Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2019

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Aga's House (Country: Kosovo, France, Albania, Croatia; Year: 2019; Director: Lendita Zeqiraj; Writer: Lendita Zeqiraj; Stars: Arti Lokaj, Rozafa Celaj, Adriana Matoshi, Basri Lushtaku, Melihate Qena, Egla Ceno, Shengyl Ismaili, Rebeka Qena, Laura Buna, Molike Maxhuni, Arti Lokaj, Rozafa Celaj, Adriana Matoshi, Basri Lushtaku, Melihate Qena)
A diverse group of women live in a remote mountain location. The only male element in the house is nine-year-old Aga, the son of one of the women.
World premiere. Section opening film
Arrest (Country: Romania; Year: 2019; Director: Andrei Cohn)
August 1983, somewhere in Romania. The bright summer’s day that Dinu is spending with his family on the beach is darkened by the arrival of the police and his unexplained arrest. He finds himself sharing a cell with small-time crook Vali.
International premiere
The Bull (Byk) (Country: Russia; Year: 2019; Director: Boris Akopov)
Gang leader Anton Bykov, known as the Bull, ends up at the police station after a scuffle with a rival criminal group. He only manages to avoid prison thanks to the intervention of a feared mafia boss, who asks him to pull off a risky job in return.
International premiere
A Certain Kind Of Silence (Country: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Latvia; Year: 2019; Director: Michal Hogenauer; Writer: Michal Hogenauer, Jakub Felcman; Stars: Eliska Krenková, Jacob Jutte, Sigrid ten Napel, Monic Hendrickx, Elisa Beuger, Roeland Fernhout, Genio de Groot, Andris Keiss, Lauma Balode, Matthijs Ijgosse, Eliska Krenková, Jacob Jutte, Sigrid ten Napel, Monic Hendrickx, Elisa Beuger)
Mia goes to live with a family as their au pair. As soon as she arrives, however, she discovers that they have strict household rules: breaking any of them will lead to her immediate dismissal. The young woman has to decide whether to preserve her integrity or conform to a lifestyle that is utterly alien to her.
World premiere
Last Visit (Akher Ziyarah) (Country: Saudi Arabia; Year: 2019; Director: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan; Writer: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan, Fahad Alestaa; Stars: Shojaa Nashat, Fahad Alghurariy, Abdullah Alfahad, Osama Alqess, Mousaed Khaled)
On the way to a wedding Nasser finds out that his father is dying. He changes plans and heads straight off with his adolescent son Waleed to his dad’s small town. However, the strictly upheld customs they encounter in this rural environment start to affect Waleed and Nasser’s relationship.
World premiere
Mamonga (Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro; Year: 2019; Director: Stefan Malesevic; Writer: Stefan Malesevic, Simon Maric, Zorica Milisavljevic, Ivan Stancic; Stars: Marta Bjelica, Drazen Pavlovic, Jovana Stevic, Natasa Markovic, Branka Selic, Vahidin Prelic, Radoje Cupic, Dejan Ivanic, Momo Picuric, Damir Mahmutovic, Selma Alispahic, Aleksandar Ristanovic, Nabi Tang, Irfan Kasumovic, Nenad Tomic)
Jovana works behind the counter at a bakery in the small town where she lives with her father. Her somewhat shy peer Marko is supposed to follow in his own father’s footsteps and become a truck driver. But the events of one night change both their lives.
World premiere
My Thoughts Are Silent (Country: Ukraine; Year: 2019; Director: Antonio Lukich; Writer: Valeria Kalchenko, Antonio Lukich)
Twenty-five-year-old Vadym works as a sound recordist. When a generous job offer comes along which could help him fulfil his dream to move to Canada, he doesn’t think twice and sets out to record the sounds of animals in the Carpathians…
World premiere
Nova Lithuania (Country: Lithuania; Year: 2019; Director: Karolis Kaupinis; Writer: Karolis Kaupinis; Stars: Aleksas Kazanavicius, Vaidotas Martinaitis, Valentinas Masalskis, Rasa Samuolyte, Egle Gabrenaite, Roberta Sirgedaite, Julius Zalakevicius, Darius Meskauskas, Danguole Ragazinskaite, Vidmantas Fijalkauskas, Valdas Latonas, Aleksas Kazanavicius, Vaidotas Martinaitis, Valentinas Masalskis, Rasa Samuolyte)
1938. A new war looms on the horizon. Geographer Gruodis comes up with a creative solution to the situation: He proposes creating a “back-up Lithuania” overseas, a place where the country’s inhabitants could move in case of danger…
World premiere
Passed By Censor (Görülmüştür) (Country: Turkey, Germany, France; Year: 2019; Director: Serhat Karaaslan; Writer: Serhat Karaaslan; Stars: Berkay Ates, Saadet Aksoy, Ipek Türktan, Füsun Demirel, Erdem Senocak, Banu Fotocan, Müfit Kayacan, Berkay Ates, Saadet Aksoy, Ipek Türktan, Füsun Demirel, Erdem Senocak, Banu Fotocan, Müfit Kayacan)
Zakir works in a prison as a censor, redacting letters. A photograph inserted into one of the letters disrupts his regular routine, and his interest in the unknown woman in the picture grows into an obsession.
International premiere
Scandinavian Silence (Skandinaavia vaikus) (Country: Estonia, France, Belgium; Year: 2019; Director: Martti Helde; Writer: Martti Helde, Nathaniel Price; Stars: Rea Lest, Reimo Sagor)
A brother and sister set out across a silent winter landscape, but after years apart they have difficulty communicating.
European premiere
Silent Days (Hluché dni) (Country: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic; Year: 2019; Director: Pavol Pekarčík)
The heroes of the four stories told in Silent Days all have their dreams and desires. But they also have something else in common: they live on the fringes of society in a private world closed off from the outside – even more so since they cannot hear.
World premiere
Zizotek (Country: Greece; Year: 2019; Director: Vardis Marinakis; Writer: Spiros Krimbalis, Vardis Marinakis; Stars: August Lambrou-Negrepontis, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Penelope Tsilika, Nikos Georgakis, Magda Lekka, Mihalis Gounaris, Nikos Zoiopoulos, Kinthia Plagianou, Fotis Kariotis, Marietta Pepelasi, August Lambrou-Negrepontis, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Penelope Tsilika, Nikos Georgakis, Magda Lekka)
After nine-year-old Jason is abandoned by his mother at a folk festival, he takes refuge in a cabin in the middle of the forest belonging to a mute loner named Minas.
World premiere

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