31 July 2015

Man With A Movie Camera
Vertov's early documentary film with a soundtrack from Michael Nyman.
Portrait of fashion and interior-design expert Iris Apfel.
A young boy heads to scout camp, certain he will encounter a monster - and he's right.

07 August 2015

52 Tuesdays
Over the course of a year, a teenage girl adjusts to life as a woman while her mother adjusts to life as a man.
Two mismatched murder detectives try to stop a serial killer.
Tale of a locksmith who can't come to terms with losing the love of his life.

14 August 2015

Precinct Seven Five
The real-life story of dirty cops who worked alongside brutal drugs gangs in New York in the 1980s.

21 August 2015

The Dance Of Reality
The director looks back at his childhood in Chile.
Four divers are trapped together in their diving bell at the bottom of the ocean.
The Treatment
A detective whose little brother disappeared long ago has to investigate a similar case.

24 August 2015

North v South
A gangland Romeo and Juliet.

28 August 2015

A young pregnant woman is threatened by malignant children.
45 Years
A marriage is thrown into turmoil with news of a long dead lover.

04 September 2015

The Second Mother
When the daughter of a maid arrives to visit her mother at her employers after a 13-year separation, the scene is set for fireworks.

11 September 2015

A look at the final day of Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Cartel Land
Vigilantes on both sides of the Mexican Border with the US take on the drug cartels.
In Cold Blood
An adaptation of Truman Capote's famous book about the real life murder of the clutter family and the fate of those who committed it.
My Mother
Tragicomedy, a filmmaker tries to cope with crises.
Irrational Man
On a small town college campus, a philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his life new purpose when he enters into a relationship with his student.
Misery Loves Comedy
Comics are asked why they do it and whether it is necessary to be miserable to be funny?

18 September 2015

As the Abkhazian War in Georgia approaches, two villagers are the only ones who haven’t left.
A Girl At My Door
A policewoman tries to help a young girl who is being abused by her violent stepdad.
A Walk In The Woods
A travel writer and a friend he hasn't seen for years embark on the Appalachian Trail.

02 October 2015

Prophecy, treachery, murder and their consequences unwind in the Scottish Play.

16 October 2015

The Lobster
In a dystopian near future, single people are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days or are transformed into animals and released into the woods.

23 October 2015

Maya The Bee
When the royal jelly is stolen, a brave little bee must travel across the corn poppy meadow to prove the hornets innocent and end a war.

31 October 2015

Bram Stoker's Dracula
A loose adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel, with the vampire Count seeking the reincarnation of his lost love.

06 November 2015

A young female FBI agent joins a secret CIA operation to take down a Mexican cartel boss, a job that ends up pushing her ethical and moral values to the limit.

13 November 2015

The Hallow
When a visiting conservationist accidentally trespasses in an ancient wood, its denizens set their sights on his family.

20 November 2015

True Romance
An earnest young comics geek goes on the run with an inexperienced hooker and an accidentally acquired suitcase full of cocaine - Christopher Walken's cocaine...

Mia: up close and personal The Eden director talks about her generation.

Clash of the titans through a lens Rough ride for Oscar-nod documentary The Salt Of The Earth.

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