DVD Review
A high flying lawyer develops a habit of using escort services, putting his marriage and career in danger.
Police Story: Lockdown
DVD Review
A police officer, his daughter and a group of strangers are taken hostage by a nightclub owner, but all is not what it seems.
DVD Review
Class war breaks out in a tower block.
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DVD Review
Where does the mysterious interdimensional portal behind the shower curtain in Danni's new apartment lead?
The Trust
DVD Review
An older cop persuades a younger colleague to join him in breaking into a mysterious vault.
Queen Of Earth
DVD Review
Following her father's suicide and breaking up with her boyfriend, Catherine seeks refuge with her friend Virginia, but the young woman's shaky grasp on reality strains their relationship to breaking point.
Crimes Of Passion
DVD Review
A designer moonlighting as a sex worker has an affair with a married man and is threatened by a stalker.
The Lesson
DVD Review
Two teenage wasters upset the wrong person.
Painting The Modern Garden
DVD Review
A tour of the exhibition of the same name with additional documentary content looking at the history of garden paintings.
Last Girl Standing
DVD Review
What happens to the final girl once the credits have rolled?

Where the heart is Christian Tafdrup on Parents and dreaming to make movies.

Remembering Héctor Babenco Bruno Barreto and Laurence Kardish pay tribute.

Politics goes pop Director Hany Abu-Assad on comedy, tragedy and a reluctant hero in The Idol.

Moongazing Kyle Molzan on Georges Simenon, Jerry Lewis and For The Plasma.

The purpose of looking Bingham Bryant on Poe, Proust, ghosts and For The Plasma.

Court hears case of Star Wars set injury to Harrison Ford Production company pleads guilty to two charges.

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