Sophie Monks Kaufman

Sophie grew up in a household where television and film watching was banned but ended up friends with a boy who owned all four Jaws films on VHS. The suspense and shark-inflicted gore was shared and with it the news that fiction is better than reality. Having rewatched Jaws as an adult and screamed and jumped in the best way possible, she pronounces that film The Daddy. The sequels? Jaws 2 the handsome son, Jaws 3 the spoilt child, Jaws: The Revenge, well…the mad aunt. But "Mario van Peebles" is fun to say. Try it when in a bad mood and see if it doesn't cheer you up.

Sophie would really like to make a film at some point, preferably a daring, ambitious, structurally breath-taking one that says something new about being human. If Sophie dies unexpectedly by the paws of a large mammal before getting a chance to create this game changer, she would like Werner Herzog to direct a gravely reverent film about her demise.

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