2001: A Space Odyssey
Kubrick and Clarke's quest to the stars.
About Elly
A matchmaking trip to the coast leads to tragedy.
Absolute Evil
A damaged woman heads to Texas in the hunt for closure over her dad's death.
Adam Resurrected
A vaudeville star - forced in a concentration camp to act like a dog - is haunted by his past.
A boy at an exclusive American private school becomes increasingly obsessed with watching video clips on his computer.
Eight years after moving from Russia to Germany, 17-year-old Olja spends her summer holidays with her grandmother in a Russian village.
All Around Us
Witty drama about eight years in a marriage.
When a rural farmer injures himself he develops an unlikely friendship with the farmhand he hires to help.
An Education
A 16-year-old - and her family - are swept off their feet by a debonair older man.
The Baader Meinhof Complex
As protests against the West German government of the late 1960s become increasingly violent, a group of young left-wingers decide to take direct action.
A journey of rediscovery across the world.
The Beast Stalker
A cop responsible for a child's death, recklessly tangles with a kidnapper despite the possible consequences.
Two twins face choices as they reach adulthood.
A detective enjoying a quiet holiday in southern France finds himself caught up in an intriguing mystery.
Blind Spot - Hitler's Secretary
Documentary focussing on one of Hitler's secretaries.
The Bogeyman
Rejected by their stepmother and cast out of their father's home, two children face an uncertain future.
Broken Wings
An Israeli family comes to terms with grief and loss.
Can Go Through Skin
A woman responds to assault by moving to the countryside and reconstructing an old farmhouse, but her sanity proves fragile.
An retired courtesan embarks on a passionate love affair with the son of a former colleague.
Epic about the legendary queen.
A documentary look at human trafficking from Central America to the US.


A serial killer tries to juggle his hobby, his girlfriend and his job.
Double Take
As Cold War tensions rise and the world teeters on the brink of destruction, Alfred Hitchcock meets his double.
The Dust Of Time
A film director's past and present blend when, while shooting a film about his parents, his teenage daughter goes missing.
Eden Is West
Odyssey of a migrant in search of 'paradise'.
The Exploding Girl
Two long-time confidants negotiate feelings and friendships during their college break.
The Fish Child
A middle-class teen and her lesbian maid find plans to forge a life together thwarted by a death.
Food, Inc.
A documentary looking at the state of the US food industry.
Hard-hitting look at families suffering malnutrition in Brazil.
A store security guard becomes obssessed with a cleaner.
High Life
Drug-addicted petty criminals try to pull off a major heist.


In The Electric Mist
A detective probing a series of murders begins to suspect they are linked to a previous case.
I'm Gonna Explode
A romance develops between two rebels without a cause.
The International
An Interpol agent and a lawyer try to uncover an international banking scandal.
It Might Get Loud
The history of the electric guitar from the point of view of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.
Three misbegotten strangers stumble into a fateful encounter.
Just Walking
An ex-con plans to get her own back on her thug of a husband by ripping him off.
Katalin Varga
A woman is disowned after it is discovered that she has been raped, prompting her to seek revenge.
Lawrence Of Arabia
A flamboyant biography of T E Lawrence. There is no greater cinematic epic.
Lemon Tree
Allegorical story about a lemon tree under threat when an Israeli government minister moves in next door.
Little Soldier
A psychologically damaged soldier returns from war and becomes a chauffeur for her father's prostitutes, finding frienship in an unlikely place.
London River
Two parents from very different backgrounds hunt their missing children after the London terror attacks.
Lulu And Jimi
Lovers go on the run in late Fifties Germany.


Multi-strand story about life changes, sees a businessman affected by a trip to Thailand, his family affected by their Filipino maid, and the maid's family's trials without her.
Marin Blue
Story of an unusual romance between a narcoleptic woman and a man who can't recall his past.
The Messenger
Two soldiers form a unique bond as they cope with their assignment with the Army Casualty Notification department.
The story of groundbreaking gay politician Harvey Milk and his assassination.
The Milk Of Sorrow
Examination of Peru's dark history refracted through the story of a woman struck with an illness from her mother's breast milk.
Mary And Max
Claymation about the friendship between an eight-year-old Aussie and a 44-year-old New Yorker.
Mother Earth
An examation of the "slow food" movement and the rise of organic farming.
My Only Sunshine
A girl endures a difficult transition to adulthood, living in poverty on the banks of the Bosphorus.
The Naked Civil Servant
The story of Quentin Crisp's attempts to lead an openly gay life in pre-War Britain.
A biopic of rapper Biggie Smalls.
The One Man Village
An old man talks about his life in the Lebanese village of which he is the only remaining occupant.
Pardon My French
A black comedy about the relationship between a woman and a female stalker.
A modern fairy tale about a woman who sets out to find love.
Monsieur Hulot becomes caught up in an American tourist invasion of Paris.
The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee
A wife who moves to a retirement community with her much older husband, finds herself on the verge of a breakdown.


The Reader
A law student re-encounters an old lover as she faces a war-crimes trial.
Story of two ordinary people who go on to have a most extraordinary child.
The Secret Of Kells
A young monk goes on an adventure as he tries to help complete an illuminated manuscript.
Short Cut To Hollywood
An ageing boy band try to make it big in the States.
Skirt Day
A teacher accidentally takes her class hostage.
Animated documentary sees two Sudanese children recall time they spent as slaves.
A peasant woman, with saintly qualities, stays with embittered daughter in the city.
The Sound Of Music
Julie Andrews climbs every mountain in the record-breaking World War II-ish musical.
A year in the life of a flock of sheep and the people who tend to them.
The Times Of Harvey Milk
Documentary about the gay rights activist gets a timely DVD release.
Unmade Beds
Two young foreigners find romance in the vibrant, artistic underground of London's East End.


The Wave
A high school teacher demonstrates with his class the true meaning of autocracy.
When You're Strange
Documentary tracking the rise of The Doors, featuring rare footage of the band and Jim Morrison.
White Lightnin'
The outrageous cult story of Jesco White, the dancing outlaw.
The Yes Men Fix The World
A documentary about two friends who put on suits and pretend to be senior corporate figures in order to try and set the world to rights.

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