29 May 2015

The True Cost
A documentary examining the global fashion industry, its economic model and its failure to factor in human costs.

03 June 2015

A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence
Two travelling salesmen undertake a magical mystery tour of suffering, indulgence and melancholy as they attempt to sell novelty items to strangers and bring a little cheer into their lives.

09 June 2015

The Yes Men Are Revolting
The political pranks by the Yes Men - and the toll it has taken on their relationship.

12 June 2015

Set Fire To The Stars
A semi-biographical drama depicting the life of Dylan Thomas.

19 June 2015

Three young American women visiting Thailand fall foul of a vengeful hong phrai.

24 June 2015

The Amina Profile
The story of a love affair that turned into a mystery after a Syrian blogger was kidnapped.

26 June 2015

A Little Chaos
A landscape gardener is employed by King Louis XIV to transform the gardens at Versailles.

10 July 2015

The Bronze
A bitter former gymnast takes up a coaching role on the promise of cash.

31 July 2015

The End Of The Tour
The story of a five-day interview between a Rolling Stone journalist and David Foster Wallace.

Back to the roots of Macbeth Cotillard, Fassbender and Kurzel on the Scottish play.

McDormand’s rallying cry for women in film Time to seize the moment - and stop complaining.

Blade Runners in Benidorm Ion de Sosa and Chema García Ibarra talk about experimental sci-fi Androids Dream.

Audiard nabs Cannes Palme d’Or Dheepan opens eyes to troubles of the world.

Rams takes top prize in Un Certain Regard The High Sun and Journey To The Shore also celebrate.

Critics pick their winners in Cannes Hungary, India and Argentina lead the way.

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