Welcome to the films out now in the United States.

24 October 2016

Black Women In Medicine
A documentary about black women who have forged careers as doctors, often against the odds.

21 October 2016

A group of carnival performers are kidnapped and forced to fight for their lives in a deadly maze.

14 October 2016

Certain Women
Triptych of stories about women in small-town America.

13 October 2016

The River Thief
A young drifter begins to change his ways, but could the criminals he's stolen from put his new life in danger?
Two stoners move to a small town just as a series of brutal murders begins, and one of them soon finds himself a suspect.

07 October 2016

The Girl On The Train
A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.

30 September 2016

Deepwater Horizon
A story set on the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, which exploded during April 2010 and created the worst oil spill in US history.

25 September 2016

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
A boy who discovers a magical place that spans worlds and times comes to realise that it's under threat - and perhaps only he can save it.

23 September 2016

Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error.
The Magnificent Seven
Seven gunmen team up to help save a village from an evil mining boss.
Tension mounts between two brothers as the younger undergoes pledge week at the elder's fraternity house.
The Free World
An ex-con risks his new-found freedom to help a woman he has just met.

21 September 2016

A Good American
The story of code-breaker Bill Binney and the computer program he claims could have prevented 9/11.

16 September 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby
Bridget Jones' life plan goes awry when she discovers she's pregnant - and not sure who the father is.
Blair Witch
Another group of innocent hikers return to the woods where a previous party disappeared 17 years ago

09 September 2016

The crew of a small cargo ship find themselves in trouble when the ship's computer turns out to have its own ideas about their mission.
Starving The Beast
A documentary about controversial issues around the funding of higher education in America.
Robinson Crusoe
Dafoe's classic gets an animal twist.

08 September 2016

One More Time With Feeling
A documentary following Nick Cave as he struggles to do creative work in the aftermath of the death of his son.

26 August 2016

My Mother
Tragicomedy, a filmmaker tries to cope with crises.

19 August 2016

Kubo And The Two Strings
A young boy named Kubo must locate a magical suit of armour worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.
War Dogs
Based on a true story of two Florida friends who make a fortune as gun runners for the Americans in Afghanistan before the wheels come off.
Story of a teenage girl living in the foothills of a volcano, who faces an arranged marriage but is won over by the charms of a plantation worker.

12 August 2016

Sausage Party
A sausage tries to find meaning in the world as well as carnal knowledge.
Edge Of Winter
A father takes his sons out into the wilds to make them into men, but things go awry when he realises their mother and stepfather are planning to take them away.
Pete's Dragon
An orphan boy befriends a dragon.
Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich's third in command after Hitler and Himmler.
Florence Foster Jenkins
The story of a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite being unable to carry a tune in a bucket.
My King
An injured woman in a rehabilitation centre recalls an all encompassing love.

05 August 2016

Citizen Soldier
A documentary following a group of US soldiers in Afghanistan.
Neither Heaven Nor Earth
French soldiers in Afghanistan are faced with unexpected circumstances.

31 July 2016

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens
A revolutionary new atmosphere stabiliser has been holding sharknadoes at bay, but as hero Fin prepares for a family reunion in Las Vegas, things are about to go very wrong.

29 July 2016

Can We Take A Joke?
An exploration of outrage culture through the lens of stand-up comedy.

27 July 2016

A dangerous game of Dare becomes the obsessive must play for social media addicts.

22 July 2016

Lights Out
A murderous ghost is scared of the light so keep those candles burning.
Star Trek Beyond
The Enterprise encounters a new enemy.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
Edina and Patsy flee to France after pushing Kate Moss in the Thames.
Hooligan Sparrow
A portrait of women's rights activist Ye Hainan, detailing her struggles with the Chinese authorities.
Drama about social change in France in the early 1970s.

15 July 2016

Café Society
A man comes to Hollywood with aspirations of working in film, only to fall in love.

14 July 2016

A team take on a ghost invasion of Manhattan.

13 July 2016

The Infiltrator
True life story of an undercover agent who infiltrates the upper circles of a Columbian drugs cartel in the Eighties

08 July 2016

Captain Fantastic
A dad who has raised his kids in the forest is forced to take them on a road trip.

01 July 2016

Our Kind Of Traitor
Caught between the British Secret Service and the Russian mafia, an oligarch with nefarious secrets uses an English teacher on holiday in Morocco to help secure political asylum.
A little girl befriends a giant.

25 June 2016

The Phenom
A young baseball pitcher struggles to cope with success.

24 June 2016

Free State Of Jones
A disillusioned Confederate army deserter returns to Mississippi and leads a militia of fellow deserters, runaway slaves, and women in an uprising against the corrupt local Confederate government.
The Shallows
Can a woman escape a shark?
The Neon Demon
A young model falls victim to her jealous rivals in LA.

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