05 December 2016

The Coming War On China
John Pilger's 60th film for ITV suggests we are on the brink of conflict in the Pacific.

07 December 2016

The Nightmare Before Christmas
3D version of Tim Burton's stop-animation film about Hallowe'en Jack's fascination with Christmas gets its annual trot around the cinema block.

09 December 2016

The Birth Of A Nation
The story of Nat Turner's slave uprising.
Life, Animated
The story of an autistic man who was able to reconnect with his family via Disney films.
The Pass
The lives of two young premier league footballers are complicated by an impromptu kiss.
Biopic of the whistleblower.

16 December 2016

The Eagle Huntress
A teenager decides to become the first female eagle huntress.

23 December 2016

Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut
Extended version of the cult movie about the twilight zone of adolescence. Now out to own as part of The Jake Gyllenhaal Collection.

06 January 2017

A Monster Calls
A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mum's terminal illness.

13 January 2017

Manchester By The Sea
A man returns to his hometown following the death of his brother.
A country doctor finds himself forced to train up a second doctor for his practice after being diagnosed with a tumour.
La La Land
A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

20 January 2017

Biopic of mafiosi Henry Hill and his rise and fall through the mob.
A portrait of the famous First Lady after the death of her husband.

27 January 2017

A film about a real life libel suit that became critical to proving that the Holocaust really happened.

03 February 2017

Toni Erdmann
A father drops in on his daughter and poses as a stranger to her friends.

10 February 2017

Taxi Driver
A former soldier struggles to find direction and grows dangerously angry on the streets of New York.
A pregnant serial killer is out for vengeance.

03 March 2017

Certain Women
Triptych of stories about women in small-town America.
Personal Shopper
Ghost story set against the backdrop of the Paris fashion world.
Story of a small town doctor who is faced with a stark choice after his daughter is assaulted.

10 March 2017

A successful video game boss aims to track down her attacker after a home invasion.
The Love Witch
Sixties-style film sees a witch use spells to win the hearts of men.

24 March 2017

A retired music critic is the last resident of a building targeted by developers - she becomes engaged in a cold war of sorts with the company.

31 March 2017

A Quiet Passion
The story of American poet Emily Dickinson.
Free Fire
A meeting between two gangs in a deserted warehouse turns into a shootout.

14 April 2017

It's Only The End Of The World
A writer returns home after a long absence to tell his family he is terminally ill.

"These are not normal circumstances" Peter Sarsgaard on toughness, regret and playing Bobby Kennedy in Jackie.

Contradictory forces Maria Schrader on Stefan Zweig: Farewell To Europe.

A giant on this Earth Barbara Kopple pays tribute to Sharon Jones.

One day in August Meredith Vieira and Amy Rapp on the 1966 University of Texas shooting and Tower.

Sundance reveals New Frontier programme Live performances and augmented reality feature in line-up.

Sundance announces competition titles and NEXT Festival to highlight theme of climate change.

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