DVD Review
A vet exacts revenge on a pair of rapists... but all of them have to live with the consequences.
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The Tales Of Hoffmann
DVD Review
A poet recalls three doomed romances.
DVD Review
Four young people seek traces of their past lives in the South Downs - and find trouble.
Doc Of The Dead
DVD Review
A documentary exploring the zombie genre.
DVD Review
A young man stumbles upon a town of lycans.
DVD Review
A young British soldier is accidentally left behind by his unit on the deadly streets of Belfast in 1971.
DVD Review
A father puts on a clown costume for his son's birthday but then discovers he can't take it off - and worse, it's possessed by a demon.
Ragnarok - The Viking Apocalypse
DVD Review
An archaeologist takes his kids to explore the remains of a Viking expedition, but what they find is something much more ancient - and still alive.
Dracula Untold
Blu-Ray Review
To defeat a Turkish invasion, medieval Romanian warlord Vlad Tepes must enter into a demonic bargain.
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DVD Review
As an object of uncertain origin hurtles towards Earth, a young couple struggle to face the future.

Making a killing Frédéric Tellier talks about watching the detectives and making SK1.

Timeless style Noah Baumbach on working with costume designer Ann Roth on While We're Young.

The moving image Anne-Dominique Toussaint presents the Galerie Cinéma exhibition in New York.

Mad Max set to take Cannes by storm Special screening for the latest in the saga.

Muslim world divided over new film about Muhammad Visual depiction of the Prophet sparks controversy.

Tataouine threatened by Isis Rebel forces use Star Wars town as base.

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