up in Australia with their beautiful mother who was a nightclub singer in Hong Kong.
The Hottest State
Love bites a 20-year-old Texan actor in New York.
How To Save A Fish From Drowning
Documentary exploring the death of small town America. Showing as part of Bridging The Gap and the Short Scottish Documentary Awards at EIFF 2007.


In The Shadow Of The Moon
The surviving members of the 1968-72 Apollo missions tell the story of the moon landings in their own words.
It's Gonna Get Worse
A cult film about young men living in Czechoslovakia 15 years before the velvet revolution.
I Served The King Of England
The history of Prague recounted through one man's story, full of glamour and danger.
I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK
A young woman convinced she is a killer cyborg is hospitalised and falls in love with a young man who believes he can steal people's souls.
In Search Of A Midnight Kiss
Lonely in the run-up to New Year, a young man decides to post a personal ad to find someone with whom to spend that special midnight moment.
In The Cities
Misery loves company in Quebec.
In The Wake Of A Deadad
Travels with an inflatable father.
The Italian
A Russian orphan, due to be adopted by an Italian family, goes in search of his real mum.
I Want To Tell You Something
An insight into the lives of twin boys who communicate in sign language.
Jealous of his baby sister and ignored by his parents, a nine-year-old boy plans a terrible revenge.
The Kingdom
An FBI team investigates after a US compound is attacked by terrorists in Riyadh.
Knocked Up
Comedy about an unplanned pregnancy after a one-night stand.
Taking on the identity of a dead man, a dangerous stranger inveigles himself into the life of an amnesiac woman.
Kurt Cobain - About A Son
A look at the life and music of Kurt Cobain, narrated by the man himself.
A cinematic interpretation of Watteau's painting Setting Off For The Island Of Cythere
The Last Dining Table
Seeking fulfillment on the fringes of Seoul.
Three French friends traveling in Georgia are horrified and intrigued when they encounter a man who is scheduled to be killed in an attempt to end an ancient blood feud.
Documentary tracks a fishing crew as they hunt for swordfish. Showing as part of Document Shorts at EIFF 2007.
Lynch (one)
An insight into the working life of cult film director David Lynch.
Lovely By Surprise
Multi-layered interaction between fictional characters, their author and a used car salesman.


Mala Noche
Moody and atmospheric picture about unrequited love on skid row.
Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore
Canadian documentary filmmakers try in vain to interview Michael Moore.
The Man From London
After witnessing a murder, a railway switchman makes a discovery which will change his life forever.
A Massacre Foretold
Documentary about the massacre of a group of indigenous Mexicans by government backed paramilitaries.
A Mighty Heart
Docudrama about the hunt for kidnapped journalist Daniel Pearl, based on the book by his widow.
McLaren Animation 1
Short animation showcase.
The Monastery: Mr Vig And The Nun
A documentary about an old man who discovers a new side to life when he meets a young nun.
My Life As A Bus Stop
Five friends attempt to make a movie together, but they each have very different ideas about what they want.
My Mother's Daughter
An exploration of the relationship between Islamic-convert Yvonne Ridley and her mum. Showing at EIFF 2007 in Bridging The Gap and Scottish Documentary Shorts Awards.
The Old Garden
Drama about a former political radical trying to come to terms with his new life.
Guy meets Girl and makes beautiful - and Oscar-winning - music with her.
The Other Side Of The Country
Investigating the effects of 20 years of civil war on the citizens of nothern Uganda.
Ottica Zero
Exploration of one woman's quest for a better future.
Paranoid Park
A young skateboarder finds himself in trouble following the death of a security guard.
Phantom Love
An alienated woman undertakes a strange spiritual journey.
Planet B-Boy
Documentary looking at the world of breakdancing.


The best cooked meals of mice and men.
Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance
A passionate dance teacher struggles to prepare his disorderly troupe for a big competition.
Richard III
Shakespeare's 15th century horror comic.
Rocket Science
A teenager is determined to join his high school debating team despite his stutter.
A selfish man undertakes a complicated journey which might teach him the value of doing the right thing.
Run Granny Run
Doris, aged 94, stands for election in the US Senate.
A man in desperate trouble with loan sharks is persuaded to undertake a dangerous investigation.
The Serpent
A blackmailer with a personal agenda resorts to murder.
A trip too far...
The Skiers
Veteran soldier-skiers recall their lives. Showing at EIFF 2007 as part of Document Shorts.
A young man and his mother move from Liverpool to London to pursue their dreams.
Special People
A film-maker faces comic consequences when he tries to make something 'real' with a group of disabled teens.
Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle
A young man visiting his dying grandfather finds himself once again entangled in the stories he was told as a child.
Solitary Fragments
The lives of two women are changed forever by terrorist bombings in Madrid.
Fantasy epic about a boy who goes looking for a falling star.
Strange Culture
The artist as victim of The Patriot Act.
The Suburban Train
Examination of faces on a Russian commuter train.
A white collar worker meets a petty crook to buy some illegal merchandise, which happens to have been stolen from the neighbourhood psycho.
Two young boys try to stop gangsters taking over their city.
A virgin's anatomical quirk means she bites off more than she can chew.
Twisted Sister
Taking her younger sister on holiday leads a confident career woman's life to fall apart.
The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being
A look at the growing trend of Asian skin-whitening. Showing as part of Bridging The Gap and the Short Scottish Documentary Awards at EIFF 2007.


The Waiting Room
Londoners' love lives explored in will-they/won't-they romance.
The Watchman
One man's 'mission' at Beachy head. Showing as part of Document Shorts at EIFF 2007.
A detective caught in a battle of wits with a killer is forced to pay for his past failings.
The unlikely lives of Canadian junkies.
Western Trunk Line
In the far distance of Chairman Mao's nation a disruptive teenager discovers love and the Cultural Revolution.
We Are Together
Life in an African orphanage where the children are united by a love of singing.
What Would Jesus Buy?
Revered Billy takes a look at America's shopping addiction.
The Witnesses
Exploration of how the advent of AIDS affects a group of friends in Eighties France.
Coming of age drama about an intersex teen.
Year Of The Dog
Offbeat fairytale about a woman who tries to fill a void in her life after her dog dies.
Metaphysical thriller about a woman trying to escape her past and build a future.
The mystery of two men called Hans.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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